Opera Singer Crowned 'America's Got Talent' Winner

October 02, 2008 06:07:06 GMT

Neal E. Boyd got his 1 million dollars prize after announced as the champion of 'America's Got Talent' season three.

Opera Singer Crowned 'America's Got Talent'  Winner
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A contestant from reality show "America's Got Talent" has been crowned a winner on the Wednesday third season finale. Opera singer Neal E. Boyd becomes a favorite and finishes first after standing side by side to other finalist singer/pianist Eli Mattson as the last two standing.

Host Jerry Springer announced on the seconds leading to the revelation that there was less than one half of one percent between the final votes. When Boyd's name was called, the ex-salesman cried the tears of joy and said, "I love you, Mom. I love you, Sikeston. I love you, Missouri." He is consequently entitled to the $1 million prize.

In third place is violinists Nuttin But Stringz, fourth place singer Donald Braswell and last place of the top five, singer Queen Emily.

Boyd started singing at the age of 13 and went to the New England Conservatory in Boston to study opera. "I started mimicking (Luciano) Pavarotti and (Placido) Domingo. I wore that CD out," Boyd recounts.

The audition for the fourth season is open. For further information, log on to

Preview of the final five performances:


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posted by mateo on Jun 13, 2010
I didn´t dislike neal but I think no one could be compared to nuttin but stringsz, they weren´t just great, they composed everything they played!
posted by uj on Apr 30, 2010
neil deserved it
posted by rutvij on Apr 23, 2010
Nothin but strings was the best performance I have ever watched.Neil was also good with his opera but my vote goes to the 2 guys
posted by sid on Apr 14, 2010
wanted eli to win :(
posted by boo on Feb 28, 2010
People voted 4 Neil bcoz of his sob story. NBS were da ish ppl!
posted by Theri- South Africa on Feb 22, 2010
I really thought Nuttin but Strings should have won this one! Missed the finale here in SA (20/02/2010) but my money was on NBS. Neil was great as well so congrats.
posted by Olivia on Feb 21, 2010
Just finshed watching Americas got Talent here in SA last nite,20/2/10.Congratulations to Neil hope he is doing well in Vegas.But I think that there are enough good singers around already & they should actually enter Idols instead.The real showstopper talent was definitely Nothing but Strings!They are talented,unique & the kinda act that will appeal in Vegas.I sincerely hope that theyve managed to get an offer to perform in a show.
posted by jothome on Feb 20, 2010
havent watched the finale as yet here in S.A. The top three were all my favourites, I loved all three but there can be only one winner. Nuttin but strings were awsome so was Eli. I am very happy for Neal.
posted by dele on Feb 19, 2010
this is injustice the strings were robbed cos they are black
posted by Tendai on Feb 18, 2010
I surely enjoyed Nuttun butt strings well done guys
posted by talk2reo on Feb 17, 2010
we are jet to see the final this weekend in nigeria but i feel nutin but string would have won
posted by me on Feb 17, 2010
Guyz where is honesty, Notting bt stringz deserved this one. c'mon
posted by Gabszw on Feb 17, 2010
Only watched it in 2010 here in SA, but NOTHING beats NUTTING BUT STRINGZ!!!!
posted by Sam on Feb 16, 2010
Neil I thought you deserved to win cos yours was from the heart. We cried when you did so best of luck man. Nuttin but Stringz, u guyz rock & if it were up to me there would have been two first places. Brilliant, just brilliant. Sam - South Africa 2010/02/19
posted by Mags vz South Africa on Feb 14, 2010
We only saw the show in feb 2010 in Soth Africa but so happy Neil wone.Well done from all the moms here!!!Fantastic
posted by Ego Nigeria on Feb 09, 2010
I am happy for neal bcos of his touching story and humility, guess that is why he won but nuttin but strings was the show
posted by randum on Jan 24, 2010
nuttin but strings wer d best
posted by Kenson Tsang fr. Hon on Nov 29, 2009
Neil, i am glad you have won the AGT title, indeed you have got the natural voice that brings the tone and emotions of the music especially on opera ,despite of the funny judgement of the Piers and David, but i am sure you make it and here comes of the prize you got it. I hope I can here your voice in your tour show in future and mostly on your CD,the best. Good Luck
posted by YEN on Nov 14, 2009
Neil,I Like ur VOICE 2 much.And u r tallented.But i do not like opera. Thanks.
