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December 16, 2008

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'Bedtime Stories' Gets Five New Clips

December 16, 2008 09:26:36 GMT

"Bedtime Stories" theatrical release is fast approaching and in support of the family comedy's debut, five clips from the movie have been laid out. Compiled into one player, the snippets serve up to be the extended version from some of the scenes in the trailer, like the one entitled "I am a Nerd".
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T.I. Will Not Release 'Swing Ya Rag' Music Video

December 16, 2008 08:21:29 GMT

In an interview, T.I. revealed that he will not debut "Swing Ya Rag" music video after Gucci and Louis Vuitton, two companies mentioned in the song's lyrics, are not happy that they may be full-on visuals for the record. According to MTV, the "Live Your Live" singer also said that he has no intention to film another video to replace the pulled-out one.
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Three Intense Clips From 'Valkyrie' Released

December 16, 2008 08:08:07 GMT

Three "Valkyrie" fresh clips have been put forward by IESB. Entitled "Plenty of Time", "Not All Like Him" and "North Africa", each of the clips presents a scene with main character, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg played by Tom Cruise, as the center of attention.
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Ben Barnes and Michael Copon Eye 'New Moon' Roles

December 16, 2008 07:44:59 GMT

As soon as Summit Entertainment came out with the official release date of "New Moon", casting reports for the first "Twilight" sequel rushes in. In the latest update of the sequel, MTV News has confirmed that both "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" star Ben Barnes and "The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior" actor Michael Copon are on the run to star in the movie.
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Two Sneak Peeks of 'Heroes' Volume 4: Fugitives

December 16, 2008 07:14:56 GMT

The third volume of "Heroes" has just ended and the show will return with the fourth one on February 2. A promo introducing the new volume which is titled "Fugitives" has been released along with a preview of the first episode of the new chapter. The "Fugitives" sneak peek was played during the final minutes of episode 3.13 that wrapped up the third volume on Monday, December 15.
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Video Premiere: Perry Farrell's 'Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)'

December 16, 2008 07:11:54 GMT

A music video in support of "Twilight" soundtrack "Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)", which is performed by Perry Farrell, has been outed. The video is reportedly directed by Andrew Bennett, who also helped Nickelback shooting "Rockstar" music video.
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'Transformers 3' Possibly Having a Summer 2011 Release

December 16, 2008 06:50:30 GMT

Rumor has it, the third "Transformers" movie has been given its release schedule. Unveiling several film release schedules, Dark Horizons reported that an upcoming release schedule for Germany has uncovered that a second "Transformers" sequel has been set to be debuted in theaters on June 29, 2011.
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Another Adaptation of 'The Phantom' Developed in Australia

December 16, 2008 06:44:32 GMT

There will be another film about The Phantom, a superhero in skin-tight purple suit who fights the evil off his African jungle. An Australian production company called Sherlock Symington Productions has secured the rights to have "The Phantom Legacy" filmed in the country within the next six to nine months with a budget of 130 million Australian dollars aka USD87 million.
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Sneak Preview of 'I Love You, Man' Trailer

December 16, 2008 06:20:49 GMT

Before the full-length trailer of "I Love You, Man" comes out, a brief preview to the promotional video has been unveiled by Access Hollywood. Starting with a scene where Greg Moton proposes to his future wife, the sneak peek follows him as he hunts for a perfect best man for his wedding.
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Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Voted as Fuse's Best Music Video

December 16, 2008 06:17:25 GMT

In Fuse's event dubbed "The Top 40 of 2008: The Good, The Bad & The Britney", Britney Spears' music video for single "Womanizer" has been announced as "Best Music Video of the Year". The Joseph Kahn-directed music video receives the top honor after facing off several music videos, one of which is coming from Chris Brown for his song "With You".
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Nick Jonas Blogs About Christmas and Eating Mom's Christmas Dinner

December 16, 2008 06:14:47 GMT

With Christmas is just around the corner, Nick Jonas takes to his blog on Nick's Simple Wins to write about embracing the spirit of the celebration and eating her mother's Christmas dinner. Also blogging about controlling the food that he consumes during the holidays, he wishes everyone "nothing but health and happiness ... throughout this Holiday Season and the New Year."
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Video Premiere: Lady Sovereign's 'I Got You Dancing'

December 16, 2008 04:53:49 GMT

A music video for Lady Sovereign's song "I Got You Dancing" has been released for fans' enjoyment. Some scenes on the video feature the singer sporting tribal costume and make-up and dancing with several backing dancers in a seemingly-to-be rehearsal room, while the others present a look at her also dancing around in the same room with different costumes.
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Hilary Duff Bares Her Cleavage for January 2009 Maxim Mag

December 16, 2008 04:46:19 GMT

Former child actress Hilary Duff is featured on the cover of Maxim magazine's January 2009 issue, baring her cleavage for the camera. Her cover shoot for the men's magazine is meant to mark her new predicate as one of its Sexiest Stars of 2009.
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Official 'New Moon' Release Date Set

