Fan Interviews Robert Pattinson on Favorite Color and Singer, the Video

November 11, 2008 05:05:41 GMT

Robert Pattinson says his favorite color is 'gray' and admits he would like to collaborate with the late James Brown.

Robert Pattinson
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MTV News has recruited 19-year-old Laura Culpepper, whom it claims as "Twilight" superfan, to interview its main cast Robert Pattinson and to ask him several random questions, like his favorite color and singer just to name some. The several questions given, indeed, demand spontaneous answers from the movie hunk.

When Laura asks him, "If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?" Robert says, "James Brown" without mentioning the reason. After that asked about the superhero power he would like to possess in real life, he tells Laura, "Flying, obviously. Everybody wants to fly. Flying is the best." Coming to the next topic, which is about his favorite color, Robert admits, "I don't know" before then quickly adding, "Gray, maybe?"

Laura, moreover, also asks Robert to address on his co-stars Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz's claim that he runs like a "mountain goat." To that the actor responses, "A mountain goat? I would have said that I run more like a cheese string." He jokingly continues, "What does a mountain goat run like? That is much more athletic than the way I run. I run like a person who has just had their limbs sewn together. I'm not even like a human."

In further interview, the video of which is put below, Laura also asks Robert other questions concerning him singing the soundtrack of "Twilight" and if he has any new movie projects in the pipeline.


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posted by saffron-louise ander on Mar 11, 2013
Dear Robert, please will u marry me i love u sooo much and ur fit as anything u and kristen didnt not suit but u and me do so will u and im on twitter so talk to me XD I LOVE U
posted by caroline on Aug 27, 2012
jeg er fra denmar i am from denmark jeg er 10 år gammel i am 10 yers old jeg elsker twilight i love twilight min veninde og mig ser dig og de andre cullen og varulvene ver dag my friend an me sees you and the other cullen and vareulvede evry day me and mig og min ven elsker dig og vi elsker twiligt my friend love you and twilight hun skal hjem til mig på fredag og så skal vi se 1 2 3 og 4 part 1 she most be home to me and then wee see them all :-) i love twilight <3<3<3<3<3<3
posted by twilight on Aug 15, 2011
oops i speld wrong movie
posted by twilight on Aug 15, 2011
i'm soooo team edward i love him i can't wait for the movi braking dawn
posted by emily on Jan 11, 2011
i have posters all over my room of him! i just day dream of him and when i'm readong the series over and over again i loose focus! Again i still want to be a vampire!
posted by emily on Jan 11, 2011
i love him and i want to be a vampire so bad
posted by X_morena e x_robert on Sep 18, 2010
eu sou loka por ele e espero que quando eu o conhecer ele seja assim como eu penso e espero que ele goste de mim ROBERT EU TE AMO E DARIA TUDO POR VC SE VC QUISER FALAR COMIGO E SO ME LIGAR MEU NUMERO E 91439231 SOU BRASILEIRA MAIS PODE LIGAR POR VC EU ESPERO O TEMPO QUE FOR .eu agradeco pela oportunidade de poder falar sobre o que eu sinto por robert porque meu familiares e amigos ja dizem que eu so um saco com esse amor por robert mais eu amo ele de verdade nao e igual a essas fãs ai eu sou verdadeira e esse numero e meu mesmo e eu tenho que trabalhar muito e estudar e fazer curso de ingles para poder conhece-lo mais eu farei isso pq eu o amo de mais ele e tudo pra mim eu daria tudo o que tenho so pra velo ou tocalo uma so vez e eu tenho esse sonho e daqui 2 anos quando eu conpletar 18 vou para londres ou qualquer outro lugar que ele estiver ROBERT EU TE AMO MUITO me espere que eu voooo meu nome e catia tenho orkt e msn beijaonao esqueca de me ligar ennh
posted by x_morena on Sep 18, 2010
eu amo robert pattinson ele e minha vida daqui 2 anos irei a londres conhece-lo beija
posted by lou lou on Aug 19, 2010
i want to mairre rob i an his number 1 fan i the biggest robbert poster
posted by r-patz#1fan on Aug 07, 2010
i LOVE r-patz hes my ultimate idol and is sooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxx
posted by sophia on Aug 02, 2010
but they didin't say what the favoreite number of robert patinson
posted by mrs.pattinson on Jul 21, 2010
i love you robert i would love 2 be your bff! i love u!
posted by alex on Jul 18, 2010
it would be my dream to meet rob aka edward ;) So beautiful xxx
posted by alex on Jul 18, 2010
he is so cute it would be my dream to meet him in person
posted by Alex;) on Jul 18, 2010
I luv the twilight series! The books were fantastic. Eclipse was the ultimate BEST! Saw it 8 times so far But I know breaking dawn will be the best and over course rob is soooo cute xxx ^_^
posted by kkkkk on Jul 11, 2010
hey robert i love u~!!!!!!!! but i think u arrr soo frkin hot it no joke!!!! kk ily buh-bye!!!! ily! robert+kkkkk=<3
posted by jojo on Jul 10, 2010
he's so sweet. i love his :)
posted by anaonomas on Jul 01, 2010
thiara who ever you are team jacob is the bom hes so much bedder whats wrong with you
posted by anaonomas on Jul 01, 2010
hi edward i am team jacob he and bella should be together in eclips no affence
posted by ROBFAn on Jun 27, 2010
roberts aim is RobTomPattinson
posted by brisilda on Jun 21, 2010
posted by priya on May 29, 2010
i love robert p. he is so hot and sexy he is so good in acting he is so sexy in twilight new moon i can't want till eclipse and breaking dawn comes out
posted by marti on May 29, 2010
i hate robert im totally into taylor.l luv him
posted by honey on May 29, 2010
omg!!Robert.p is the most amazing guy ever if i would meet him i would die flipping out lol!!!And did i mention he is soooooo sexy!!!!!!
