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September 01, 2010

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Channing Tatum Spotted Getting Wet On Set of 'The Vow'

September 01, 2010 09:58:31 GMT

Channing Tatum is hard at work for his upcoming movie "The Vow". On Tuesday, August 31, the "Step Up" actor was spotted on the set in Toronto, Canada, where he filmed his scene under fake rain. Wearing a white T-shirt topped with a green jacket, he stood still while a crew member hosed him down from head to toe.
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Kate Hudson and Muse's Matthew Bellamy Share Late Night Out

September 01, 2010 09:56:16 GMT

"Bride Wars" star Kate Hudson was spotted stepping out with her boyfriend, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, in London, England on Tuesday, August 31. The couple was pictured at the back door of Ivy Restaurant.
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Pics: Justin Bieber Rocks With Miley Cyrus and More at Madison Square Garden

September 01, 2010 09:47:46 GMT

Justin Bieber pumped up the crowd attending his sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in New York with his A-list guests. He was joined by Miley Cyrus when singing one of "My World 2.0" songs "Overboard". Wearing matching black outfit, the two led people screaming loudly whenever they made any physical contact.
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Dwayne Johnson to Join 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' Sequel

September 01, 2010 09:25:10 GMT

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to embark on an unforgettable adventure. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the former wrestler is in negotiations to star in "Journey to the Mysterious Island", which will be the follow-up to "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D", with a deal expected to close within this week.
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'Princess Diana' Pictured in Underwear in Chinese Lingerie Ad on Her Death Anniversary

September 01, 2010 09:11:55 GMT

Despite her death, Princess Diana still becomes a much-talked figure. And now on the 13th anniversary of her death, on August 31, Chinese lingerie firm Jealousy International Underwear Co.,Ltd. has launched a billboard which features the Princess of Wales look alike wearing underwear.
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'Community' Pics Feature 'Killer' Betty White

September 01, 2010 09:05:28 GMT

As apparent from the promotional photos, Betty White is armed and dangerous in her guest starring role on "Community". Described as "an esteemed, but slightly unhinged anthropology professor", White's June is seen holding an ancient weapon and aiming it at Joel McHale's Jeff.
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Man Posting Emma Watson's Naked Pics Not Jailed

September 01, 2010 08:34:31 GMT

A British man who created digitally-altered photos of Emma Watson naked and posted them on the internet has been spared jail. John Cavanagh mocked up eight pictures of the "Harry Potter" star by digitally placing her head onto another girl's body, before uploading them onto the web in May.
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Dustin Milligan Stuck in Terrifying Day in 'Repeaters' Promo Trailer

September 01, 2010 08:32:18 GMT

Another film which is going to be premiered at Toronto International Film Festival has been previewed. "Repeaters" has got a promo trailer which follows three young outsiders whose days inexplicably repeat as they struggle to battle personal demons and addictions.
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P. Diddy and Lupe Fiasco Calling Help for Pakistan via Twitter

September 01, 2010 08:30:06 GMT

Rappers Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and Lupe Fiasco are urging their fans to back the United Nations' Pakistan aid appeal. The organization has formed the Pakistan NOW group, which consists of celebrities and high profile cultural figures using their star status to raise awareness of the recovery effort in the aftermath of the recent flooding.
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Daniel Radcliffe Is No Hollywood Actor

September 01, 2010 08:23:01 GMT

British actor Daniel Radcliffe is puzzled by his reputation as a Hollywood regular - because he had never been to Los Angeles before the 2007 premiere of the fifth "Harry Potter" movie. The 21 year old admits he prefers New York, where he has appeared on Broadway, and often surprises movie executives when he reveals he's never really spent much time in L.A.
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Bob Geldof Fought Tears in Dad's Funeral

September 01, 2010 08:20:18 GMT

Bob Geldof fought back tears as he delivered a moving speech at his father's funeral on Tuesday, August 31. The veteran rocker's dad, Bob, Snr., passed away at a hospital in Ireland last week at the age of 96 after a short illness.
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N-Dubz's Fashion Range Coming Soon

September 01, 2010 08:14:28 GMT

N-Dubz fans will soon be able to dress just like their idols - the British rap trio is launching a fashion range. The male members of the band - Fazer and Dappy - will release t-shirts, trousers and accessories through their line, Nanawear, while Tulisa will work on a womenswear label called TFB.
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Video: Robert Pattinson Hits Post Emmy Party With Growing Beard and Casual Outfit

