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November 18, 2006

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The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts Nov 16th

November 18, 2006 06:48:05 GMT

Justin Timberlake is doing pretty good in resurrecting her singing career in the world's music industry. The pop singer has his two singles, namely "My Love" and "Sexy Back", reign the Billboard Hot 100 Singles charts for the week ended Thursday November 16th.
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Kimberly Stewart Is Suffering From Serious Liver Disease

November 18, 2006 06:02:50 GMT

Kimberly Stewart, more notable as the daughter of legendary singer Rod Stewart, is suffering from serious liver disease, presumably caused by her excessive alcohol consumption.
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"Borat" Called Film of the Year By Kazakh Paper

November 18, 2006 06:00:16 GMT

Amidst all the negative response and reactions directed toward "Borat" in recent week, a good publication has delightfully come to the surface from a leading newspaper in the real Kazakhstan which is known to be liberal but usually loyal to the country's leadership.
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Teri Hatcher's New Man Is Eva Longoria's Ex

November 18, 2006 04:48:25 GMT

The "Desperate Housewives", at least the two of them, have apparently had identical taste in men. Co-stars Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria have Stephen Kay in common.
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Ron Nyswaner Takes A Trip to "Dover"

November 18, 2006 04:34:03 GMT

Gearing things up for its drama project "Dover", Paramount Pictures has assigned "The Painted Veil" writer Ron Nyswaner to pen the movie's script, The Hollywood Reporter revealed.
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Heather Mills Agrees to TV Interview, Won't Talk About Divorce

November 18, 2006 04:26:58 GMT

While talk is heating up on her divorce with hubby Paul McCartney, Heather Mills has agreed to give her first TV interview since she first announced her plans to divorce McCartney.
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"Phoenix" Trailer to Fly Online November 20

November 18, 2006 04:00:30 GMT

Cheer up, Potter fans! Warner Bros. Pictures has officially announced that the teaser trailer for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will go online for the first time on Monday, November 20th on the official "Happy Feet" site at HappyFeetmovie.com at 12:00 p.m. PST/ 3:00 p.m. EST.
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Film Threat's Annual "Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood"

November 18, 2006 03:48:55 GMT

George Clooney does hot and everyone agrees on that. Approvingly, the hunk has appeared on the very top spot of People magazine's list of "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2006. While George earns such predicate, it is bad for Mel Gibson that he's no longer on the line, and was instead chosen as the first "least-powerful, least-inspiring, least-intriguing people in all of Tinseltown."
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Pierce Brosnan Places Bet on "Spy vs. Stu" Duel

November 18, 2006 03:27:40 GMT

No longer playing superspy agent James Bond apparently does not mean that Pierce Brosnan is shut off completely from the spy world. The actor turns out to have signed on to play as a handsome, debonair spy in comedy feature "Spy vs. Stu", The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
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Are Chris Rock and Wife Working on A Reconciliation?

November 18, 2006 03:10:39 GMT

Less than a month after announcing that he has begun divorce proceedings against his wife, Chris Rock raised another more provocative speculation. The comedian and wife Malaak Compton were spotted together at the Living Legends Foundation 13th Annual Dinner Thursday November 16th.
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Universal and Strike Resurrect "The Thing"

November 18, 2006 03:00:32 GMT

The outer-space creature finally makes its return after more than two decades. Yes, Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment are set to work hand in hand to develop "The Thing", a horror film remake of John Carpenter's picture of the same title.
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DreamWorks Endures "Creepy Time"

November 18, 2006 02:49:32 GMT

Taking an unexpected turn, DreamWorks will develop a children horror flick entitled "Camp Creepy Time" from an upcoming kids' book of the same title written by actress Gina Gershon and her brother, Dann Gershon.
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Which Celebrity Do You Think People Would Like to Have As Substitute Educator? It's Jessica Alba

November 18, 2006 02:46:07 GMT

Guess what? Jessica Alba is the number one celebrity that people would like to have as their substitute teacher. Can you believe it?
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Warner Bros. Spends Time with "Funny Fat Guy"

November 18, 2006 02:44:19 GMT

A good deal has been reached between Warner Bros. Pictures and Broken Lizard. The giant company has obtained rights to a spec script from the comedic troupe's members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme to bring it up as a big screen feature.
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Chris Robinson Filed for Divorce from Wife Kate Hudson

November 18, 2006 02:23:32 GMT

This just in. Chris Robinson filed for divorce from Kate Hudson, his wife of almost six years.
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Lionsgate Gets Double from Tyler Perry

November 18, 2006 02:07:37 GMT

Extending its collaboration with writer/director/actor Tyler Perry, Lionsgate Films is set to produce not only one, but two flicks of the man's writing works entitled "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Jazz Man's Blues."
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Anjelica Huston Receives "Kiss" Mark

November 18, 2006 02:06:17 GMT

Back into film directing field after her last work in "Agnes Browne", Angelina Huston will go behind the camera to helm comic drama flick "Give Us a Kiss", an adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's novel of the same title, Variety has revealed.