posted by YEN on Nov 14, 2009
Neil,I Like ur VOICE 2 much.And u r tallented.But i do not like opera. Thanks.
posted by spinny on Aug 16, 2009
Awesome voice, Eli very gracious in defeat both will be big stars watch and see. Simon Cowell will make mega bucks of these two.
posted by uk on Aug 15, 2009
This show is rubbish you americans have no talent, britain rules, you even have two british judges and jerry was born in England, what a garbage show
posted by babsb77 on Aug 14, 2009
The Stringz def should have won!!! I would NOT sit and listen to another Pavarotti for an hour - how boring would that be?? Eli was a commendable 2nd, Queen Emily should have been 3rd NOT 5th!!! The Stringz are so versatile and can play ANYTHING..... Good luck to the losers - I'm sure you'll be snapped up soon.
posted by taffi man on Aug 14, 2009
the right person won the show. Joseph should not even have been on the show it was not his talent he was using it was the king and he should not try to make a name for himself on the kings name
posted by brooke on Aug 14, 2009
i liked all the pepole so i did't care who won but neal was good and i liked the that little 4 year old
posted by on Aug 13, 2009
No disrepect to Neil. Not my taste of music but he is good. Good luck to him. But honestly, i was rooting for NBS. They are stars in themselves, their own compositions, their stage prescence, and just how unique and amazing they are to see and hear. That for me, is what programmes like this, are all about, acts like them are why these programmes should be alllowed. Really stunning.
posted by SC on Aug 13, 2009
I am happy for Neil for winning, he has a real talent. It's nice to see a 'real' talent winning. I really did love NBS and am pretty shocked they came third, i really hope this isn't the last we hear from them, they're so talented. But a big congrats to Neil.He was my favourite to win out of the singing acts.
posted by Podman on Aug 13, 2009
Well done Neil if was a toss up between you and NBS for me . Its a pity you couldn't do Vegus together , you compliment each other.
posted by UKcolour on Aug 09, 2009
USA don't know how to vote nuttin but srings should of won!! next time leave the voting to the rest of the world. The only voting u people got right is your current president Doesn't original different come to mind
posted by shaz on Jul 01, 2009
nbutstring should do a tour to nz cause we would pay to see you. u guys rock
posted by deziaha on Jun 24, 2009
im from New zealand, and i was shocked to know nothing but strings didnt win, they blew me away everytime,i was always left wanting more, i would deffinatley pay to see them.unique gorgeous an so talented nbstrings you rock
posted by peggelsec56 on Mar 23, 2009
I tryed to listen to Neil E. Boyd on here because I loved listening to him but it says he had the video removed. Has he gotten to big now for us poor people to listen to? He had such a beautiful voice he made me cry but maybe he has a big head now
posted by MvVVBlaohMaxCjILWxD on Feb 20, 2009
posted by tdd on Jan 08, 2009
he was really good
posted by Tolik on Dec 10, 2008
Are you not going to give us any song for the holidays? waiting to purchase one.
posted by Laura on Dec 07, 2008
I was an avid fan of the show and picked 4 out of the 5 finalists from their auditions. I was wrong about the winner as I felt Nothin'but strings were superb and had originallity. However the winner is deserving and I'm sure all 5 will secure work in their chosen profession. Queen Emily has a fantastic presence on stage and will someday have sell out shows. All are winners in my eyes . Thanks for a great contest.
posted by jalogi75 on Dec 04, 2008
posted by Eileen on Dec 01, 2008
I wish my dad was still here te loved to listen to really good opera singers and I'm sure he would have loved to listen to you . Thankyou it was great to hear such great talent.