posted by Nadira Begum on May 28, 2010
I love Robert Pattison! Im marrying him! love him words cant express it xxxxxxxxx love him love him love him xx
posted by gucci leather on May 28, 2010
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posted by kanika on May 10, 2010
i want your orkut and gmail account.In twilight you are looking very sexy.I want to meet you
posted by ashleelovesedward on Apr 28, 2010
he is amazing,cute and kristen is so lucky it is not even funny
posted by KENZIE on Apr 26, 2010
posted by edwardsgirlfriend on Apr 11, 2010
taylor launtner 2, YOU get a live he is the best actress the jacob.slut get the fuck off this site or ill kill you.hore
posted by ferhat on Apr 04, 2010
hello robert i'm one of your fans many years and love you so were very good in the movie twilight however respecpt you
posted by ferhat on Apr 04, 2010
posted by ferhat on Apr 04, 2010
hello robert
posted by RobPat#1Fan on Apr 02, 2010
I am in love with Rob... Ofcourse, Im his #1 Fan. His Favorite color... Gray. Where born? .... London When Born?.. May 13th 1986 Where does he live?... London, renting in Los Angeles Whats the name of his Mom?... Clare Pattinson WHats the name of his dad?..,. Richard Pattinson He has 2 sisters, Lizzie & Victoria First Started acting/modeling at the age of 12 He plays the guitar and the piano & Creates his own Music. Nickname.. Rob Height,,, 6'1 HAS messy hair Hates girl screaming in his ears. If you come in my room, you can notice that you cant see my wall because all I have is pictures Of Rob. I Counted them one day, I have more than 2,500. I own 5shirts of Rob. Ive seen every Interview. His fav color is Gray(: So that means Gray is also my favorite Color! :D My school, EVERYONE knows that i love him more than anyone in the world. Every time I think about him, I start Crying very softly. When people make fun of him, I cry worse. I think ROb is Hilarious, Adorable, Handsome, && Etc. He is seriously the most Handsomest Guy ive seen in my intire life. Yes, People make fun of me... But that i just move on. Ive seen every movie than Rob has been in. I love his singing Voice (: I made websites of Rob.. When I watch TWilight, New Moon, etc... I feel complete jealousy in my body, You know why? [Kristen Stewart]... I guess shes the luckiest girl ive seen.. I see nothing in Taylor Lautner.. Hes just Negative, Horrible, etc. My phone screen saver, computer screen saver is plainful Sexy Robert Pattinson. When I saw Remember Me, I cried. I was so jealous of Emily. I cried so much i almost got kicked out of the Movir Theater. Hopefully that wont happen again..(; I once and still am in a fight with a girl named Faith, she thinks she loves Robert more than me.. But she doesnt. She doesnt have ANYTHING of him. She says shes reAD all the books, She really hasnt. My teachers are scared of how much this Obssesion is Changing me. My mom makes fun of me! IF OTHER PEOPLE SAY THEY LOVE HIM MORE AND THAT THEIR HIS #1 FAN, REALLY I AM, I LOVE HIM MORE IN MY HEART. My ultimate dream is to run with Vampires,,, But also.. To recive a hug from [Robert Pattinson,, dreamI have to say.. I have LOTS more.. but i run out of capacity... so ill write more later. Infact, Im watching New Moon right now, So hope you liked this~ Dont make fun! I love RoberT Pattinson with all my heart [I would die for him]... I love you, truely, My dearest- Robert Pattinson &#9829;
posted by imaRP<3r on Mar 31, 2010
robert pattinson so so beautiful!!! i have over 300 pics.. movies, shirts, and a backpack! i love him with everything i have!!<3 for all those hatrs and team jacob people... u people r just jelous cuz u know u aint gots a chance... besides jacob black stinks like wet dog and licks his own balls hahaha.. attractive..NOT
posted by nana on Mar 30, 2010
I'm in deep love with Robert he's so hot and who ever is trying to go out with him STOP because hes in love with Kristen aka Bella
posted by fan on Mar 28, 2010
i really luv robert his everything may he will find his true love in real life also love u robert
posted by RobertPattinson\'sBi on Mar 26, 2010
I am in love with Rob... Ofcourse, Im his #1 Fan. If you come in my room, you can notice that you cant see my wall because all I have is pictures Of Rob. I Counted them one day, I have more than 2,500. I own 5shirts of Rob. Ive seen every Interview. His fav color is Gray(: So that means Gray is also my favorite Color! :D My school, EVERYONE knows that i love him more than anyone in the world. Every time I think about him, I start Crying very softly. When people make fun of him, I cry worse. I think ROb is Hilarious, Adorable, Handsome, && Etc. He is seriously the most Handsomest Guy ive seen in my intire life. Yes, People make fun of me... But that i just move on. Ive seen every movie than Rob has been in. I love his singing Voice (: I made websites of Rob.. When I watch TWilight, New Moon, etc... I feel complete jealousy in my body, You know why? [Kristen Stuart]... I guess shes the luckiest girl ive seen.. I see nothing in Taylor Lautner.. Hes just Negative, Horrible, etc. My phone screen saver, computer screen saver is plainful Sexy Robert Pattinson. When I saw Remember Me, I cried. I was so jealous of Emily. I cried so much i almost got kicked out of the Movir Theater. Hopefully that wont happen again..(; I once and still am in a fight with a girl named Faith, she thinks she loves Robert more than me.. But she doesnt. She doesnt have ANYTHING of him. She says shes reAD all the books, She really hasnt. My teachers are scared of how much this Obssesion is Changing me. My mom makes fun of me! IF OTHER PEOPLE SAY THEY LOVE HIM MORE AND THAT THEIR HIS #1 FAN, REALLY I AM, I LOVE HIM MORE IN MY HEART. My ultimate dream is to run with Vampires,,, But also.. To recive a hug from [Robert Pattinson,, dreamI have to say.. I have LOTS more.. but i run out of capacity... so ill write more later. Infact, Im watching New Moon right now, So hope you liked this~ Dont make fun! I love RoberT Pattinson with all my heart [I would die for him]... I love you, truely, My dearest- Robert Pattinson <3
posted by alcestis on Mar 26, 2010
iloveyour movie and you
posted by annabelle pattinson on Mar 23, 2010
i love you robert i would do anything for you i mean it i would be the happiest gurl in egzistance i mean it plz mary me ill tell you about me my fav . ceareal is cinnomin toast crunch i have to sisters victoria and lizzie
posted by Mrs. Cullen on Mar 19, 2010
I love Edward Cullen he my only lover.since the day i watched twilight i felt as if i had a venom in my blood that wanted more.since the day i watched the movie my friends so aggrivated but i didn 't care cause i love u and people are on jacobs team but i'm on ur team edward i wsh i could meet u it would be so nice for u take a bite at my blood
posted by nana on Mar 18, 2010
Tiara you are so right about the whole stupid Jacob fans who love him.But I do have to say he is cute.And you Kristen do you know that if you o tell him to merry you some girls will be really pissed off of you.Anyway I still love Robert he's so hot.I love you so much Robert.
posted by Kristen Stewart on Mar 17, 2010
i love u robert can u marry me?
posted by ♥laura on Mar 12, 2010
i <3 justin too! ha! take that heyy!! hahahahaha
posted by heyyyyy on Mar 12, 2010
i think ur cute but justin beiber is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!! hA
posted by thiara^ _^ on Mar 12, 2010
FUCK those people who like the idiotic jacob!they are stupid!and purplecat1996 your not the altomit fan!i am i know his facebook page,his adrress,his fav color,and way more!i luv him the way robert talks,the way he laughs,he is truly truly anyone i luved in my whole life so far.and about that stupid 6 pack jacob guy he is hot BUT NOT as dreamy,sensative,cute,funny as ROBERT!lol!(luagh out loud!)
