Robert Pattinson Always Fancies Rumored Girlfriends

December 01, 2008 07:47:01 GMT

Robert Pattinson insists he's single, but enjoys being rumored to be dating particular ladies because he always fancies them.

Robert Pattinson
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Movie hottie Robert Pattinson has no problem with the many media reports claiming him dating particular ladies because he admits he always fancies the girls rumored to be his girlfriends. "I am single at the moment but I read stories in the magazines and papers that I am dating so and so or I am dating so and so. But it's not true. But they are very good guesses because I always fancy the girl they pair me up with," he shares.

He then goes on adding, "I'm hoping it's the girl herself who has made it up - then I'm in with a real chance. Maybe I should start getting in contact with them." Defending his single status, Robert thus puts to rest Internet reports claiming him dating the likes of Camilla Belle and Kristen Stewart.

This isn't the first time that Robert Pattinson reveals his struggles to find a date. Previously, in an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," he openly stated that he might be staying single "permanently" reasoning no one wants to date him. "No one else seems to get into a relationship with me. It's really strange," he told Ellen DeGeneres. "People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit."

Robert, who gains his worldwide fame for playing the role of Edward Cullen in box office flick "Twilight," was spotted walking along Melrose Avenue on Saturday, November 29. He was photographed kindly stopping for a young fan to chat and pose for pictures.


