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December 21, 2006

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Three See "Dead" People

December 21, 2006 09:04:26 GMT

Constructing an unusual team, Chris Klein, Jake Busey, and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit have joined forces to star in "Play Dead", a dark comedy set to be helmed by "Third Watch" star Jason Wiles, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
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The Top 10 Best Dressed Females According to Life & Style

December 21, 2006 08:57:10 GMT

She has a rising singing career, wealth, popularity, sexy body, and many more. Yet with her being named Hollywood's style queen in a new Best Dressed poll conducted by American publication Life & Style makes her life even more complete.
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Penelope Ann Miller Has Big "Ambition"

December 21, 2006 08:35:50 GMT

Brightens the already-sparkled cast, Penelope Ann Miller has landed a deal to take supporting part in "Blonde Ambition", a loose remake of the 1988 film "Working Girl" developed under Nu Image banner.
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The Ten Best-Mannered People of 2006

December 21, 2006 08:27:12 GMT

Taylor Hicks is reaping achievement after achievement. Having his eponymous album debuted at 2nd spot on the Billboard 200, tapped to be the grand marshal for the Krewe of Endymion for the 2007 Carnival season, the American Idol champ is earning a new title, the Best-Mannered Man of 2006.
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Emily Mortimer Slips into "Trans-Siberian"

December 21, 2006 08:13:51 GMT

Arriving in the middle of production process, Emily Mortimer has been confirmed to join the cast of crime thriller flick "Trans-Siberian", a production of Spanish film company Filmax Entertainment.
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Duran Duran to Throw New LP in May 2007

December 21, 2006 08:02:45 GMT

Music group Duran Duran keeps working on their music career, creating new LP, despite the leaving of guitarist Andy Taylor, who left the band in October after falling out with his bandmates.
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Taylor Hicks Is the Krewe of Endymion's Grand Marshal for the 2007 Carnival Season

December 21, 2006 07:47:29 GMT

American Idol champion Taylor Hicks has a new task besides singing. He's been chosen as the Krewe of Endymion's grand marshal for the 2007 Carnival season.
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Brangelina to Quit Showbiz to Focus on Family

December 21, 2006 07:25:54 GMT

"I'm hoping that as we got older, we'll do less films," Angelina Jolie told US chat show host Larry King this week. Is that mean the actress wants to quit acting and focus more on her family she and partner Brad Pitt are building?
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"Happy Feet" Scores Over $10 Million in IMAX

December 21, 2006 07:23:04 GMT

A satisfying outcome has successfully been scored by "Happy Feet." IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures both announced yesterday, December 20, that the animated penguin romp has delightfully garnered $10.6 million in IMAX theaters since its premiere on November 17, 2006.
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Hilary Swank Confirmed She's Dating Her Agent

December 21, 2006 07:07:02 GMT

Newly divorcee Hilary Swank has publicly confirmed she's dating her agent, John Campisi, after she filed for divorce from actor husband Chad Lowe in May.
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New "Transformers" Site Unleashed

December 21, 2006 06:56:45 GMT

Making a follow up to its highly anticipated "Transformers" after releasing the movie's new teaser trailer on Yahoo! Movies, DreamWorks as the studio producing the flick has come up with a new version of the film's official website.
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Kevin Federline to Face John Cena in the Ring

December 21, 2006 06:48:00 GMT

Kevin Federline has something to add to his timetable as he's been scheduled to be in the ring with WWE champ John Cena on New Year's Day in Miami.
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"Ocean's Thirteen" Teaser Trailer on the Surface

December 21, 2006 06:30:21 GMT

Fulfilling the need of moviegoers to have a look on "Ocean's Thirteen", Warner Bros. Pictures' has finally released the new teaser trailer for the movie on the web.
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"Lost" Evangeline Lilly's Hawaii Home Lost in A Fire

December 21, 2006 05:03:35 GMT

Evangeline Lilly is hit with bad news. The actress, best known for her action on ABC television's hit drama "Lost", loses her rented home in Hawaii when fire burned it down Wednesday morning Dec 20th.
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"He Comes" for Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron

December 21, 2006 04:56:09 GMT

Sure constructing a real high-profile cast, Columbia Pictures' superhero drama "Tonight, He Comes" has successfully added Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron into its cast, Production Weekly has reported.
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Patrick Stewart Loans Voice to "TMNT"

December 21, 2006 04:37:14 GMT

This no doubt will bring more buzz to "TMNT", really. TrekWeb and PatrickStewart.org have both revealed that Patrick Stewart is lending his recognizable voice to the flick as Max Winters, an insane tech-industrialist who determines to reach his ambitious goal of world conquest by amassing an army of ancient monsters.
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Was Britney Spears Fooling Around on K-Fed Before They Split?

December 21, 2006 04:33:19 GMT

Britney Spears cheating on Kevin Federline before they got divorced. No way. Yes it's true. The pop singer may have been cheating on K-Fed before she filed for divorce, so rumors on the street say.
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Spend Your New Year at MTV Studios with Ciara, Chamillionaire, AFI, Lady Sovereign, & Three 6 Mafia

December 21, 2006 03:59:59 GMT

MTV has a special Christmas gift for you and I bet it will be the best ever you will have for the holiday season. MTV Goes Gold: New Year's Eve 2007.
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The 2006 CFCA Awards Nominees

December 21, 2006 03:39:54 GMT

Joining the crowd in recognizing outstanding film works, performances, and individuals, the Chicago Film Critics Association has unveiled list of contenders competing for this year's CFCA Awards in its anticipation to name the winners on December 28, 2006 via WGN-TV.
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The Top 10 on the US Album Charts in the Week Ended December 20th

December 21, 2006 03:09:55 GMT

Young Jeezy's sophomore album, "The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102", debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. pop album charts Wednesday Dec 20th, selling over 350,000 units in its first week. Thanks to its single "I Luv It" which has entered the Top 10 on the R&B charts and has a successful run in the video market that the LP could reach the top spot on the Billboard 200.
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Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson Reigniting Their Relationship

December 21, 2006 02:36:07 GMT

Back again. Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson are reportedly reigniting their relationship.
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Lara Flynn Boyle Is Now A Married Woman

December 21, 2006 02:19:04 GMT

Lara Flynn Boyle is single no more. The American actress tied the knot with her boyfriend of six months, Donald Ray Thomas, in San Antonio Monday Dec 18th.