posted by Demi and buffy on Mar 06, 2010
OMG robert is sooo fit and i think he is the hottest guy in the whole intire universe i just really want to meet him in person.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by nana on Mar 06, 2010
Robert is the hotest guy I've ever seen in my life.And he's sweet to people who wants to talk to him.I think he's hooooooooot.
posted by nana on Mar 03, 2010
with all my heart I want to marry him soon but I wanna say something about Ashly/Alice she rocks,she like a person who loves acting shes so pretty and she has a face that looks like she can change the world.Well I still love Robert he's hotttttt!
posted by nana on Mar 03, 2010
My heart and soul for Robert is the most powerful thing in the world.My life is really mest up and I want Robert to come to Nevada in Pahrump to visit me
posted by Obsessed Girl on Mar 01, 2010
OMG, i love Robert!!!!! My whole school knows how obsessed with Twilight I am! It's almost pathetic, but if you think about it, it's better for everyone to know that way if they were to figure it out later, they would be like, "Oh my god, you are the freakiest person I know. You are so obsessed... there isn't a word that fully describes your fasinaation with Twilight abd stuff." I think it would be easier if everyone just established the fact that I am extremely obsessed and get it over with. I'm not giong to change any time soon. I will love Robert forever. Even if I fall in love (he would have to be downright crazy to take me) I will always love him, no matter how weird he may act, or how stupid you may think he is. He is an awesome person, and he's hot too. He will never come to anywhere near where I live, not that my parents would let me go to see him even walk by on the opposite side of a fence. :( I live in Montville, Connecticut :( He is sooooo funny ans smart... you can tell just by talking to him. And he's goofy like me, and mysterious (we all love that). He is so perfect and amazing, there are no words left to describe him. :) I love you Robert, obviously! :) <3 Robert Pattinson <3
posted by Miss Pattinson on Feb 27, 2010
Huh, you can talk as many as you want, But Rob is MINE. MINEMINE Poor girls.. Dreaming of MY Rob ! Kristen
posted by jodie x on Feb 15, 2010
i love rob soooooooo much he is so gorgus i love him to pieces ! i read all the twilight books and watch all the films alot just so i can see your face ! :) i love you soooooooo much !!!!!! xxx
posted by zoey on Feb 10, 2010
i looooove you i would love too see u but i cant. :( love u
posted by biggist robert fan e on Feb 04, 2010
hey im like totally in sane about you but i mean this is ral life guys robert you know you would never love any of us but i totally love you stilli kiss all of my posters of you every night before i go to bed all48 i love you soooooooooooooo much i hope you read this but if you dont atleast i still have you in my heart forever and ever
posted by Jennifer on Jan 30, 2010
posted by soinluvwitrobpattins on Jan 30, 2010
robert pattinson is so hott. i love u robert pattinson. and for taylor lautner 2 he sucks six packs are so overrated.
posted by Thanya on Jan 14, 2010
hi robert, I really wish I can see you but that's impossible.Keep up the good work with your movies, really luv it! ^_^ <3 <3 <3
posted by Laura S on Jan 12, 2010
I love him so badly.*.* And last night I walked front of his house.(: I just love him.*.* I wish I could see him, and say Hi to him, also take a pic together.*.* <333 I will be the first one on his premiere.;D xxx
posted by piyasa on Jan 12, 2010
Im totaly n fully in luv wid u!!!....luv ur eyes n hair n voice n short "u"... i noe ppl say edward's ur even better... beyond perfection actuli.. luv uuuu!! muuuuahhh
posted by julie on Jan 07, 2010
hey robbert u r soo hot buh u belong wiv kristen stuart,i jus dont see y boff of u cant see dah u belong wiv each over. ide rather b ur friend.u should shave regular though, n i lyk ur hair lyk it is in the movies.(SOS)
posted by Beth on Jan 07, 2010
Omg Robert your soooooooooo gorgeous i got hundreds of posters and your book with a free poster i got it i love you soooo much twilight is amazing i wish i was kristen stewart awww your such a good couple new moon awsome thanks soo much for getting the part love you xx
posted by Team Edward on Jan 04, 2010
If the jacob/taylor fans think team edward fans are crazy,look at yourselves.PS.Luv u Edward/Rob xoxox
posted by hibra on Dec 26, 2009
i luv rpattz he's awesome n when new moon released on my bday i was insane.g8t bday gift :)
posted by jeastin on Dec 24, 2009
u r so good and cute.bye
posted by jill on Dec 24, 2009
i know u r famous.but i hate u.
posted by zabrya loves robert on Dec 14, 2009
i love u robert great performance in new moon love u bye try 2 type me back love u bye bey
posted by Chelsea on Dec 12, 2009
Hi, My names Chelsea and love the movies twiight + New moon I've read Twilight and reading New moon now. can't wait to see New Moon l8r =D
posted by maria_golden_princes on Dec 09, 2009
hi, um ur cute for real but u just remind me of sm1 i just kow for real dunno i thnk ur a nyc guy and u just gud person for me just ur a gud acter gurlz we always "love u" or "like u" hehe but u see fans everyday for real yah ok,,wish u happy life and great grul who deserve u and be wid u faithful -gud luck....oh i saw twilight saga new moon its perfect keep it more...cute, beautiful bella/krestin....
posted by Jolyn on Dec 03, 2009
Hahas he is so funny ;D LOVE HIM!
posted by leticia on Dec 02, 2009
I LOVE YOU TO FOREVER! pra mim vc é um heroii!
posted by TotallyObsessed.. on Nov 23, 2009
wow. i love him and these videos crack me up.. :D GO TEAM EDWARD/ROBERT! [i am SO gonna name my kid after him..when i have any.. :\} LOL!!!! yeah i love him..
posted by cartert.w. on Nov 17, 2009
rob is so nice the he looked in her eye's it was like he really had fallen in love with her it was like a frist kiss with him the frist time he really loved some one in the wrold it was love at frist sight he didn't just want to meet her he really want to meet her as in way that love should have been
posted by eljada on Nov 17, 2009
i love robert pattinson he is so hot xoxox i love twilight
posted by leah on Nov 08, 2009
i love the way rob looks but ive seen every interview and hes an ass hole hahahahaha i warship the devil
posted by Ashlee Forrest on Nov 08, 2009
i love robert patty and kristen stewart
posted by zabrya loves rob for on Nov 02, 2009
i have propbly watched thoes videos a million times and cant get enough of them the r so funny
posted by zabrya loves rob for on Nov 02, 2009
i have propbly watched thoes videos a million times and cant get enough of them the r so funny
posted by zabrya loves robert on Nov 01, 2009
is it hard 2 talk in american
posted by zabrya loves robert on Nov 01, 2009
i love let me sign robert u sing butifly.if i was old enough i would maeey u love u go team robert pattinson.
