Jonas Brothers to Start Filming New TV Series 'J.O.N.A.S!' in Mid September

September 05, 2008 02:34:05 GMT

Joe Jonas said he, Kevin, and Nick will start filming "J.O.N.A.S!" in mid September soon after they complete their "Burning' Up" tour and are really excited about the series.

Jonas Brothers
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Signing on for their own Disney television series "J.O.N.A.S!", band of brothers Jonas Brothers are prepping themselves to start filing the project September later this year. Talking about the series in an interview with Ellegirl magazine, they address on such details, as the plot and their feeling on having the series in their pipeline.

Being asked by the magazine's Meredith Stebbins during an exclusive interview about what people can see on the "J.O.N.A.S!" show, Joe Jonas said the TV series will be about him and brothers Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas "as a band but dealing with normal things like trying to take out the trash and not get hounded by fans." He went on adding, "It's going to be a funny show, and it's going to be a great cast."

Joe, furthermore, also revealed that writers of the series are currently working on the script and he and his siblings will start filming in mid-September soon after they complete their sold out tour, the "Burnin' Up" tour. "I'm really excited," so he told Ellegirl magazine.

"J.O.N.A.S!", which stands for Junior Operatives Networking As Spies, was initially planned to tell about the boy band living a double life as spies, but Kevin has previously stated that the original concept has been changed. "Everyone knew it was going to be about spies, and that's changed a little bit, I guess, 'cause in the course of the last two years, the band has changed a little bit. We're going to be the Jonas Brothers going through life - like, going to school, but still being the Jonas Brothers," he explained.

Discussing about "J.O.N.A.S!" with Ryan Seacrest on his KISS-FM radio show, the trio claimed that the series will be more like HBO's comedy series "Flight of the Conchords." They didn't mention the series' release date though.


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posted by jblover on Nov 10, 2009
wooooooooow i can't wait
posted by yoyoyoyo11 on Apr 10, 2009
i love taylor swift she is so cool! WHEN IS THIS ON ON DISNEY CHANNEL?! I WANT TO KNOW AND I HAVE TO KNOW!
posted by ttt on Mar 21, 2009
when is it coming out in englang i luv joe
posted by ttt on Mar 21, 2009
when is it coming out in englang i luv joe
posted by fizza on Mar 13, 2009
i m also waiting for this tv show when will it start
posted by Curtis <3 on Feb 13, 2009
Im a girl!!! I hate Taylor Swift wat about u guys ?????????
posted by Curtis <3 on Feb 13, 2009
I love Nick cant wait to see him on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bfhksakdhf on Dec 31, 2008
Is coming out in 2009
posted by bvrdbatppp on Nov 25, 2008
posted by hellokittytweet2 on Oct 10, 2008
wen iz dis show coming out can't wait to see more of the jonas brothers..who knows the release of the show?
posted by Mandy Bell-N on Sep 08, 2008
hey dude im waiting 4 J.O.N.A.S When is going 2 be in tv??? is it going 2 be in DC???

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