September 01, 2010 08:14:19 GMT

Robert Pattinson has shown that he has lots of confidence in himself. When Pattinson, accompanied by his publicist Stephanie Ritz, joined other Hollywood elites at Jimmy Fallon's post Emmy party at Trousdale on Sunday, August 29, the "Twilight" actor didn't even bother to shave his growing beard.
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Michael Douglas' Cancer Treatment to Affect 'Wall Street 2' Promo

September 01, 2010 08:11:32 GMT

Michael Douglas has accepted he will have to skip promotion duties for the upcoming "Wall Street" sequel as he continues to battle throat cancer. The 65 year old is scheduled for weeks of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment after doctors discovered a tumor in his throat last month.
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Official Cover Art of Shakira's 'Sale El Sol'

September 01, 2010 08:07:47 GMT

Shakira has just posted an official cover art of her upcoming studio effort "Sale El Sol" on her Facebook. To fit the title of the November 2 release which means "the sun comes out" in English, the artwork boasts a close-up look at her posing under the sun.
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Reese Witherspoon Is NOT Pregnant

September 01, 2010 08:06:16 GMT

A representative for Reese Witherspoonhas dismissed rumors the actress is expecting a baby with her talent agent boyfriend Jim Toth. The "Legally Blonde" star has been dating Toth for seven months and her partner is close to her two children, Ava and Deacon, from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe.
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'Melissa and Joey' 1.05 Preview: The Perfect Storm

September 01, 2010 07:42:23 GMT

In the fifth episode of ABC Family's new sitcom "Melissa & Joey", Mel discovers that Lennox is failing one of her classes, so Joe encourages her to lay down the law. But when Mel's dad, former Senator Burke, comes to town, he lures the kids to break the rules.
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Chris Robinson Attacks Taylor Swift, Calling Her 'Horrible'

September 01, 2010 07:36:41 GMT

Grumpy rocker Chris Robinson has become the latest star to attack country sweetheart Taylor Swift - almost a year after Kanye West ruined her big night at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by protesting her first-ever win at the event. Unprovoked, The Black Crowes frontman has taken issue with Swift over claims she's one of the most talented singers in the industry today. He's not a fan.
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Sofia Vergara's Smile at Emmys Red Carpet Named the Best

September 01, 2010 07:33:21 GMT

Sofia Vergara has landed another prize from her night at the Emmy Awards on Sunday, August 29 - for best teeth. The lovely Latina has landed celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin's first Emmy red carpet smile prize after showing off her dazzling white, perfect teeth.
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Brandon Spikes' Sex Tape Surfaced, Agent Calls It 'Embarrassing Situation'

September 01, 2010 07:28:48 GMT

American football linebacker Brandon Spikes has become the latest star struck with sex tape scandal. The sport star is featured in an X-rated video, which has appeared on WorldStarHipHop along with its explicit images. Spikes' agent Terry Watson has released a statement, stating that he was aware of the situation and has spoken to his client, ESPN Boston reported.
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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Wants to Be Mary Jane in 'Spider-Man' Reboot

September 01, 2010 07:21:38 GMT

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly eying a role in upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. Comic Book Movie reports that the actress/singer, who was recently released from jail for violating probation term, plans to make a comeback by appearing in untitled Spider-Man reboot.
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Video Premiere: Donell Jones' 'Love Like This'

September 01, 2010 07:08:20 GMT

Donell Jones tries to convince his reluctant love interest that they are meant to be together as seen in a music video for his new single "Love Like This". He sings, "Don't worry baby girl/ cuz I got it bad for ya/ you won't hurt no more/ It's ok if your heart ain't ready/ but girl I can't leave you alone."
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Linda Hamilton's Mama Bartowsky Appears in 'Chuck' Stills

September 01, 2010 07:00:42 GMT

Linda Hamilton as Mama Bartowksy has been previewed previously in a quick glimpse when the season 4 promo of "Chuck" was released. NBC has now provided the stills which give a closer look to the centric character in the new season, revealing at the same time that Mary Elizabeth Bartowski has the skill to handle guns.
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Videos: Johnny Depp Joins Patti Smith and Eddie Vedder at Protest Concert

September 01, 2010 06:40:08 GMT

Johnny Depp stunned music fans in Arkansas at the weekend, August 28 when he joined punk icon Patti Smith and Eddie Vedder onstage at a protest concert. The movie star musician teamed up with Smith and the Pearl Jam frontman on "Dancing Barefoot" and then returned to the stage for an all-star rendition of "People Have the Power", when he was joined by Ben Harper, Natalie Maines and George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison.
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Samantha Ronson Facing Investigation Over Dog Attack Mess