posted by RipCity on Sep 20, 2009
still cracks me up cuz you spelt obsessed wrong haha
posted by kalifromkentucky on Sep 20, 2009
Taylor is so wrong Robert is so cute it might be wierd to have your fav color gray but i still love you
posted by mrs,pattinson on Sep 19, 2009
he is funny lol. totally hot to did a great job in new moon
posted by Taylor Lautner 2 on Sep 18, 2009
Wow, you ROBERT fans are way to obbsessed, get over it! Get a life for the SECOND time! Seriously! You ROBERT fans are DIFFERENT, and I mean really DIFFERENT! Is this your whole life, ROBERT? Because in some pictures, it looks like he took drugs! And yeah I can spell LOL! Haha I just spelt it!
posted by Taylor Lautnerfan on Sep 18, 2009
Lol.I just spelt it
posted by Taylor lautnerfan on Sep 17, 2009
Never read the comments just wanted to put it Taylor lautner
posted by RipCity on Sep 16, 2009
This has got to be some of the most ridiculous pleading ever. No one can spell lol...and those of you making everyone feel like crap about their uncontrolled obsession...get over it your in the same boat, you watched the video and took the time to read the comments. Besides there's only two words for that young man, genetic anomaly. Stop fighting it and embrace the rob-ness :)
posted by Taylor Lautnerfan on Sep 16, 2009
Agreed!:) Go TEAM JACOB
posted by Taylor Lautner fan 2 on Sep 16, 2009
Taylor is soo........... HOTT! My friend "Taylor Lautner fan" was right! Rob doesn't have an eight pack, he is DIFFERENT, I mean seriously who likes the color gray, DULL, if you ask me! You guys are WAY too obsessed! Losers! Get a life!
posted by Taylor lautnerfan on Sep 16, 2009
Plus u will never meet him either,, not that i will meet Taylor but atleast i dont claim him to be "mine"
posted by Taylor Lautnerfan on Sep 16, 2009
posted by fouf on Sep 15, 2009
robert is a nice guy but he's not quit like my handsome boyfriend
posted by ROB I LUV on Sep 13, 2009
I luv u robert pattinson i think u r h-o-t hot!!!!!!! we should hang out i live in hawaii!!!
posted by purplecat1996 on Sep 11, 2009
posted by mattwalter on Sep 08, 2009
He's a good actor but y are u girls sooo obssed with him?? He just a person
posted by loverobpat on Aug 25, 2009
i love you i cant what till new moon!!!!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Leah on Aug 24, 2009
OMG i love Robert Pattinson. i am his number 1 fan!! ily he is sooo hot and awesome and an awesome actor. ILY so much xo SEXY!!!
posted by RobLuver on Aug 19, 2009
I know rob wont reply to this mail but even if he reads this i want u to know that "I LOVE YOU"
posted by somekid on Aug 16, 2009
Stupid retarded worthless little cuntz yesterday u guyz were talkin bout how much u luv zac efron 2day ur talkin bout rob pattinson whose next u fuckin slutty hoez
posted by Kaitlyn on Aug 11, 2009
you guys are kind of creepy. he seems to be funny, and is obviously very good looking and i'm sure he is smart and fun to be around... to tell you the truth i'm head over heels for rob, but i will never get a chance to meet him... i won't say that i'm in love with him because i don't even know him. it seems a little strange that you girls come on here and express your love for him without the knowledge of who he really is as a human being. he's obviously got talent... but all you care about is how hot he is. i'm a fan too, i'm just not going to go overboard with it.
posted by j on Aug 06, 2009
awesome. dont have to register to put it down. he*l dont know what im doing here. you girls are stupid. gosh it is all over everywhere. ewh. respect for handling this. just wanted to say, keep going with your mind. really amazing job!! and thanks for playing dali in little ashes. did not see anyone in that role. really impressed. cheers
posted by Meaghan on Jul 31, 2009
To Keila- Seriously, kid. Learn some English. Go to school and actually listen instead of cutting out pictures from the latest tabloids and pasting the pictures into journals and/or posters. I'd hope that your sad idiocy didn't stretch to the point of you drawing hearts around his face, but I'm seriously doubting that right about now. BY THE WAY- The letter "q" is NOWHERE in "oh my god" or "I've got to.." Learn to read and write, you sound like what you undoubtedly are- AN IDIOT.
posted by jessika on Jul 29, 2009
To all the pre-adolescent stalkers; you will grow up and realize how stupid you sound right now. You are obsessing over a. a guy b. a guy wayyy out of your league and c. someone who doesnít ever want to meet other than to make money. You donít know what love is, so stop saying you love him you just sound really pathetic. Im sure there are other immature little boys like you that you can love and be with and rant on about non existent crap too. And seriously you are just proving your lack of IQ and utter stupidness and just how immature you are by giving out your number and address ONLINE. Seriously your parents shouldnít let you online unsupervised because your obviously too young. Your just encouraging paedophiles (old men who use your numbers and addresses that they find online because you put them there, to do bad things to naive little girls like yourselves). Go play with your Barbies or whatever and leave 23year old grown men alone. By the way I bet you didnít know that if you got with Rob (which will never happen) your so called love would send him to jail. People who really love him wouldnít want that so they would SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!
posted by robertObsessionKeila on Jul 24, 2009
haha myy faavee color is also qraay & ommq ilovee you robbert & iqotaah say too the faans thaat weel thee moviee isn't aall about robert beingq sexyy hee is thouqh just too saay buut imm sayingq like thee moviee is so qreaat & how hee does it & what its aabouut thaat maakes uus aal lovee twiliqht (: haha weel yees iloveeyouu robert & byee hahaah
posted by AMMYYYY on Jul 24, 2009
posted by rubz on Jul 19, 2009
STALKERS.Use periods they are little dots. I bet 75 percent of the girls that posted a comment are stupid blonde bitches. Robert you shouldn't say things like that about yourself. I feel sorry for you. And when I get my acting career I get to work with you in a romance movie. I like you and remember my name it is ruby. You know like the song you like Ruby's Arms. And hey, both our names begin with R. :)
posted by Meaghan on Jul 17, 2009
Well- you know a whole lot about him; itís just too bad you donít know a whole lot about turning off the caps lock. Question- how many conversations have you had with him? When was your first date together? Woops, I forgot- youíve never done either of those things. My guess is that youíre a teeny bopper. You kind of gave yourself away by all the idiocy youíve been displaying. Just because you know THINGS or FACTS about people, it does not mean you know them and have any basis for actually being in love with them. By the way- it takes two to tango, and my bet is that youíll be dancing alone for a very, very, very long time. What youíve got is a stalker-like obsession of a crush. As for Isabella, thank God SOMEONE sees sense! Thereís a difference between crushes and love, and if youíve never met a person and have a huge thing for them, itís a crush. This may come off sounding a little mean, but hey, itís constructive criticism: Learn a thing or two about punctuation, please. You had 151 words in your post, and not one single period. No matter who you are or what youíre saying, writing like that just makes you seem like a jackass.
