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July 03, 2011

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Taylor Swift Tweets Apology for Concert Cancellation

July 03, 2011 16:30:56 GMT

Due to health reasons, Taylor Swift has to cancel a concert at the Yum Center in Louisville. "Due to illness and under doctor's orders, Taylor Swift has been forced to postpone tonight's performance, and the show has been rescheduled," an announcement on her official website reads. They didn't elaborate on her illness.
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Ashton Kutcher Encourages Advertisers to Bail on Village Voice

July 03, 2011 16:07:54 GMT

Ashton Kutcher's attacks on Village Voice are getting fiercer. The actor has tweeted to several companies who put advertising on the publication's site and has got positive responses from some of them.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Expected to Split Properties in Half

July 02, 2011 18:57:18 GMT

As previously reported Maria Shriver is filing a divorce from her estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger who skipped a pre-nup when they got married twenty five years ago. New reports emerge that the former couple would split around $400 million equally in half.
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Jay-Z and Ashley Cole to Open Posh Eatery in London

July 02, 2011 17:38:01 GMT

There's a partnership formed between English footballer Ashley Cole and American rapper Jay-Z. These two moguls would like to give back to community by setting up a restaurant slash nightclub which would provide job fields for young people and monetary fund for some charity organizations.