Will Smith, From 'Hancock' to 'The First Avenger: Captain America'

September 09, 2008 03:35:13 GMT

'Miracle at St. Anna' star Derek Luke sparked speculation that Will Smith is being considered to star as the patriotic superhero.

Will Smith
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Rumor has it that Will Smith will move on from his role as a slacker man with superhero powers in "Hancock" to be a real American hero in "The First Avenger: Captain America". During an interview with MTV News for "Miracle at St. Anna", actor Derek Luke surprisingly mentioned the possibility saying, "I heard they offered Will Smith 'Captain America'."

If the story is proven to be true, it means that Marvel Studios are going to once again change up the race of their established characters, like when they put Samuel L. Jackson in the shoes of S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury in "Iron Man". Being positive on that subject, Luke said on possible casting of Smith, "Just shows you how times have changed."

Though it is still a mere rumor, Smith's name as Captain America came out as a surprise to many, especially since the character has been linked to other Hollywood stars, like Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio. Still among three of them, Smith is the only one who has the experience playing a superhero with Peter Berg's "Hancock".

Set to be released on May 6, 2011, "Captain America" is a World War II period film highlighting on army officer Steve Rogers who volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into a the red, white and blue-costumed superhero defending America's ideals. Reportedly penned by Zak Penn, it will be followed with "The Avengers" which is set for July 1, 2011 release.

UPDATE 09/09/08: AICN has come out to debunk the 'Will Smith as Captain America' rumor. According to the site, Marvel Entertainment have never offered the "I Am Legend" star the part. In fact, they have not approached Smith or even had a conversation with the actor for "Captain America".