posted by ansleyg07 on Jul 16, 2009
hey rob i love you in all of your movies!!! i wouid realt love to met you i am your biggest fan well one of them!!!!!
posted by k on Jul 12, 2009
hey Rob i wish i could meet you and dont wory i not one of those love struck fans . i just think that you are a very good looking and talented person , and i respect you !
posted by k on Jul 12, 2009
Robert Pattinson is so very talented , and boy he can sing !!
posted by Anneri on Jul 12, 2009
I might n not know pattinson,and thats probably why im not inlove with him.But i do think that arsenal rocks and Fabregas is the bomb so i hope that one day bdw i know its cheezy,but that i meet him and we can just be friends. he does have talent.and Robert I have respect for you!
posted by wailea on Jul 12, 2009
Robert Pattinson is the coolest boy on earth visit me in Hawaii!!!!!!
posted by Whitney on Jul 09, 2009
Cool I like gray! Oh yeah I can't wait till the sequel of Twilight you did great Dang im younger than you all my friends say you look rly old im 18...
posted by nats on Jul 04, 2009
omg i would love to be mates with rob pattz he is so cool xxxxxx love ya xxx
posted by edwardobbsessed! on Jul 03, 2009
aww rob i love you come visit uk(scotland!!!) youre mega loved up here best damn thing that ever came from britian<3<3<3
posted by lily on Jul 01, 2009
you guys are killing yourselfs to get to a guy who doesnt probly want to dat a bunch of teenagers who throw tepers to get him sorry to break it to you but get therapy
posted by TheBiggestRPatzFanEv on Jun 23, 2009
posted by Keturah on Jun 17, 2009
Do you guys EVER in a million years ever think that the amazing Robert Pattinson will ever Wright you back you people are really crazy. P.S. I love you so much rob please wright me back
posted by isabella on Jun 13, 2009
this comment is for Meagan its true u cant be in love with someone you barley know u might just have a crush beause maybe he changes his style and then u might not like him anymore so its not love it is just a crush that is what i think because when i first saw him i totally got obsessed but then i that i may love him but he doesnt even know i exist and sure his hot but we just have to get over it he probably likes other older girls and we r over here getting obsessed with him but im not saying u shouldn't like him that is my opinion and if u r reading this tell me what u think about what i wrote (p.s i still think he is cute n really nice i mean look at him at the end very nice:) )
posted by twilight on Jun 11, 2009
OMG! he is so cute. i love you soooooooooo much!!!!!!
posted by *Chuckles* on Jun 08, 2009
posted by RoblOveeR on Jun 06, 2009
lolz, just tryna hate, haha! i think i do LOVE this beautiful man! i do know stuff about him! Robert Thomas Pattinson born May 13th 1986 born in Barnes, has two sisters, Victoria and Elizebeth and his Fathers name is Richard Pattisnon and his mommys name is Clare Pattinson! his sister Lizzie sings! i know lots more! his favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Hes not very good at sports, enjoys pool! Likes the Band Van Morrison(he has every album) he got expelled from school! lol now i just sound like a big ass stalker...fuck\ ha ha o well but yea i love him!
posted by serena on Jun 06, 2009
i love you robert pattinsion you are the cuttest boy in the world!
posted by Bryony (twilight and on Jun 04, 2009
posted by Bryony (twilight and on Jun 04, 2009
OMG . He is maega HOT i love him. wow. HE is Hot sexy gorguss and cute and funny and a great actor !!!!!!!!! I love him lizzie kIrstie Emily bRyony bffs lIzie = Edward Cullens Wife ANd breaking dawn kIrstie = Edward cullen Pretend GIrlfriend ANd Eclipse emily = New Moon And Wow Robert is HOt Bryony = Robert Pattinsons Girlfriend and Twilight hes My Sexy hot Boyfriend!!!!!
posted by edward on Jun 03, 2009
he is so hot and funny=]
posted by frida on May 29, 2009
Hi is so cute and funny<333
posted by Anna828 on May 24, 2009
hahahahaha i feel SO sorry for this guy. having a bunch of deluded losers with no social lives and obviously no friends/social contact stalking his every move. how about you people get yourselves out into the REAL world and maybe then you'l meet a REAL guy who you can quote love, haha like wtf how can u claim to love somebody WHO YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!!!! oh yeah u know his favourite color, let me guess its the same as yours*shock horror* omg ur so meant to be together. jesus u people are scary......scary.
posted by Lorraine on May 21, 2009
Wow! And I thought my niece had it bad. Creepy.
posted by Amanda on May 21, 2009
You guys are silly.You can't be in "love" with somebody you don't know.. and besides I'll bet your a bunch of little 11 year olds who don't know the first thing about love
posted by Mo on May 21, 2009
posted by Meaghan on May 17, 2009
I won't deny the guy is good looking... but dear God, people! Pull yourselves together! Do you know how creepy it must be to be called "robby" by someone you've never even met? Also- you love him? You really really truly love him? Do you know how insane you're being?!? One of the usual signs of an obsessed loser is when they claim to be in love with you on your first date... but saying you're in love with him before even meeting? Without really truly getting to know him? 1. It's impossible. 2. It's freaking ridiculous. Another little tip for the future is this: Don't freakin' put your phone number and address up online! You've got to be mentally handicapped. I suggest you hold your breath until the moment he calls... which will ne NEVER. Whether you think he's the sexiest man alive or the ugliest and most evil, at least attempt to remember that you've never met him and therefore really can't judge and say he's bad or good. To those of you that are convinced that he might read this: You. Are. Stupid. The man probably has about a million things to do, but I'm SO sure that checking out a bunch of freaky stalkers is at the top of his list. Riiight... (In case you didn't pick up on it due to your clearly low IQ's, those last two sentences were a little something called sarcasm.) MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS OF THE DAY: This->. is a period. It's used to end sentences. Give it a whirl a few times and see if you can stop yourself from writing the creepiest run-on sentence ever. New typing ebonics= stupid. You just make yourself sound like a ghetto ass that doesn't know how to spell. Put a "th" where it should be, not a "d". There's no "z" in "please" either. Get therapy.
