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November 01, 2005

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Picturehouse Heading Home with 'Companion'

November 01, 2005 06:23:08 GMT

All North American rights to the Academy Award-nominated director Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion" has been acquired by Picturehouse. In the meantime, the team to work on the comedy flick also is ready. Altman's Sandcastle 5 Productions is set to produce, with GreeneStreet Films and River Road Entertainment in hand to executive produce and co-finance. Responsible for foreign sales is Capitol Films.
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Weekend on the Rocks with Dave Matthews Band

November 01, 2005 06:03:02 GMT

Music group Dave Matthews Band is reported to release their September 9-12 stand at Colorado's famed Red Rocks Amphitheater, which included a benefit that raised $1.5 million for hurricane victims, in a CD/DVD/digital extravaganza. The set, will be commercially available beginning November 29 in a variety of formats.
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Westlife Tops UK Singles Charts

November 01, 2005 05:45:14 GMT

It's been six years since they scored their last number one hit, "Swear It Again." Now, the Irish boy band scores another record, their 13th number one hit, with their cover version of ballad "You Raise Me Up." With the single, Westlife successfully knocks the top of the British singles charts, sets aside last week's top track "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance floor" by rock band Arctic Monkeys to No. 2.
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Mrs Smith's Hairbrush for Sale on eBay

November 01, 2005 05:17:22 GMT

What's new on eBay? You won't believe it. It's Angelina Jolie's hairbrush. As the Canadian seller ms_momsy said "I was given this brush as a gift by my cousin because she knows how much I love Angelina Jolie. This brush was accidentally left on the vanity table in Angelina's dressing trailer, it was the only item that was forgotten. Angelina was seen using this brush before she left her trailer."
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Juliette Lewis Appeared Nude for Punk Designer

November 01, 2005 05:01:10 GMT

Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis is set to pose nude for the sake of an advertisement. To be more specific, she will be seen stretched between two chairs in a dressing room, wearing only a pair of jeans for an ad for punk designer Johan Lindeberg.
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Elton John Between "Him and Us"

November 01, 2005 04:35:51 GMT

ABC television has given the green light to a comedy pilot to be executive produced by Elton John. The set, dubbed "Him and Us," revolves around an over-the-hill rock star, his manager and the rest of his colorful entourage. In hand to write the script is Cindy Chupack, a former executive producer of HBO's "Sex and the City."
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Legend's Auction

November 01, 2005 03:52:31 GMT

Not only he is one of the most celebrated celebrities, but more than that this former Beatle also is ranked third on Forbes list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. What an achievement. It's John Lennon. The music legend has scored another record as the white suit he wore on the cover of The Beatles' "Abby Road" album was sold at auction Sunday for $118,000.
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Angel From Montgomery Comes to Atlanta

November 01, 2005 03:27:12 GMT

The angel flaps its wings as a sign that it's ready to fly. In fact, it's more than ready for that as the drama musical "Angel From Montgomery" has just started its production in Atlanta earlier this month with principal photography is underway.
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Steve Conrad to Direct Quebec

November 01, 2005 03:10:26 GMT

This isn't the first project that he works on. But this is yes the first time for him to direct a film. Previously wrote "The Pursuit of Happiness" and "The Weather Man," Steve Conrad will make his directorial debut with the forthcoming comedy titled "Quebec."
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Fan Boys Ready to Go

November 01, 2005 02:56:08 GMT

This upcoming footage is a very different one. Unlike many other comedies, this one is very unique. Dubbed "Fan Boys," the story is based on a screenplay by Adam F. Goldberg and Ernest Cline. It follows a group of young, hardcore "Star Wars" fans from the Midwest determined to take their dying friend to Skywalker Ranch so that he can see the seminal sci-fi pic in its perfect setting before he dies.
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Nigel Cole to Communicate with 'Strange Son'

November 01, 2005 02:28:41 GMT

How to deal with a "Strange Son"? You should ask that to Nigel Cole, who Revolution Studios has set to direct the Bruce Joel Rubin-scripted true story of a mother's quest to communicate with her autistic son.
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Garner's Away on Sabbatical

November 01, 2005 02:11:33 GMT

Actress Jennifer Garner is away on "Sabbatical," an erotic thriller which she along with LivePlanet's Sean Bailey, and Chuck Weinstock have sold to Touchstone Pictures. The film actually is based on an idea by Weinstock.
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The Secret Is Revealed

November 01, 2005 01:54:45 GMT

Paramount Pictures has just revealed the secret. The studio said that its recent project, which is the drama comedy "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," is turnaround because they fail to find the female lead.