Troubled Rocker Pete Doherty Caught in Gay Kiss Scandal, See the Pics

Pete Doherty

Photos have been published of Pete Doherty shared a passionate kiss with another man, simply identified as Wolf.

Pete Doherty has added fuel to the persistent speculation that he indeed is gay after gossip site Perez Hilton made public photos of him kissed another man.

The photos, put on the gossip site, show the troubled rocker on a bed with another musician simply identified as Wolf. In one of the pics, the twosome were photographed sharing a passionate kiss, while the other photo showed Wolf kissed the Babyshambles frontman on the neck.

Perez Hilton, as reported by Ninemsn, claimed that the photos were taken sometime in 2007 and were sent to him by a reader. The gossip blogger, in fact, insisted that he's quite certain the embrace was authentic.

No words just yet from Pete's camp regarding the report. Meanwhile, you can peep the photos by clicking the link above.



    Jan 31, 2008

    If you look at the pictures on and at Doherty's neck you can see that there are no tattoos. Around July 2007, Pete got a tattoo that reads 'Astile' which is his son's name. Furthermore, the pictures are hardly a surprise at all, let a alone an 'exclusive' on Doherty's sexuality, since they were taken more than a year ago and they appeared in several magazines when they were first shot, and is well known that Pete and fellow libertine Carl Barat used to kiss quite often. Besides, Doherty and Wolfman toured together in 2004 and that's also around the time the pictures were taken. Perez Hilton is NOT a reliable source that should be taken seriously by other websites, specially not on a slow news day.

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