posted by eire on Nov 29, 2008
from the first moment i heard Neil sing, i knew he was the winner, your the best, many many
posted by Javajunkie51 on Nov 06, 2008
posted by Javajunkie51 on Nov 06, 2008
posted by Nina on Nov 03, 2008
Wow! I can't believe he won! I would never pay to sit through that for an hour! I wouldn't sit through it for free! Well, maybe if he cried alot like he did on the show.. hehhee, now that would be funny!
posted by csol on Oct 21, 2008
great job, not a better person could have won. good luck with your future
posted by Suzy on Oct 14, 2008
NBS was fantastic! Please do a tour! Neal was also fantastic. I couldn't choose between them because both acts performed with all their heart and soul. Congratulations to Neal !!!! I'll pay to hear your CD. Hope you have one out SOON. God Bless you !! Suzy
posted by cjaniuk on Oct 14, 2008
PAAleeeze! Seems the power of the suit has spilled from Idol to AGT... no way this young man is going to make it in Vegas. Season 2 of the orignal reality show Idol SHOULD have soured me to these shows. Looks like even TV has an electoral college.... personally?? I'm done... good luck to "Queen" and the other fabulous singers who "lost".... YOU are who I will be looking for!
posted by nanblack32244 on Oct 13, 2008
posted by kat on Oct 12, 2008
Im so HAPPY Neal won he fully deserved to win he sang with his whole heart he was amazing! Who would've thought an insurance salesman could be an amazing opera singer he totally stole my heart.(and no nuttin but stringz should not have won they have already preformed with a rap singer in like 2004 or something and they already have a cd)Im so happy for you neal your gunna go far! :)
posted by minnieme on Oct 11, 2008
i don't thimk neal should have won it.What a disaster my 10 yr. old sister sings better than him.i think either nbs or queen emily should have won.
posted by rd on Oct 11, 2008
Neal has a nice voice, but please! A Las Vegas act he is not. I thought NBS should have won. What a fabulous act for Las Vegas.
posted by LVbayb on Oct 10, 2008
Congratulations to Neal. However, I thought the idea was to be a LV show stopper or at least fill seats? The Elvis guy was more to LV styling than Opera. Good Luck to you. Make good choices and don't let the bright lights erode your passion. ie: other celebrities who thought they were in for the love of music. I sure didn't win 1 million dollars so who's to say here you didn't deserve it!
posted by ENough on Oct 09, 2008
I thought Nuttin but Strings were an exceptional act.
posted by katoffla on Oct 09, 2008
I missed the final show due to illness but am thrilled neil won. the others were ok but not alot of real talent this year.
posted by tortuga_guy on Oct 08, 2008
Nuttin but Strings were the best VEGAS style act in the final lineup. The singer/pianist was close to average, good lounge lizard or copycat act. The opera singer? Be real. I'm no judge of opera voices, but who's going to pay good money to hear one hour of opera classics, or rock done in opera style?
posted by gg061443 on Oct 08, 2008
Neal has no operatic control to his voice. He sings flat and will probably never make it in opera. He's a wannabe. The real winner was not among the top 5.
posted by Naomi on Oct 08, 2008
Neil was the best opera singer in the show. He sings with his heart and the only person in the show show was very humble! He truly deserved to win. Best wishes!
posted by Ann on Oct 08, 2008
I am so glad you won, You stole my heart the first time I heard you sing. America voted for you, so don't listen to all the unfriendly postings. Do great things, and be true to yourself.
posted by fjr13oo on Oct 07, 2008
neil was good, not the best and yes there are many classically trained folks out there with better control of their voices. However, he took the chance to compete. Is he destined to be an opera star? With a little more training perhaps. But he isn't ready yet. I agree with that. I studied classical voice in college and have heard folks with better control. The man seems to belt a lot and his breathing needs work. Oh, well, it's TV what else can we expect? He showed a lot of heart. Can't say he doesn't emote.