posted by NICOLE on May 11, 2009
you are amazing and i would love to meet you please visit nj i have a bunch of friends that love u too and we r going to throw a huge party for your birthday even though you prob wont be there <3
posted by jackie thurow (a lit on May 10, 2009
All you robert lovers out there- i hate to break it to you but he is a self concided pig he think of him self as a god i bet and so do you and that is soo wrong i mean he is not that hot and he thinks kids are gross and stiky and half of you are KIDS so what makes you think hell even whant to stop and talk to you, i mean come on he is gross and he dose not know how to do his hair evin if it has to be that long for twilight its gross and gresy eww. i will amit i like the movie and the books but i dont like robert pattinson as a person but i do like the carictor he plays as Edward Cullen, because edward is a kind compashinit caring man (or vampire if you will) and he is intelligent and charming and he is a selfles gental cretur, but rob is the exact oppisit and im not tring to be mean im just a very opinyinated person.
posted by ANa on May 02, 2009
Oh my gosh ilove u so much my friend Aryel and I would love to meet you please vist El Paso, Texas
posted by BALL SACK on Apr 27, 2009
posted by HANNIBAL on Apr 27, 2009
posted by cute gurl on Apr 25, 2009
omg mn ur soo cute i wuld love to meet u so much bye:}
posted by skyee on Apr 25, 2009
i love yuh robert!!! ur so hott!!! please come to Australia..... i would love to meet yuh!! in twilight part of your role is to act the perfect guy....but there is no need to coz yuh already r perfect iloveyuh!!!! ur SpUnKaDeLiC
posted by morgan on Apr 23, 2009
you r naked
posted by charley on Apr 21, 2009
robert is not a fit hot as person he is more of a sholder to cry on as in he is will always be there for you,that is what sort of person i think he is and he seems to be a nice looking guy. xxx love charley (i would love to met him well every one would.)
posted by sslibra on Apr 21, 2009
iam seriously starting to feel sorry for the guy.while ur all dreaming of him,he is probably having nightmares over the thousands of screaming teenage girls chasing does have a certain charisma tho.
posted by bookangle on Apr 19, 2009
Rob is hot. but he is a normal person. If i could meet him i wouldn't scream my head off I would speak to him like he is a normal person.He may be HOT be he is just like the rest of us!
posted by bob on Apr 18, 2009
u r hot
posted by robbyPLUVhim (Mrs. P on Apr 17, 2009
I LOVE YOU ROBBY!!! i'm your BIGGEST fan!!! i love ur song!!! in fact...nvrthnk is my password to get on to my account on my computer!!! i have u as my screen saver too!!! AND for the pic. on the log into wat account u go in, i have YOU!!! on a game i play i even have u on it as one of my charecters!!!!!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!! PLS come to temecula, the san diego area!!! like be signing autographs or something! that would be SOOOO awsome if i got ur autograph!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE THAT I SEE YOU SOON! I SOOO WANNA GET TO KNOW U BETTER! BYE ROBBY! LOVE YA!
posted by Lana on Apr 16, 2009
I love u more than eney of this girls that say jhay love. I realy think that thay R gonna love u, thil the nexs hot celeb then yhay R gonna be over u but I know that I will always love u !!!!!!!!I PROMES
posted by Lana on Apr 16, 2009
I love u so much and I know that its not realy rob that's reading this coments. But I realy love u and It is not just some celeb cruch I realy love u . My friends R siek of me, I am talking about u all the time but I can't stop thinking about u. All my friends say u R ugly but I think u R sweet hot cool funny and much more I know it is inposebel but I can etlest ask Can u plzzzz come to South-Africa. That is my dream. I dream about u every nite. If I could have 1 wish it will be that I could find someone just like u : smart funny cute hot and much more. I promes I am not making eney of this up realy. And I like u so much that I pray every nite that I could meet someone like u. I REALY LOVE U!!! PLZZZ come to south-Africa plzzzz there is so much that I want to say to u !!! The person hoes reading this can u plzzz thel Rob to look at this site I beg of u. I LOVE ROB MORE THAN EVERY GIRL IN THE ENTIER WORLD AND I EEN IT. Plzz I need to meet him I love u so much mwha mwha mwha and if u can can u plzz send me a pic of him my no. 0725664633 love u
posted by BR00KE M. on Apr 16, 2009
posted by shantel on Apr 14, 2009
omg.. he sould so come to MI. if i could i would so marry rod he is so funny and smart ..YOUR HOTTTTTTTTTT ROB......
posted by samemoon007 on Apr 11, 2009
this is my aim samemoon007 welll hes hottttt robert and has the the hottist english acsent well im only 11 i dont spelll that good!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jess on Apr 08, 2009
Who's Miley Cyrus? Robert Pattinson is the best heartthrob since Paul Mccartney and the Beatles.
posted by demi xx on Apr 05, 2009
i will love u 4 ever and ever and i will never stop loving u r HOT hotter than potter thats 4 sure i wish i could see u sum time that would be a dream cum true and by the way gorges londer thats a great acsiont u put on while acting out twilight xx
posted by xorock3xo on Apr 05, 2009
oops that message will never get to Robert and the previous message i posted was incorrect but i have written that message at least a 100 times.
posted by xorock3xo on Apr 05, 2009
hay. . . this is sort of weird talking to somebody i have never met and i must have written this message 100 times to when i think i got the right words. i got to say Robert is a very talented person. He is very adorable and he always makes me laugh whenever he does something silly in his interviews. lol. i would have to admit that if i were able to meat Robert in person i wouldn't be able to because i would be to shy. that was sort of weird to say. all-in-all i do love Robert and i wish the best for him.
posted by erin on Apr 04, 2009
People yes Rob is cute, but you guys should stop claiming him. Chances are none of us will meet him.
posted by erin on Apr 04, 2009
I am sure u dont run like "cheese string" lol. But i would really love to meet you. You seem to be really funny. I think twilight is a good movie. Althogh very different from the book. I hope NEW MOON will be more like the book!But thats just me.
posted by moLLY on Apr 04, 2009
wHO R U CALLING UGLY Barbie Girl? Pob is hot.
posted by dove on Apr 04, 2009
Tiffany ur the idiot for not loveing Rob he is amazing. If i could live forever i would live for him i love him. Please come to Chicago or Cicero.