September 01, 2010 06:39:11 GMT

DJ Samantha Ronson is reportedly at the center of a criminal investigation after her pet bulldog killed a small Maltese dog on Monday, August 30. Lindsay Lohan's ex girlfriend's bulldog, Cadillac, is said to have attacked a smaller pet while he was being taken for a walk in Los Angeles. He also attacked the dog's owner.
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Confirmed, 'Kick-Ass 2' Gets Green Light

September 01, 2010 06:36:54 GMT

"Kick-Ass 2" is apparently a go. In an interview with Radio 5 in the U.K., comic book writer Mark Millar has confirmed that the project has been given a green light because of the success of "Kick-Ass" on DVD.
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'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Learns the Downside of Fame

September 01, 2010 06:28:20 GMT

"True Blood" rising star Joe Manganiello is quickly learning the downside of fame - he's stepped up his security measures after experiencing his first "stalker" scare. The actor has catapulted to fame opposite Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on the hit U.S. vampire series, playing werewolf Alcide Herveaux.
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Joan Rivers Slams 'DWTS' Producers for Not Asking Her

September 01, 2010 06:27:36 GMT

Joan Rivers has fired off at producers of TV talent show "Dancing with the Stars" after they ignored her interest in the show. The comedienne was hoping to be asked to be a contestant on the new season of the program, which was announced on Monday, August 30, but reveals she never received a call.
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Fans Raise $30,000 to Preserve 'Gone with the Wind' Costumes

September 01, 2010 06:26:52 GMT

Fans of movie classic "Gone with the Wind" have raised over $30,000 to preserve the costumes from the film. More than 600 individuals from 44 states and 13 countries have contributed to the effort to preserve five original costumes that are part of the David O. Selznick film collection at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas.
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B.o.B to Open for Eminem and Jay-Z's Detroit Concerts

September 01, 2010 06:21:52 GMT

Atlanta rapper B.o.B has been tapped as the opening act for the highly-anticipated concerts at Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers. The gig featuring two big rappers Eminem and Jay-Z is going to be held for two days, September 2 and 3.
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'Real Housewives of New York' Renewed, Bethenny Quits

September 01, 2010 06:13:42 GMT

Coming kind of expected, Bravo TV has renewed two of its most-successful series "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and "The Real Housewives of New York City". The former's renewal comes on the heels of its reunion episode which sets a rating record of 3.9 million viewers aka Bravo's most watched telecast of the season.
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Lionel Richie Fears Lindsay Lohan Would End Up Like Michael Jackson

September 01, 2010 05:08:05 GMT

Lionel Richie has warned Lindsay Lohan to leave her Hollywood pals behind for good - before their partying lifestyle kills her. The "Hello" hitmaker considers Lohan "family" because she was so close to his daughter Nicole when they were growing up.
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Michael Jackson's Estate Sued for Ignoring Creditor's Claim

September 01, 2010 05:07:15 GMT

Michael Jackson's former Las Vegas landlord has filed a lawsuit against the late singer's estate, amid allegations executors ignored his creditor's claim to repair $234,000 (GBP146,250) in damages caused by the star.
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Hamburg Film Festival to Honor Beatles With Movie Screenings

September 01, 2010 05:06:19 GMT

Film festival bosses in Hamburg, Germany will mark John Lennon's 70th birthday next month, on October 9 to be exact, with a special movie tribute to The Beatles, 50 years after the band first performed in the country. The Fab Four will be honored with a special section at Filmfest Hamburg, which runs from September 9 to October 9, when Lennon would have reached the landmark.
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Community Service Reminds Halle Berry to Give Back

September 01, 2010 05:05:30 GMT

Hollywood star Halle Berry's court-ordered community service stemming from her horrific 1997 hit-and-run car accident was a wake-up call that changed her life, and shifted her focus to charity work. Berry was sentenced to 250 hours of community service for leaving the scene of the accident in West Hollywood, even though she suffered amnesia and needed 17 stitches in her forehead after the crash.
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Hugh Grant Almost Died of Being Stuck on Cliff

September 01, 2010 05:05:10 GMT

Hugh Grant had a brush with death as a youngster when he drunkenly tried to scale a sheer cliff face - and had to be rescued by an old man with a walking stick. The "Notting Hill" star was on a seaside stroll with pals in Cornwall, south west England when they decided to scramble up the steep slope for fun.
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Defending Iranian Woman, Carla Bruni Is Called a 'Prostitute'