posted by joe7 on Oct 07, 2008
matt k. 4 prez
posted by matt0123456789 on Oct 07, 2008
nuttin but stringz rocks
posted by RJ on Oct 07, 2008
Emily Queen your the best, love hearing your music. And look at like this who in there right mind listens to Opera, I don't .
posted by on Oct 06, 2008
thank, neil for showing american, that afro american can sing opera also. god bless betty
posted by DontHate on Oct 06, 2008
I'm glad Neil beat out Eli, he sounded like a fake copycat Elton John, I didnt like him. I was in total shock that NBS didnt win. I'll pay to see them anyday!
posted by ritzyritz on Oct 06, 2008
I think Neil has a fantastic voice. I also think Nothin but Strinz was The best. They are so original and really put their heart and soul into what they do. I hope to see them in the big times real soon.
posted by bk4ever522 on Oct 06, 2008
Nuttin but stringz should have won they were the ONLY act i would actually pay to see while in vegas they were original and very passionate! they are the winners 4 me no matter what!
posted by Cindi on Oct 05, 2008
Queen Emily lost any chance for me to vote for her when she fell to the floor and acted all ghetto when they told her she was going to the semi-finals. Everyone else was just as excited but she had to act a fool. I'm happy she came in 5th; she didn't deserve to be in the finals at all. Love Donald and Neal and was surprised when Strings didn't win. I'll go to Vegas and see Neal perform, and hopefully to Broadway to see Donald. Good luck to all of them, except Emily.
posted by mary on Oct 05, 2008
posted by jps on Oct 04, 2008
neil e boyd is such a joke. he was put into the competition by nbc and was fake all along. go queen emily! go everyone besides neil!
posted by mit1tina on Oct 04, 2008
This show is like all the others...a farse. Nuttin But Strings was the most original Vegas type act with Queen Emily coming in second. Opera is fabulous as is Broadway and piano bars but Vegas is another story. I predict that Neil will fade into obscurity like Fantasia and Reuben from American Idol while Nuttin but Strings and Queen Emily are going places. I get it guys...
posted by rosebud on Oct 04, 2008
Neil has to be an upcoming new talent on the opera scene. I ws so impressed with his heart and his voice. The song he sang in his closing has been in my head ever since! Way to go!
posted by Floridamom on Oct 03, 2008
Great performance. Opera is not usually my cup of tea but you give me goose bumps. Will purchase your CD. Also will purchase Donald's and Eli's. Great Show!!!!!!!!
posted by Tina on Oct 03, 2008
All five contestants have been blessed with a beautiful gift,but neil sounded like he was singing from all his heart to our heavenly Father our creator,neil you are an angel do not ever forget who blessed you with your beautiful voice.and keep on singing because I love your angelic voice.
posted by Confussed on Oct 03, 2008
Neil was great through out the show...but Nuttin but Stringz really should have won. I would fly to Vegas to see them on Ely in a heart beat.
posted by Gwen C on Oct 03, 2008
I thought they were all winners. Only three were Vegas material. I hope we will all get to see them become successful.
posted by semoalumi on Oct 03, 2008
Neal, I just received an e-mail from our alma mater in Cape telling of your win on America's Got Talent. Although I have never watched the show, I wanted to check out Missouri's newest talent. It's been so long since a voice caused me to sit and weep when I first heard it. You could be our next Great Caruso or Mario Lonza. Does this date me or what? I look forward to your future appearances in St. Louis at Powell Symphony Hall or the Fox Theatre. I hope you read these words of encouragement. You are a blessing. With joy, a Creve Coeur, Missouri mom
posted by ginron on Oct 03, 2008
Wow, I missed the last show but am so glad that enough viewers had the good sense to choose a real winner. From the first time Neil stepped on stage and opened his mouth, I melted. Pavarotti and Domingo - you did Neil superb. He listened to you and it really paid off. May you have a long and successful career, Neil.