December 16, 2008 04:45:38 GMT

"New Moon" is coming out in less than a year after "Twilight" opened big at U.S. theaters. Following report that the first sequel to the vampire drama has been tentatively set for late November 2009 release, Summit Entertainment have come out with an announcement that "New Moon" will indeed be debuted in theaters on November 20, 2009, as reported by Variety.
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New Schedule of 'American Idol' Season Eight

December 16, 2008 04:14:19 GMT

Changes have been made to the new season of "American Idol", introducing a new format of the singing talent show and also the return of "Wild Card". Also released is the schedule of the episodes that will start on January 13 when the show returns with the first part of a four-hour season premiere.
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'The Spirit' Shares Five More Clips

December 16, 2008 04:12:05 GMT

Lionsgate Films have presented a series of clips from their upcoming action adventure movie, "The Spirit". While four of them focus on the main character, The Spirit, one of them, the "Eye Candy" clip, displays interactions between the ladies. In it, Sand Saref and Silken Floss meet each other for an exchange. There, Saref warns Floss about Octopus after Floss explains why she joins him in the first place.
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Video: 50 Cent Talks Renegotiation With Record Label

December 16, 2008 04:11:55 GMT

As his forthcoming studio LP "Before I Self Destruct" gets close to its release date in early February 2009, 50 Cent comes out with a statement claiming that he will be working on a renegotiation with Aftermath/Interscope Records. "My album requirements will actually be done, and it'll be time to renegotiate," he told MTV during an interview.
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Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan Not Engaged

December 16, 2008 03:32:43 GMT

Pouring cold water to the mounting reports that Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan are engaged and about to make public their engagement soon, a representative for the actor confirms to Access Hollywood that the stories are false. "He is not engaged," the representative says in a statement.
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Jack and Ben Planning a Return in New 'Lost' Clip

December 16, 2008 03:32:43 GMT

A brand new sneak peek to the new season of "Lost" has just been released by ABC. More than a minute, the clip shows Jack and Ben in a motel, trying to accumulate plan to come back to the island to rescue the others.
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Rachel Weisz, Another Actress Linked to Catwoman Role for 'Batman 3'

December 16, 2008 03:12:09 GMT

Speculations around which actress will don the skin tight leather suit as Catwoman in "Batman 3" keep on growing. E! Online's columnist Ted Casablanca recently threw out Rachel Weisz's name among those considered for the female villain part, writing, "Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role, too fab."
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Video Premiere: Soulja Boy's 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone'

December 16, 2008 03:10:56 GMT

A music video in support of Soulja Boy's new song "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" has been premiered. It captures the rapper playing cards with his friends. It also shows him calling her girlfriend and rapping, "Baby, I've been thinkin lately/So much about you/Everything about you."
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Madonna to Pay Guy Ritchie at Least 76 Million Dollars in Divorce Settlement

December 16, 2008 03:02:40 GMT

Granted a preliminary "quickie divorce" on November 21 in the High Court of London, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reached financial settlement in their divorce, with the pop superstar is set to pay the film director between $76 million and $92 million as part of their divorce agreement. The singer's longtime spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg confirms that matter to the Associated Press.
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Rumor Debunked, Nicole Richie Not Working With Rihanna for Solo LP

December 16, 2008 02:52:19 GMT

Nicole Richie has stepped out blasting off rumor saying that she will get help from Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne for solo debut album. "That's not true. Although I think that Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne are very talented, that's completely false," the 27-year-old songstress told People.
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'The Office' Invites Jack Black In

December 16, 2008 02:48:46 GMT

"The Office" has just upped the ante with the addition of Jack Black as a guest star. The "Kung Fu Panda" voice actor, is confirmed for an hour-long episode of the show that will air immediately after Super Bowl on February 1, 2009.
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Short Clip of Pixar's 'Up' Debuts

December 16, 2008 02:33:32 GMT

A new short clip from upcoming Pixar's animated picture, "Up", has made its way out via Disney. Picking up the interaction between grumpy old Carl Fredricksen and young adventurer Russell, the less-than-a-minute clip focuses on the time Fredricksen discovers that Russell is accidentally aboard his flying house.
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Inside Taylor Swift's 19th Low-Key Birthday Bash

December 16, 2008 02:29:04 GMT

Taylor Swift held a low-key party at her home in Hendersonville, Tenn. on Saturday, December 13 to celebrate her 19th birthday. She was joined by her family, friends and bandmates for the homemade festivity.
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Video Premiere: David Archuleta's 'A Little Too Not Over You'

December 16, 2008 02:15:25 GMT

David Archuleta has debuted a music video for his brand new single "A Little Too Not Over You". On the Scott Speer-directed video, he is seen sitting in a dimmed room watching his pictures with ex-girlfriend through a digital camera.
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The Name of Naomi Watts' Second Son Revealed

December 16, 2008 01:55:45 GMT

More details have been revealed on the newborn son of actress Naomi Watts. The baby, who was born on Saturday, December 13 in New York, is named Samuel Kai Schreiber.
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First Official Trailer of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Arrives

December 16, 2008 01:36:42 GMT

The 20th Century Fox have officially unveiled the first trailer of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". The video footage was debuted at "Wolverine" MySpace page on Monday, December 15, following the outing of the bootleg version taped from the film's theatrical trailer attached to "The Day the Earth Stood Still".