posted by Dove on Apr 04, 2009
He is mine stay away. lol. Also stop being so anoying he prblably just wants to be treated like a normal person that is smoken hot
posted by demi on Apr 04, 2009
hi is it me again just wanted 2 let u know that u are all losers u will never ever get 2 know him as well as i do i would pay any price in the world £££ just 2 touch his sexy pale white skin I LOVE HIM iv never knew love could could be so strong xx
posted by demi on Apr 04, 2009
i love robert pattionson iv got his album i want 2 know every last detail about him he is gorges and he is SO MINE xxxxx
posted by Beth aka elizabeth on Apr 03, 2009
Although the Twilight movie was okay...The book was way better. Robert Pattinson plays a good part playing Edward Cullen, he just may be the newest and youngest good looking actor that puts Brad Pitt or Tom Cuise to shame. My opinon =)
posted by nickyyyy on Apr 03, 2009
i love you rob and ever since i watch the movie twilight i can't stop think about it at all. i love you the movie and everyone in it
posted by tiffany on Apr 02, 2009
okay all you people seriously you need to chill! because, A)you sound like desperate idiots and B)if rob saw this site and read all the comments with people giving him their phone number and asking him to marry them and telling him to go to their town or even just saying "i love you i love you i love you" then he really isnt going to do anything, it will just like scare him. i mean nobody likes squealing fangirls. but yes i will admit that he is an awesome actor and musician and is very handsome. i hope he will keep up with everything coming at him.
posted by mauritius(paradise i on Mar 30, 2009
oh my god!!! does god still make such good person..he seem so sincere in his talks.robert you are somone good,lovely just in love with you.but since i know you wnt be mine hope that i'll fine som1 like you in lfe.someone that will protect me till i die.just love you robert.dnt chance be as you are.we love you like this
posted by Magan P. on Mar 30, 2009
Ya know... he's more than just a pretty face. He's a very talented actor, but his music speaks to your soul. For example: I Was Broken. Amazing.
posted by megan on Mar 29, 2009
posted by Minna D/FW on Mar 29, 2009
This interview clip was just too cute...I think I'm going to adopt young Mr. Pattinson, he'll be my fourth he'll be between my stepdaughter and stepson and my nephew will be the eldest...I won't mention ages tho... :-)
posted by Minna D/FW on Mar 29, 2009
I know I'm sort of late on this but I was not into twilight until maybe a month or two. I think Rob colors should be anything ins blue or blue grey. It seems to bring out the color in his eyes. Wait, What? He runs like a mountain goat!? LOL..I would jut like to see him run. I'm not a runner either, for some reason I seem to trip over my own feet.. Young Mr. Pattinson, I still wish you the very best in everything you set your mind on doing... Minna
posted by j-leexx on Mar 28, 2009
lol, i love the books so much i have read them all loads of times, i go to a boarding school and my house mistress went and spoke to my mum becouse she said she was "worried" for me becouse i completely black out of the real world, but i proved her wrong becouse she is now reading them!!! lol, i think the only person to play edward is robert if any one else did it it would be a sham! i envy people who actually get to meet him cuz i will never in my whole life... boo hoo.. oh well keep acting and ill keep smiling! x
posted by jasmine on Mar 24, 2009
i think you are so hot and i hope you do alot more acting in you futureand ilove you
posted by mehreen on Mar 24, 2009
omg i el-oh-ve-ee rpatzz he is soooooooooooooo sexy and he is the awesomest
posted by Janice on Mar 24, 2009
Hi Rob .. I was very excited when twilight movie shown in theatre .. I've been waiting for long time .. You such a handsome man i had seen in my life .. Your girlfriend was the luckiest girl in the world, coz won your heart
posted by m.lenee(: on Mar 22, 2009
well i think robert pattison is very cute and plays a very good sexy vampire role in twilight!!!!and i fi could meet that would be one of the best days of my life!!!!call me up 409-998-4192!!!vidor texas...usa
posted by Alexa Winston on Mar 19, 2009
I luv yah but wont go goo-goo ga-ga and i wanna no ur fone number!!! plz give it to me!!!
posted by twlightluver on Mar 14, 2009
I love rob pattinson soooooooooooooo much. iwish he'd come to weymouth massachusetts
posted by The One and Only Mrs on Mar 09, 2009
posted by marie on Mar 05, 2009
i really like the songs !!! and i'd like to listen the real version of the song !!!
posted by Tiffany (Mrs.Cullen) on Mar 01, 2009
I love Robert Pattinson!Hes so hot,and funny:):) I love Edward Cullen!I wanna no so much more about him.And if hes anything like Edward Cullen i would marry him.When i first read twilight 2 secs after Edward Cullen was written about i FELL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by realisticgal on Feb 26, 2009
rob is so funny, he made me laugh :) and Laura asked some good questions too. and to all you other sillies, he is not edward cullen...he just plays him, get with the program here. tootles
posted by robertp on Feb 24, 2009
posted by edward on Feb 21, 2009
omg that was hilarious! ily sooooo much rob
posted by PleaseBeMineRobert on Feb 19, 2009
OMG! I love you sooooooooooo much! Please visit Adelaide or Port Narlunga South! Please!!! Please!!! Why aren't you here yet? you are the best actor EVER! And the best singer! I LOVE YOU!
posted by TEAM EDWARD on Feb 19, 2009
ok to get this straight i am truely in love with robert pattinson, edward cullen or not. 2 i have freakin dreams bout him. 3 when ever i look at him, it makes me breathless!4 i read the book 15 times or more idk i lost count. 5 my entire room is full of him. my deck is taped with pictures. my walls are covered. i have a painting of him on one wall. and to top it all off i am very very very very addicted to robert pattison. he is like a drug for me its freakin weird!!! but im not legal age yet in bout 6 more years then i let my way flow all the way there. let it crumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Mrs. Mikayla Pattins on Feb 19, 2009
posted by i hate mike newton on Feb 13, 2009
i hate mike newton my sis is soooooooooooooooooo annoying
posted by Mrs. Cullen on Feb 13, 2009
I love Edward Cullen's crooked smile!! But I hate how Harry on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tries to do it, it looks horrible!! Cedric, Edward, Robert; which ever form you come in please visit Illinois!!!! Like: Collinsville, EDWARDsville, or Glen Carbon?! Please, please, please: I beg of you!! Please! Ok, call me obsessed if you will. . . but I already know that! I love Robert Cullen. Grr. Edward Pattinson. Ugh. Robert Diggory. Ugh!! Will I ever get this right? I love Twilight and all the other movies you're in, Rob. Oh, do you like being called "Edward", "Rob", "Robert", or "Cedric"? And what's your favorite song? Mine is a tie between "Let Me Sign" and "Flightless Bird American Mouth"! And I'm your BIGGEST fan!! I watch the "Harry Potter" movie you're in. . . ONLY that one movie until "Twilight" comes out on DVD!
posted by robertlover on Feb 06, 2009
ya and by the way i am marrying him!!!!maybe?!?!lol!ya sooooo i am a big fan!!!!i love how little kids are starting to read twilight and stuff its sooo cute!!!!I LOVE U ROBERT/EDWARD!!!!LOLZ I AM REALLY EXCITED SO SORRY! I LOVE YOU!!!! LOVE ALWAYS, JILLIAN!!J<3R
posted by robertlover on Feb 06, 2009
omg!!!i love him!he is so awsome i am going to meet him at the permeire i cant wait!!!!!!!hes sooo hot!!!!!