September 01, 2010 05:04:46 GMT

The editors of a leading Iranian newspaper have taken aim at France's First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, suggesting she deserves to die for opposing a death sentence ruling. Tehran daily publication Kayhan has published an attack on the French celebrities who are trying to save the life of an Iranian woman charged with adultery - and the writers of the article have singled out former model Bruni-Sarkozy and actress Isabelle Adjani.
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Michael Douglas Certain He Will Beat Cancer

September 01, 2010 05:04:08 GMT

Michael Douglas has spoken out for the first time about his battle with throat cancer, vowing to overcome the diagnosis. The 65 year old is preparing to undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatment after doctors discovered a tumor in his throat.
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Rihanna Gives Kisses to Her Wax Figure

September 01, 2010 05:02:46 GMT

Rihanna has become the latest star who was honored with her own wax figure. On Tuesday, August 31, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington D.C. unveiled a Rihanna wax figure and the 22-year-old Barbadian beauty was so proud of her wax statue, she even changed her Twitter picture to image of her and her "twin".
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Rihanna's 'Only Girl (In the World)' to Debut on Sept. 14

September 01, 2010 04:56:31 GMT

Amid confusion when the first offering from Rihanna's new album will arrive and whether it is "Only Girl" or "Cheers", All Access brought a new report. The publication scheduled to debut the Barbadian singer's new single on September 14 and listed it under the title "Only Girl (In the World)".
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Photo Gallery: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 3 Premiere

September 01, 2010 04:31:37 GMT

Roughly a week before the third season begins airing on FX Network, the stars of "Sons of Anarchy" went out to celebrate in a special screening held on Monday, August 30. Press were allowed to capture the moment Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff walk down the red carpet.
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'Pretty Little Liars' Star Chad Lowe Wed Longtime Girlfriend

September 01, 2010 04:12:02 GMT

"Pretty Little Liars" star Chad Lowe has made a trip to the aisle for the second time. The actor, who is also known as the ex-husband of Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank, wed his longtime girlfriend, film producer Kim Painter, on Saturday, August 28, People reported.
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Linkin Park Will Showcase 'The Catalyst' Live at 2010 MTV VMAs

September 01, 2010 04:10:18 GMT

Linkin Park are the latest addition to the star-studded line-up of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The Chester Bennington-fronted band are going to perform "The Catalyst", the lead single from their upcoming album "A Thousand Suns", for the first time live on television.
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Ryan Gosling Flirts With Michelle Williams in New 'Blue Valentine' Clip

September 01, 2010 04:04:04 GMT

A never-before-seen scene from "Blue Valentine" has been previewed in a new clip. The video, which is debuted by MTV Hollywood Crush, shares the first meeting of Ryan Gosling's David and Michelle Williams' Cindy in a hotel, where she watches him stealing. Instead of being afraid and running away, David introduces himself to Cindy and offers her to call him.
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Paul Hogan Can't Afford Tax Bill

September 01, 2010 03:59:01 GMT

Paul Hogan is adamant he can't afford to pay off his massive multi-million dollar tax bill - insisting Australian authorities are just "desperate to nail some high-profile character". The "Crocodile Dundee" star has spent the last few years embroiled in a dispute with officials at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), who allege the actor used offshore bank accounts to conceal his earnings and now owes a reported $32.1 million.
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Kelsey Grammer Eyes Frasier Come Back

September 01, 2010 03:58:33 GMT

Kelsey Grammer is making plans to revive his most famous character Dr. Frasier Crane for a new TV show. The actor found fame playing the pompous psychiatrist in hit 1980s TV show "Cheers", and he went on to star in hugely successful spin-off series "Frasier".
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Video: Lady GaGa Debuts Brand New Song 'Living on the Radio'

September 01, 2010 03:47:42 GMT

Lady GaGa continues showcasing new songs she has recorded. After debuting a fresh material called "You and I" during a live event in June this year, she once again treated her Little Monsters with another new track, this time around called "Living on the Radio".
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J.K. Rowling Donates Money to MS Research

September 01, 2010 03:45:12 GMT

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling has donated a massive $15 million to open a multiple sclerosis (MS) research clinic in honor of her late mother. The famed writer's mum, Anne, spent 10 years battling the debilitating disease and passed away in 1990 at the age of 45.
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Amy Winehouse's Boyfriend's Ex Opens Up on Affair