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posted by kristen pattinson on Sep 23, 2010
marry you how can he marry you when he already got a girl friend you're not the only one who like him we like him to. maggie
posted by kristen pattinson on Sep 23, 2010
i names my self that because i love you so much that the wallpaer of my rooom is your picture and the bed your picture my school bag everything is of your picture i love you so that at night i always think about you and can never forgrt i could do anything for robert i can leave my family i really like to kiss you but noway that can't i love you even even anything happen to you if you make oyur self look ugly i will still love fore ever love you
posted by lizard on Jan 09, 2010
we all think that you should keep your relationship with kristen stewart because you too look nice togther.
posted by Heyy on Sep 09, 2009
Me again! :) I want to say that everyone want that Kristen and Robert must be togheter.. :) And I think that Robert And Kristen Must say that to us. Please write to us here so everyone can know the truth! :) <33 PLEASE!! And if they say yes both of them then it's yes. But if they say no, then it's no! :) I know many persons think he is hot, and someones think is not, but don't love him for that.. please, think about that.Why do you love/like him for? Please write the truth :) Write about how you think he is in inside not on outside :)!!! for example; I like him because he is a good actor and he is beautiful. He is a good guy I think. Like that :P :))))) <3 It's more beautiful if U write like that. He maybe know that he is beautful,hot,fun,cool but he maybe want to know about how he is in inside :) If he is a gay a don't care. He is a good guy and a good actor. Is all I think about. :)! And let talk about Kristen Stewart :) She is beautiful,smart,fun and a good actor. U don't need to love hir just for she is beautiful,good-looking,cool and hot! :):/ She is maybe a good person in inside too :). And if she have a boyfriend then let hir be whit him and if she like him she don't live him for Robert just for U want that. And if they love each other they can be togheter if they want. :) I Love Both of them and they are good persons in inside I think, and of course good actors :)! But if they say that they are friends, belive them :)!!!!
posted by Heyy on Sep 09, 2009
Heyy! I LOVE Twilight and the actors. Specialy Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison! Live them alone. If they not want to be togheter so live them alone. If they are togheter thay can say that. U don't need to say something. If Rob is a gay I don't care. He is a good guy in inside and I know he is good-looking. But someones think just he is hot!???!! :/ He not must be hot. :) He is a good actor and I love Edward in Twilight. And of corse Bella. <3 But why must everyone put them togheter just for they want it?? Kristen say that he have a boyfriend and she not must live him for Robert if he don't want him like a boyfriend. If they just want to be friends so let them be that. If Kristen REALLY likes her boyfriend then she not live him..! :) :) <33 And maybe Robert just want to be a friend with hir. They don't need to be togheter:). And maybe Rob don't want to be with a person as not a star or he want to find a girl as not a star..:):D I love him too(not love,love you know..!:) He is a good actor and of corse Kristen too!! <33 :)
posted by Observant on Aug 14, 2009
He is gay, absolutely, everyone asks if he has a girlfriend, has anyone stopped to ask - if he has a boyfriend??? Think about it!
posted by calin.malin on Jun 29, 2009
rob pattinsson is the cutest actor in the wolrld and if he's still single i am so looking out for him i'll have my 3 dogs sniff him out and girls please don't wear uggs or sticky lipstick it's so annoying and buy cinnamon toast crunch and coke light i know i depend on them
posted by abrii on May 22, 2009
holaa ! qee buenoo nadiie vaa aa entender lo qee diigoo tee anooo robert !! sos todooo ! chauu
posted by EdwardRobert3 on Apr 06, 2009
I Love You Robert. Your The Only Actor Who Could Have Played Edward Cullen.And I Dont Think Fame Could Get 2 You . . Cause Well , Your The Best :) . . I Love You Alot. Your An Idol 2 Me And Like All My Friends =D. I Hope U Have Good Luck With Your Acting!I Hope You Guys End Up Making Breaking Dawn . . I Would Wanna See How U Get All The Reneesme. Love You Robert : )
posted by christine on Feb 22, 2009
if i had a chance to meet him, even if his not famous id be willing to commit with him..whats the problem anyway, his gorgeous,his the person you want to walk the street and till all the girls, that this is my BF and his mine,no one can touch him.exept me..
posted by Lin on Feb 19, 2009
Hi Rob, I think you are fantastic, I like you a lot. I pray that you will find love and happiness. May God help you become what you want to be. I am like an older sister to you.
posted by Hend on Feb 07, 2009
I really love the character Edward Cullen, but im sure that no one else than Robert could hv played it as good! its not only the character but Rob himself, he is so cute and all above be is not a snob hes just natural and thats what made me love him - and not only the character he plays
posted by jelai on Jan 05, 2009
rob,may your showbiz career blooms always...
posted by jelai on Jan 05, 2009
i really like robert pattinson..may God Bless U always.Be safe..always pray to you Rob...
posted by iheartvampires on Dec 30, 2008
PLEASE come 2 tasmania we love u so much!!! your only young dont worrie bout commitment have fun wile u still can!!
posted by rosa on Dec 30, 2008
I think its too early for him to commit with anyone. Yeah he can date anybody. He proposed kristen 4 times but he didnt remember it..haha..cheater..but hes perfect guy 'edward cullen'..
posted by robertsnumber1fan on Dec 23, 2008
i love u soooooooooooooooooo much u are the fittest guy in the world no joke i loved u aas edward but i just love u as robert either u are faf babe love you sooooooo much im lookin for a boyfriend if your interested :)
posted by danna on Dec 20, 2008
yehey! it's really nice to know that you are still single Robert. it just made me to continue having the picture of you and Kristen Stewart as a couple. you two really look good together.
posted by casey-brooke on Dec 18, 2008