posted by amber on Feb 06, 2009
yes, robbert omg! i am going with my friend to ny idk when but we are going to meet him and talor im so excited! (i need to work on my grammer to lol)
posted by brooke:]sprinkles:] on Feb 03, 2009
robert, you need to come visit us chicks in robertsdale alabama!!! if you like strawberry blondes then you need to come meet me...i am 17.and on june 6th i will be 18..if i could i would come to la to meet you but my mom wont let
posted by mya on Feb 02, 2009
Robert Pattinson you are so hot i love you so much i do not care if you cute off off your hair you are hot with or without it 519-948-3665 windsor call me
posted by ... on Jan 30, 2009
he's absolutely amazing and absolutely gorguess. i don't care if he's cut his hair...I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
posted by cynthia tomasin on Jan 27, 2009
edward im reading your book and i love well have fun!bye ps i hope u check this site lol... bye bye:)
posted by cynthia tomasin on Jan 27, 2009
im 11 years old and i love your move twilight! its awsome!am a huge fan!love cynthia c.tomasin
posted by Zoe Pattinson on Jan 25, 2009
o and by the way i married Robert Pattinson so back off. ILY Robert Pattinson<33333
posted by Zoe on Jan 25, 2009
omg i love Robert Pattinson he is sexy not cute or hot SEXY his eyes are so dreammy in twilight and in reality. his hair omg i love it i just cant explain it. and his smile the best one is his croked smile that just blows me away. im so dessperate to meet u Robert i like u more than all the girls in the world i have everything of u. I Love You Robert Pattinson
posted by mackenzie on Jan 21, 2009
omg!!! Rob is the cutest guy out there...His smile is stunning.. love u forever Rob... <3 :D :)
posted by Lexi Sacco on Jan 19, 2009
ohhh god. i'm seriously in love with Robert Pattinson.
posted by snap on Jan 12, 2009
I think about Robert almost every day since knowing about him. Interview videos and guest appearances on tv. the news etc. let me see and hear so much about what he is really like. I love everything about him. He has an easy laugh and fabulous smile. He's handsome hot cute funny sexy and I'm pretty much obsessed with him.
posted by utoobgrrl on Jan 07, 2009
" oohh" haha at the end lol he is so funny in this :D
posted by marissa on Jan 05, 2009
yo rob i would like to hang out with you sometimes and you are so funny you alwas make me laugh in the interview and in the movie
posted by Rachel on Jan 04, 2009
He is the funniest person ever. He's so like akward and completely aware of it too but thats why I love him. :)
posted by leah on Jan 02, 2009
i think that you are a great actor and i would love to meet you! please come to birmingham Mi !!!
posted by sarahd216 on Dec 31, 2008
Omg that was great. Yeah i hope you come to Michigan sometime too, that would be awesome! I like your songs to, you should give yourself more credit, Keep up the great work Rob!! :D
posted by Jessi on Dec 31, 2008
I love your acting work and you were a perfect fit for Twilight. I really hope you can come to Michigan sometime. You were great in Vanity Fair!!!
posted by RPNum1fan on Dec 30, 2008
That was supposed to be a heart not &#9829; so ill fix it I<3You
posted by RPNum1Fan on Dec 30, 2008
I am your BIGGEST FAN EVER pleas pleas come to Buffalo NY Or some where really close plz this is all i dream about all i think about plz i&#9829;u
posted by Hanifa on Dec 30, 2008
omg. i love u robert. u rock. u r such a great actor and don't worry u r a PERFECT fit for edward cullen. love you <3
posted by MICAYLA on Dec 29, 2008
i love him like you dont even no i will marry him i love rob much
posted by MICAYLA on Dec 29, 2008
i love him like you dont even no i will marry him i love rob much
posted by bella on Dec 27, 2008
Hi i really was inspiered by your work and your a great actor there wouldent be an edward it twilight without you!!! Come visit oxford Michigan sometime i would love to meet you!!!
posted by nikki on Dec 22, 2008
barbie girl dose not know what hot is if she thinks that you are ugly because she said it twice and i think that you are so hot and she dose not know what hot is if she thinks that you are ugly I LOVE YOU MORE THAT ANYTHING IN THE WORLD LOVE YOU
posted by nikki on Dec 22, 2008
i think that you are the best actor in the world and rock my world you are so funny and you are the hottest vampire in the world and should do a book signing in grand rapids soon for all of your fans love nikki
posted by Nikki on Dec 22, 2008
im in love with you and have posters of you everywhere and i am dying to meet you and the is my # 1 dream in the world
posted by Nikki on Dec 22, 2008
you are the hottest person every on matter what people say in the magizens
posted by suggarabie18 on Dec 11, 2008
ogm those r some rlly funny "projects" lol!! haha I LOVE YOU I WANNNA MEET U SOOO BAD!!!!!!!
posted by ASRGDRGT on Dec 04, 2008
gom hot marry me pleaseeeeeeee,lol
posted by yrsuyt on Dec 04, 2008
he's sooooooooo hotttt!and cold lol
posted by j g on Dec 02, 2008
i love robert he is the most handsome guy ever
posted by j g on Dec 02, 2008
i love robert he is the most handsome guy ever
posted by kiko on Dec 02, 2008
i love the movie (twilight, is so romantic) vampires, i think that's cool. ps, besides handsome, you're a good actor.
posted by barbie girl on Nov 28, 2008
posted by barbie girl on Nov 28, 2008
posted by barbie girl on Nov 28, 2008
posted by yep on Nov 26, 2008
he is very very cute. :)
posted by Aryel Marquez on Nov 26, 2008
i love you so much robert your so hot i totally want to meet you i just can't get over u your so cute adorable hot beautiful sexy pretty handsome funny awesome and totally hot in the movie twilight its my favorite movie in the whole world p.s dont mary bella mary me i'm half English because my moms from England/clacton-on-c
posted by aryel on Nov 26, 2008
i love u so so so much robert ur so funny i would love to meat u in life that would be s o awesome i live in el paso texas zip code 79925 address 3449 dundee phone # 915-598-1623 love ya
posted by spirit_walker on Nov 24, 2008
those are some unique "projects!". lol. i loved them even thogh they were a bit odd. haha.
posted by shadya on Nov 18, 2008
lmao... hes soo funny!! i would have never expected that. everytime he laughed i was like cracking up. haha hes soo adorable.
posted by Mary on Nov 18, 2008
Oh wowwww I'm still laughing. All of his new "projects!"
posted by morgan on Nov 11, 2008
holy crap. that just literally made me laugh out loud multiple times.. in a library. he is so weird, and its awesome. dude, robby robb robb can we please HANG OUT so i can laugh?
posted by Angie on Nov 11, 2008
He's Funny. lol. in a good way. I think, hmmm.

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