posted by Wendy on Oct 03, 2008
I missed the final show but I am thrilled that Neal won. I love his voice and with appropriate coaching, he can be a superstar! This season's talent was the best I've seen. I hope that Americans everywhere will also support Eli, Donald, & Strinz, in their quest for stardom too -- they deserve it, too. I hope the talent scouts are listening. As Ed Sullivan would have said, "Great Show, really great show!" America should have enough room in her heart to embrace all of her talented citizenry.
posted by DAVID on Oct 03, 2008
All good acts, but Neil was by far the best. I picked him the winner very early on. Nice to se a good guy win all that money!!
posted by DAVID on Oct 03, 2008
All good acts, but Neil was by far the best. I picked him the winner very early on. Nice to se a good guy win all that money!!
posted by FLAWLESS on Oct 02, 2008
posted by betty1188 on Oct 02, 2008
The good Lord gave you a great gift. I loved to hear you sing. Be happy!!!!
posted by WHAT?? on Oct 02, 2008
This guy will not make anyone any money including himself. Eli much more marketing appeal. Watch you will see him again. This Opera guy?? his 15 minutes end after he was called the "winner"
posted by floralart on Oct 02, 2008
All you tone deaf people need to get a hearing aide. Neal was the winner the first time he sang, Just because his music isn"t rap and crap doesn"t mean it isn"t good. I do not like opera but I like Neal and will buy his CD, Way to go Neal from KC, Mo.
posted by oh my on Oct 02, 2008
Neal is certainly a winner in my book. What passion and what a voice!!!! All of the five finalists are amazing. I love you Donald and hope to see your album out soon!
posted by M garcia on Oct 02, 2008
Neil touched my heart every show! I am so happy for him and his family!Way to go Neil! When Neil first sang I realized I liked Opera! Can't wait to buy his CD! All the finalists were awesome and showed great character. Congratulations and best of luck to all of them!
posted by M garcia on Oct 02, 2008
Neil touched my heart every show! I am so happy for him and his family!Way to go Neil! When Neil first sang I realized I liked Opera! Can't wait to buy his CD! All the finalists were awesome and showed great character. Congratulations and best of luck to all of them!
posted by Buster on Oct 02, 2008
Loved the show and so glad to see that Neal won. The first time I saw him, I knew he was a winner. All were GREAT and I certainly hope we hear from them again especially Donald Braswell.
posted by chilepep on Oct 02, 2008
Congratulations to Neal! His vocals had me in 'aw' every time. Additionally, I must say he and the others who surrounded Neal on stage were all phenominal! I hope to see all five of their names on CD's everywhere!
posted by Pudgie789 on Oct 02, 2008
Again I say, Neil You are the Best....CONGRADULATIONS!! You deserve the best. God Bless You and Your Mom. Love to hear you sing morning, noon and night. Amazing, indeed.
posted by mecbe2 on Oct 02, 2008
I loved the 5, all of them..I thought "nuttin but stringZ' would win..What talent, unfortunately they could never be enjoyed on a cd but would make a great vegas show...I pray someone picks them up. The others all shined..those commenting on Neals lack of talent tsk tsk must be tone deaf he will grace the stage everywhere with help and instructions from the best...Bravo young man "BRAVO"
posted by REATTABLUE on Oct 02, 2008
posted by kwgrid on Oct 02, 2008
o b driftwood, you said it best. My faith in people is restored by Neal's win. I'm so happy for him and his family. Yay, Neal!!
posted by PartEgirLswt28 on Oct 02, 2008
Congrats to Neal but Queen Emily is just as go girl!
posted by rynl627 on Oct 02, 2008
And nwestout you are a -----hole, get a life
posted by rynl627 on Oct 02, 2008
I voted like crazy for Neil he could be the next Pavaotti Always gave me goose bumps!James Gregory is getting ready to open for Terry Fator in Atlantic City, he has said the top 10 have their careers set.I have no doubt that A.L. Weber will hire Donald Braswell, who I loved also. Nuttun But Strings,I would love to see. They are all winners!!!! Some of you people are just so ------!!!!
posted by VeoLaosBabe on Oct 02, 2008
since the beginning Neil has caught my eyes,His voice has capture my heart, and Every time he make it to the next level he would cry and so did I,At the end it was a tear of joys. May I say god bless you and your family,You have a brighter future ahead of you so be it make your dream come true.