haha.these comments are pretty funny. but hey whatever floats their boat.You are a cool dude...well from what i know, and thats not much. but you ain't gotta go with no one. and i have no clue who half of these celebs are but you caught my eye so i'm sure you can get anyone but don't base it on looks. <3 man i wish i could read spanish. :)
posted by trae on Dec 17, 2008
i dont know why noone would want to date him n i absolutely love the movie!!
posted by Jamie on Dec 16, 2008
Robert I think you are a very handsome actor and very good at what you do. Just wait and the perfect girl will come around when you least expect it. She doesn't have to be an actress or model she could be a doctor, a lawyer, or even a nurse. Just keep you heart open and wait for love to come and meet you. If you search you may not find the right girl for you. Take care and good luck.
posted by courtney on Dec 09, 2008
hey robert i think you and kristen make a good couple you should go out with her please
posted by courtney on Dec 09, 2008
hey robert i think you and kristen make a good couple you should go out with her please
posted by bloodsucker on Dec 07, 2008
I read one girls comment and i think she has serious issues and really needs to take a chill pill!!!! U don't like kids???
posted by bloodsucker on Dec 07, 2008
Robert take good care and hope u don't get attaked by girlz that r crazy about u!! Im not saying that I don't like u!! I think ur pretty badass as an edward!! Hope u get to do the other movies! see ya!
posted by bloodsucker on Dec 07, 2008
Hey Robert! Date anyone u like!!!! Don't listen to these weirdos that say don't love who ever that girl is! It's ur choice!!! And I'm just trying to help u!
posted by bloodsucker on Dec 07, 2008
I think that Kristen and him R KOOL togetther!And I hope u read this Robert!! So too bad girls....Kristen is better! And I am a a girl thats speaking and i am so not jelious!!
posted by someone on Dec 06, 2008
if i was him, i wouldn't be reading an article about myself and looking at the comments. just saying fangirls...
posted by luckycharms009tj on Dec 06, 2008
Robert; there are other girls out there. NOT all of them have to be celebrities. Not every amazing girl can be famous.
posted by Jahkissez on Dec 05, 2008
How can dude seriously say no one wants to date him? LOL! I think he's a great character actor, and maybe if he gave one lucky woman the chance, he'd see how much of a catch he really is, and not because he's a major celeb and actor; he looks like a pretty decent guy .. :) Come to the Caribbean Rob, I'll take care of you ;-)
posted by sssshhhhhhhh on Dec 04, 2008
i love you robert!!!! but i know that it's impossible since i barely know you...
posted by Kat A. on Dec 04, 2008
Hey Rob! Just coming to tell you (even if i'm pretty sure you won't read this) that your a great actor and that I'm looking forward to the next few Twilight movies. Take care!
posted by shera\'s heart on Dec 03, 2008
you're a great actor Robert! I hope all goes very well for you.don't ever change.
posted by hyeonix on Dec 02, 2008
i love edward cullen as a vampire..i love robert pattinson as a human.. ROB..YOU ARE THE REAL THING!
posted by hyeonix on Dec 02, 2008
i love edward cullen as a vampire..i love robert pattinson as a human.. ROB..YOU ARE THE REAL THING!
posted by katie on Dec 02, 2008
posted by Tina on Dec 02, 2008
I will agree with most of the comments above, also I believe he is gay he is to close to being perfect. but... if he is looking for a women who is not scared to be her then iam your gurl. and if you are gay kool i would make a great bff. cCome to think about it maybe your the one who is pickey thats why you can't get into a realtionship. Age 20
posted by iloverobert on Dec 01, 2008
robert, your so hot, marrrry meeee!
posted by Ah ha on Dec 01, 2008
Oh Robert. After you made a comment about how everything you have is currently rented (protective plastic covers still on your rented furniture) Ellen said that maybe it's YOU who didn't want to commit. haha!
posted by tron89 on Dec 01, 2008
hmmm to think that I would stoop to writing on an actors blog page...never thought that would happen. well here is to you! nice job with the movie, though you'll never read this anyway, bla bla bla you have a pretty face bla bla bla...but I don't think thats enough to propose though, like the excited ladies who've written before me..good luck with the rest of the movies
posted by iloverobert on Dec 01, 2008
posted by sabriinaa on Dec 01, 2008
if only he could settle for the average person..
posted by rt on Dec 01, 2008
He doesn't want to commit with a girl because he's gay!! Lookup him and tomstu!
posted by RobertPissexy on Dec 01, 2008
OMG, Robert that is so not true people do love you and they don't have to be famous! So since you say your single Date Me!!!!
posted by Amber on Dec 01, 2008
Who would not want to COMMIT to Robert Pattinson, okay he's hot. But he is also very geniune, friendly, down to earth, great in his career, also a great musician, (if I wasn't so afraid of big audiences I would be trying to record and write just to duet or something lol). I heard all these people bashing him, I was quite apalled they might need their ears check! Robert has talent. I figured there was a roster going around for girls waiting in line to DATE Robert...The thing that sucks is a lot of girls just like him because he played "Edward Cullen" okay I admit he definately a sight in "Twilight" but I love the messy hair, regular Rob look. I also have a thing for the English. I just purchased Let Me Sign on ITunes I can listen to it all day, everyone with an IPod needs to jump on that album. Rob if you are looking to perform duets I would definately be here hahaha ya right that would probably not happen.
posted by DMC on Dec 01, 2008
Robbert, your such a nice and open guy, i don't know why someone wouldn't want to commit in a relationship with you
posted by :) on Dec 01, 2008
Considering that the perfect Edward Cullen is impossible to find, I think Robert did a very, very, good job:)
posted by maggie on Dec 01, 2008
People say they love you but how do you know the real truth?
posted by maggie on Dec 01, 2008
Robert I just want you to know I love you or who you are nothing more or nothing less.What other people say I don't believe any of it . Marry me. PLEASE
posted by ARIANA on Dec 01, 2008
posted by ARIANA on Dec 01, 2008
posted by ARIANA on Dec 01, 2008
posted by ARIANA on Dec 01, 2008

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