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June 16, 2006

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Alien's Star, Sigourney Weaver, in Her New Thriller

June 16, 2006 09:38:26 GMT

After her famous and claiming-fame role as Lieutenant Ripley in the 1979 "Alien", Sigourney Weaver is ready to show some actions in a new thriller by Columbia Pictures, "Vantage Point".
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Forbes Magazine's Annual List of the World's 100 Most Powerful Stars

June 16, 2006 08:50:12 GMT

Despite all the publication he's made during the year, Tom Cruise is still chosen as the top. The actor has on Thursday June 15th, 2006 reclaimed his No. 1 spot on Forbes magazine's annual list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Stars.
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Country Weekly's Top 10 Sexiest Male Country Artists

June 16, 2006 08:29:33 GMT

In a reader poll, which is about to be released Friday June 16th, 2006 in Country Weekly, the name of country singer Keith Urban comes up as the Sexiest Male Country Star, beating the likes of such country music artists as Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, all of whom rounding out the top five, in order.
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"Daredevil" Star Is on the Top List for "Magnum P.I."

June 16, 2006 08:26:07 GMT

Claiming-fame-from -"Good Will Hunting" actor, Ben Affleck, is on the top list to be the leading role in the next TV-series adapted movie, "Magnum P.I.".
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Sandler's New Cast, A Married Gay-Pretender

June 16, 2006 08:18:26 GMT

A challenging cast for Smitty in the late 80s TV series, The Cosby Show, Adam Sandler is waiting straight ahead. This time, the cast for "Happy Gilmore" star is to pretend to be a gay firefighter married to his couple, played by "Hitch" star, Kevin James, in order to meet the Fire Department's domestic partner benefits. The movie will hit the screen under the title of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry".
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Break Up, Mandy Moore & Zach Braff

June 16, 2006 08:11:42 GMT

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff have split up, blaming the large age gap for the decision. What an unfortunate.
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Madonna Gets "Together" Released July 24

June 16, 2006 07:43:12 GMT

Aging but still agile, that's Madonna. The queen of pop music is still as charming as the way she used to be during her young age.
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Paris Hilton Smokes Marijuana?!

June 16, 2006 07:15:25 GMT

Paris Hilton smokes marijuana? Why not? The hotel heiress was spotted at Pink Elephant nightclub in New York City at 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Sitting there with her friends, an onlooker who sat two tables away from her saw her hold something white in her hands as she turned her back to the main room.
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Spielberg's New Quest for Outer Space

June 16, 2006 06:49:10 GMT

The brilliant movie-director seems to find himself fond of the quest for outer space. Steven Spielberg is now on his way to direct new sci-fi movie, with Lynda Obst as the producer. This time, the story goes with a group of space traveler having their journey through the wormhole and another dimension.
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Spears Changed Son's Diaper on Store's Dirty Floor

June 16, 2006 06:35:46 GMT

Britney Spears' parenting skill has been questioned, again, after she was said to change her son Sean Preston's diaper on store's dirty floor. The pop superstar was at a Victoria's Secret lingerie shop in Mission Viejo, California on June 4th when Preston needed to have his diaper changed.
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Madonna Found Britney Replacement in Lindsay Lohan?

June 16, 2006 06:21:21 GMT

She previously dumped Britney Spears as her best friend, but now the rumors on the street say that Madonna has found Spears replacement in another teen star, who happens to be Lindsay Lohan.
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Johnny Depp's "Shantaram" Looses Director

June 16, 2006 04:54:53 GMT

The movie telling the story of a heroin addict-and-fugitive found the director truly runs away from the project starting its production in the spring of 2007. Peter Weir has left the project after several irreconcilable differences in the interpretation with Warner Bross, Graham King and Johnny Depp as the producer in adapting the Gregory David Robert's 944-page novel, "Shantaram". Weir was a qualified choice then, due to his respectively easy-going behavior.
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Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Is Ready for Another Movie Smash

June 16, 2006 03:52:34 GMT

After two big male rappers, 50 Cent and Eminem, gave a shot on the big screen, it is now the time for female rappers to join the club. Missy Elliott is ready to broaden her enormous talents, in the music business and on the silver screen, after her previous in "Shark Tale" and one in "Honey" with the "Good Luck Chuck"'s star, Jessica Alba.
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Christina Milian & Def Jam Parted Ways

June 16, 2006 02:45:21 GMT

Christina Milian has been dropped from her record label Island Def Jam, that's an unfortunate for the R&B singer after only a month releasing her third album "SO Amazin'."
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New Comic Figure to Hit The Big Screen

June 16, 2006 02:34:16 GMT

Another action-heroes movie is waiting in the line. This time, it is the turn for the battlefield-born, Cimmerian, far north Barbarian Conan, or commonly known as Conan the Barbarian, a fictional character created by Robert E. Howard.