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posted by Anthony_BR on Feb 04, 2010
Butler will be perfect as Captain America.
posted by jj on Jul 31, 2009
first captiain america is white blue eyes light blond hair come on will smith
posted by J3451 on Mar 03, 2009
I like Will but Cap should remain white. Damon, Wahlburg are too short, Dicaprio isn't the superhero type. Pitt needs to put on about 30 to 40 pounds plus he's too old. So a sequal or prequal would be out of the picture. I like McConaughey. His a perfect height and he has the build for it just needs a few months at the gym and you have a fantastic Captain America. Although, there is the question can he act the part? I think he gets the part it'll be a big flop or one if not the biggest movie of the summer. Plus it'll be McConaughey's best movie ever! EVER! Captain America should be McConaughey!!! Now for Thor please don't pick Triple H or Pitt! One can't act and the other is too old! If Marvel picks either one of those for Thor I will switch from Marvel to DC!!! McConaughey is good for Thor too just a little tall and not big enough at all. Captain America is a better fit! McConaughey as Cap!!! Give him the roll.
posted by Osiris on Oct 31, 2008
People no offense but i have to say this. AMERICANS ARE LITTLE CRY BABIES!!! Matt Damon? Cap is a leader, anyone sees Damon giving orders? or anyone doing any of those? Aaron Eckhart actually could pull it off, Gerard Butler doesn't sound american... Know Will Smith would be the real deal! See his movies! The guy would scare any nazi or super villain in the world! And for those to whom skin colour is too much of a deal, see Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. HE'S BLACK!!! So why can't Will Smith play a white guy?!?! Don't ruin a potencially great movie just because the main character hasn't the same skin colour as the comic book! Will Smith is the BEST choice for cap!
posted by hercleon on Oct 18, 2008
I think they should pool from a cast of unknown actors like they did with the first superman who has the physical stature
posted by WTFMAN on Oct 12, 2008
This is the worst idea ever conceived. It's like coming out with another Hulk movie where he's orange and expecting it to fly with fans.
posted by L on Oct 10, 2008
Will Smith should be in it just to explain how the testing were done. And have Ralph Fiennes as Cap: America or Joe Anderson and they should have Rufus Sewell play Red Skull.
posted by seanomega on Oct 08, 2008
look, im all for the "modernizing" in certain roles, and yes i was a little dissapointed that samuel was nick fury. now better him than david hasselhoff who played him in a B movie version. but still, i grew up reading captain, iron man, avengers and they should keep him white so they dont alienate the majority of die hard fans of marvel. now i dont have anyone specific in mind for him but not will smith for sure. and look, when i heard that robert downey was gonna be tony stark i was not happy but i was very pleasently surprised at how well he played the role. i havent seen edward as the new bruce banner/hulk but know hes better than the last guy who played him. so lets please all just tell marvel in a booming voice, "NO WILL SMITH FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA!"
posted by ryno on Oct 01, 2008
if leo gets that roll i will no go see the film we need a man to play the part not a little boy.
posted by illspitta on Sep 28, 2008
I'm Black and a long time Cap fan. I think they should keep the character white. Yes, in 1940s times they would've most likely used a black man as a 'guinea pig' in such a 'dangerous' and unpredictable experiment but the comic's story is what counts here so I hope they stay true to what I grew up reading. Cap is superbly fit, McConaughey and Damon won't cut it.
posted by comicman213 on Sep 28, 2008
Gerard Butler, hands down. Leonidas with a patriotic suit...that's where I stand.
posted by THE JEDI on Sep 28, 2008
Matt Damon is my choice...because he's the kind of Actor who would drop the 40lbs to look sick and frail..then put the weigh plus size on....yeah man..Being a black man I love Will Smith..and just the fact that he's mentioned as a possible choice go to show you haow fracking far we have come...God Bless America..Will needs to do another Hancock....that was the shit.
posted by turk182 on Sep 28, 2008
I think barack obama should play cap
posted by Retcon BS on Sep 25, 2008
That whole black Cap thing is a very recent addition to the Cap mythos. It's basically a story line to make the black comic readers feel better about themselves. Besides if Cap was a black character Will Smith would be the last choice. I will say this in the topic of race changing in characters. It worked well in Daredevil. But saying race doesn't matter in regards to a character is to ignore the giant gorilla in the room with you.
posted by FAN BOY on Sep 22, 2008
LISTEN IF WILL SMITH IS CASTED WE NEED TO RIOT.. look poitn blank f*** age ok AARON ECKHART NEEDS TO BE CAPTAIN AMERICA, if nto eckhart THEN MATT DAMON NEEDS TO BE CASTED those are really the only two options, and seriously beleive me or not they SHOULD CAST RUSSEL CROWE FOR THOR
posted by buckyisanidiot on Sep 20, 2008
Whooo I hope its Will Smith
posted by ur all dumb on Sep 19, 2008
Cap should be Neal McDonough, he's a good actor, he looks like him, he's the best choice if your gonna go mainstream. Yeah he's a little old but, he looks young much like Robert Downey Jr. Check em out, BEST CHOICE!
posted by Rustificus on Sep 18, 2008
In the Marvel comics storylines, it was revealed that the FIRST Captain America was a black man. The super-soldier formula worked perfectly for awhile but then it deteriorated his mind to that of a 4 year old. If Will Smith was offered the role of Captain America, it doesn't mean he's going to be THE Captain America, just A Captain America..
posted by ha..haaa!! on Sep 18, 2008
What about vin diesel? or the rock!
posted by Cap on Sep 17, 2008
Arron Eckart, Patrick Wilson, etc., someone who can actually argue with Iron Man and stand toe to toe with Tony Starks wit. Remember that Cap passes the torch to Iron Man as the leader of the Avengers. Lets have someone carry the dialogue of a leader just as Robert Downey and Ed Norton just did. Excellent jumps in the right direction! Maybe the dude on that new show the Mentalist. Captain America man! Lets get real this could be the biggest dissapointment to the true Marvel crue if the wrong actor is not chosen to spank the ultimate evil!
posted by capfan on Sep 16, 2008
Gerard Butler for Captain America!
posted by 001 on Sep 16, 2008
haw about the Guy from '300'!
posted by dowork99 on Sep 15, 2008
personally, will smith is a phenomenal actor, but he jus doesnt fit the capt. someone like Mark Wahlburg or Matt Damon would be great fits to play the man in red, white, and blue
posted by tekka on Sep 15, 2008
all these actors cannot play capt. Capt was suppose be very young like 18-early 20s. All these actors are like in their 40s wayyyy to old to play Capt. When i heard Fury was in iron man i immediately thought of jackson since they were basing it off the Ultimate universe.
posted by bowman3 on Sep 14, 2008
YES, as the falcon. NO as CAP if they do that dont even waste time putting it out,Sorry cap is white remember what happen to black cap comic, it bombed. I will not waste my time and money and I read cap 30yrs.
posted by fubar on Sep 14, 2008
trevor st. john would be a great capt. america. watch One life to live. good actor
posted by fubar on Sep 14, 2008
the guy who plays Todd Manning on One Live to Live would make a good captain America. St. John is his last name?
posted by scarsdale on Sep 14, 2008
sick and tired of the PC crap. Capt America is white. In 1940's america no black man would be picked for a secret soldier program due to the segregation of the military at that time..TRUTH. FACT. We are not stupid. Not saying Mr. smith wouldn't do a good job. Capt America is White. 'nuff said
posted by kid on Sep 13, 2008
captain america 6ft2 240lbs they have done good casting with iron man and hulk please don't screw this up with any of these guys
posted by bbb on Sep 13, 2008
c'mon will would be best as POWER MAN! capt america should be matthew fox!
posted by jazzyjeff on Sep 12, 2008
If done as well as the xmen/ironman movies there will only be a need for 1 or 2 A list actors
posted by RandomRoy on Sep 11, 2008
If Tom cruise was taller and bigger maybe he would be perfect for the role. Perhaps he can play the "pre serum" Cap.
posted by timelord771 on Sep 11, 2008
I love will smith,but no way, remember wild wild west,I think if you play with cap,you could turn off fan's that have been wanting to see him get the respect he need's don't play with a icon.
posted by makeminemarvel on Sep 11, 2008
leonardo dicaprio? please not him as cap america.. Matthew McConaughey i think is suitable..
posted by american on Sep 10, 2008
I love Will Smith. But why try and change the image of Captian America? Captian America has held his image since 1941. There are many actors out there that suit the Captian America image as well as obtaining the acting abilities.
posted by asto\'nomer on Sep 09, 2008
leo isnt set for the role. rock on will
posted by buckybarnes2008 on Sep 09, 2008
this is a load of bull. There is no way that the US army would make a black super soldier in 1941... plus Black Fury was based off of the ultimates comic in which the character actually says if they made a movie Jackson would play him, he later says Pitt would play Cap, I think if Daniel Craig was not british he would be a bad ass Cap
posted by devaughn on Sep 09, 2008
you got to be joking

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