September 01, 2010 03:40:25 GMT

The woman who mired Amy Winehouse's new boyfriend in an alleged cheating scandal has spoken out for the first time - urging the singer to end her romance with Reg Traviss before he "breaks her heart".
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Shia LaBeouf and Anne Hathaway Are Forbes' Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck

September 01, 2010 03:39:34 GMT

Shia LaBeouf and Anne Hathaway took two highest spots in Forbes' list of Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck. Shia topped the list for second year in a row because every $1 the studios spent on him, his films returned about $81 of profit. Anne, in the meantime, unseated on James McAvoy's last year runner-up position because for every dollar she earned, studios earned $64 off of her films.
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Hugh Grant Admitted to Smuggling Turkey Rugs and Caught

September 01, 2010 03:36:16 GMT

Hugh Grant has confessed a shady secret from his past - he smuggled rugs from Turkey. "The Four Weddings and a Funeral" star was returning from a holiday with a girlfriend when they tried to sneak some plush carpets through customs without officials noticing.
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Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Other Stars Secretly Testify

September 01, 2010 03:32:04 GMT

Stars including Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson and Paris Hilton have all secretly testified against the teenage burglars who are accused of raiding their homes last year.
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'The Pacific' Star Thrilled to Star in 'Breaking Dawn'

September 01, 2010 03:23:58 GMT

First casting news for "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn" has come out. Rami Malek has announced at ET's exclusive Emmy party that he lands a role in "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part II" and he seems to be very excited about his new job.
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'Grey's Anatomy' Wedding Couple Revealed

September 01, 2010 03:14:23 GMT

As Shonda Rhimes has revealed before, the seventh season of "Grey's Anatomy" would be kicked off with a wedding joy. The couple who will walk down the isle has now been revealed. As many have expected, Christina and Owen decide to get hitched and she would be occupied with the wedding plans in the season opener.
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Miley Cyrus Already Getting Over Her Break-Up With Liam Hemsworth

September 01, 2010 03:13:28 GMT

Miley Cyrus proved she's put the heartache of her recent split from Liam Hemsworth firmly behind her - by laughing and joking with photographers in New York. The 17-year-old "Hannah Montana" star was said to be devastated last week after it emerged her romance with the Australian actor had come to an end.
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Justin Bieber Encourages Ticketless Fans to Sneak Into His Concert

September 01, 2010 03:10:06 GMT

Justin Bieber has risked the wrath of concert organizers by encouraging his young fans to try to sneak into his gig in New York on Tuesday night, August 31. The "Baby" hitmaker has shaken off a bout of illness ahead of a show at the famous Madison Square Garden, and he's urging his supporters to flood into the city wearing his favorite color, purple.
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Lindsay Lohan Insists She Never Suffers Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs

September 01, 2010 03:05:52 GMT

Lindsay Lohan has vehemently denied allegations she has a drinking problem and is addicted to prescription pills - insisting she is no longer "young and irresponsible". The "Mean Girls" actress has endured a turbulent few years which culminated in a jail sentence last month for breaching her probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.
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Director Is 'Going After' Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp for 'Nemesis'

September 01, 2010 02:50:13 GMT

Mark Millar's hope to get Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to portray the two lead characters in "Nemesis" has got a positive feedback from the movie's director. When appearing on Richard Bacon show on BBC Radio Five Live, the comic book creator is asked whether those two A-list actors are going to star in the feature film and he replies, "That's who the director's going after, yeah."
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Rushed to Hospital, Zsa Zsa Gabor Not in Life-Threatening Situation

September 01, 2010 02:43:40 GMT

Although Zsa Zsa Gabor was readmitted to hospital on Tuesday, August 31, the actress' daughter Constance Francesca Hilton insisted that Gabor is now stable and not in a life-threatening situation. According to Los Angeles Times, Hilton has released a statement through her spokesman Edward Lozzi, saying "Reports of my mother's passing are hurtful and unprofessional."
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Miranda Lambert Leads First Wave of CMA Awards Nominations With Five Nods

September 01, 2010 02:35:48 GMT

The first batch of this year's Country Music Association (CMA) Awards nominations has been revealed on Tuesday morning, August 31. Justin Moore and Chris Young presented the nominees in a press conference at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, announcing that Miranda Lambert is on the lead with five nods.
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Pictures From 'Glee' Season 2 Opener

September 01, 2010 02:34:52 GMT

Emmy-winning show "Glee" will return with the episode called "Auditions" on September 21. Several pics from the season opener have already leaked out a few days ago but the HQ and large version of the photos have just made their way out online.