posted by meny on Oct 02, 2008
congratulation Neil, you have a pleasant voice and you shall win. I was happy when your name was call can,t wait till your CD comes out.Best wishes for you and your family.
posted by eli-fan on Oct 02, 2008
The shows name was "America's Got Talent" and America chose the winner. Those belittling the final selection of Neal Boyd should be ashamed. Though their opinion matters, they are only one compared to the millions who voted. Get over it and buy the products of your favorite finalist. Put your money where your muth is.
posted by Maggievanderhyden on Oct 02, 2008
I love donald voice, paul, joseph the first time someone sing like elvis presley. I am from alberttown
posted by zazubotts on Oct 02, 2008
A good voice and I'm happy for him, but to be truthful I was rooting for Donald Braswell...I would buy a cd of his in a heartbeat. Neal is good but please, as an opera lover Pavarotti is is not!
posted by on Oct 02, 2008
I got goosebumps all over when Neil's name was called. His passion for his music is contagious. What a thrilling finale. None of the finalists are "losers". They've left a lasting impression on America. I can't wait for Neil's first CD.
posted by Aliasandy2003 on Oct 02, 2008
Congratulation to all of the 10 contestants kaitlyann. I am from guyana south america
posted by kitty cat on Oct 02, 2008
I am so happy to see Neal take the prize, he had the most want for this!! I praise him and his whole family and they should all be very proud!! Hope to be able to purchase a CD someday!!!
posted by on Oct 02, 2008
Big Congratulations To You Neal!!! My Husband And I Were Rooting For You From The Beginning. I Think Besides Being A Beautiful Singer, You Have A likability that shines when your on stage. There is something to be said for someone with all your passion and the fact that you love & respect your Mom, adds to the whole kit-and-kaboddle. Best of luck, we will see you in Vegas! ~Janet & Tony~
posted by JM on Oct 02, 2008
Neal was good but so was nuttin but strings! They were very unique and I never seen anything like it! I think they will be very famous on day.
posted by Pudgie789 on Oct 02, 2008
You are in with the Pavarotti's and all the other famous opera singers. You are the your voice and personality. have such a GREAT MOM.. The best of Luck. I could listen to you sing moening noon and night.
posted by DONNA on Oct 02, 2008
posted by Great job! on Oct 02, 2008
We were rooting for Neal since the audition round. I was never an opera fan, but my kids and I were mesmerized by his singing. I even got them to listen to Pavarotti's version of Nessun Dorma.
posted by o b driftwood on Oct 02, 2008
I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I wasn't expecting America to pick the best unique individual talent but rather the best Vegas showman. However, since the name of the show is "America's Got Talent" and not "America's Got Vegas Performers," it was refreshing to see America indeed choose true inspirational talent. It shows that most American's are not fooled by glitz.
posted by Happy on Oct 02, 2008
America got it RIGHT!!!! What a voice! The past two years have definitely been winners. This year the last five were all great!
posted by on Oct 02, 2008
I weill NEVER tune in on this fiasco again. He is not trained and cannot even sing ONE WHOLE ARIA without a breath. Who are you people trying to KID. Las Vegas???? MAYBE at a carwash. Ridiculous Farce. The winning order was severely reversed.
posted by nealsucks on Oct 02, 2008
What a digrase, all of you are confused. Do you really think he is something unique? There are hundreds of americans with his same talent! who else have you seen that even comes close to the kind of talent and performances that nothin but strings put on! YOU ARE ALL BLIND AND DEAF!!!! I might would be intrigued if he wasnt a FAT opera singer SO typical, NOT unique!!! ALmost all of you are butt pirates that ruin a good show!
posted by deb on Oct 02, 2008
Think you did a great job and hope to purchase one of your cd's soon
posted by tambrady` on Oct 02, 2008
i am glad that neil won the show, remember to thank the one who gave it to you you might be singing for him someday

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