30 Seconds to Mars Sued for 30 Million Dollars by Virgin Records

August 16, 2008 04:16:23 GMT

30 Seconds to Mars become a subject of lawsuit filed by Virgin records who look for compensation of their alleged 30-million-dollar financial damage.

30 Seconds to Mars Sued for 30 Million Dollars by Virgin Records
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Band 30 Seconds to Mars have been sued by their label Virgin Records and parent company Capitol Music Group for a contract violation. The company sent the lawsuit to Los Angeles County Superior court this Friday, August 15, claiming for a legal fine with a total number of $30 millions.

The legal document says that the band have refused to continue the agreement that both parties have signed in 1999. According to the document, the band have promised to deliver three more albums before they end the contract with Virgin. However, since their 2005 set "A Beautiful Lie", the group have avoided doing the duty. Instead of recording the promised albums, the group band decided to split up with Virgin. They used a section from California Labor Code which states that "a contract cannot be enforced against an employee beyond seven years" as an excuse.

However, the Virgin Records insist that they have rights to claim the fine as the split have caused them financial losses. In this stage, to strengthen their lawsuit, Virgin use another line of the California Labor Code which states that, in their split case, "an employer is entitled to recover damages for breach of contract."

A publicist for the band has recently told in a press release that it is 30 Seconds to Mars that have suffered from financial damage, not the Virgin. The rep says that despite the band's massive hits from two previous albums that have successfully scored over 2 million copies sold, the Virgin haven't paid the band's earnings.


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posted by jean mary on Mar 19, 2009
i can't believe they are being sued for 30 million dollars...they are making another cd...and they aren't like most bands...where they break up and never get back together...i say i'm happy that they are still together with or without releasing another cd...and not to mention...jared is a damn fine actor too!!!
posted by chloechelon on Aug 17, 2008
30 million thats heavy virgin are fuckin stupid 30 have already re-released a beutiful lie & in interviews all the band members have said thye r workin on a new album. If they dnt make a 3rd album that sucks but i still love them
posted by funkman on Aug 17, 2008
well somebody here need to read more info about music, especially about the band before writing anything!! can't read wikipedia??? or maybe can't browse the band's site???c'mon...!!
posted by LilGemsy on Aug 16, 2008
OMG, bad news for those guys but thats what you get when you breach a contract, mainly if the people you work for are billionaires. Oh well they still rock even though they ain't that hardcore
posted by 30stm fan on Aug 16, 2008
Virgin Records suck. 30 million dollars? too much they should leave them alone and grrr i am so angry
posted by michel on Aug 16, 2008
oh mi dios no puede ser.
posted by Sandra on Aug 16, 2008
The last thing on this article is wrong. They HAVE already re-released their CD as a deluxe edition, the 'A Beautiful Lie' video was released in January THIS YEAR and they ARE working on a new album!

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