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October 27, 2005

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It's All About Number 1408

October 27, 2005 09:47:47 GMT

This upcoming horror thriller surely is a frightening one. It's dubbed "1408." Director Mikael Håfström and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura have been tapped to work on the project.
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Paris Vs Paris' Ex-Girlfriend

October 27, 2005 09:26:15 GMT

It's another trouble to solve for Paris Hilton. The socialite always followed by troubles whenever and wherever she goes. Don't you think so?! That's her anyway.
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It's Time to Countdown

October 27, 2005 09:10:43 GMT

It's time to countdown coz everyone is ready to work on the project that we'll soon able to watch "Countdown" on the theater. The action adventure film centers on astronauts who land on a mysterious planet and discover their own bodies in the wreckage of a duplicate of their ship. They're forced to find a way out of the time loop that has them trapped amid hostile creatures and a series of contentious characters.
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Honorees of the 9th Annual HFF Awards

October 27, 2005 08:46:18 GMT

The 9th annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards, held Monday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, has honored the likes of Charlize Theron, Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton. The actresses secure one award each, with Keaton picks up the Lifetime Achievement Award, Theron brings home Actress Of The Year prize, and McAdams gets the Breakthrough Actress award.
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"I Am Me" No. 1 on U.S. Pop Charts

October 27, 2005 07:34:54 GMT

Her effort to being honest to everyone scored her another new record on the charts. Teen pop singer Ashlee Simpson successfully tops the U.S. pop charts on Wednesday with her new album "I Am Me" sold 220,000 copies in the week ended October 23. To follow her at No. 2 on the chart is Rod Stewart's "Thanks for the Memories," with sales of 193,000 copies.
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The Return of Music Legend Frank Sinatra

October 27, 2005 07:14:00 GMT

Seven years after his death, music great Frank Sinatra is set for a comeback performance in London. The special show to be held at The London Palladium, beginning in February, will show the singer on stage with live musicians and dancers with the help of modern technology. His performance on screens up to 20 feet high will be accompanied by a live 24-piece orchestra and a company of dancers and singers.
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Start Shooting; Miami Vice

October 27, 2005 06:27:44 GMT

Action drama flick "Miami Vice," based on the 1980s small-screen hit for NBC, starts shooting. The film, stars Colin Farrell as Det. James "Sonny" Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Det. Ricardo Tubbs, follows the two characters face a transnational criminal enterprise whose leader and chief financial officer is of Chinese/Cuban origin, played by Gong Li.
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The Not Desperate Sheridan Broke Up with Fiance

October 27, 2005 06:03:24 GMT

She stars in ABC's hit show "Desperate Housewives," but isn't that desperate to become a housewife in real life. Actress Nicollette Sheridan and fiance, Swedish actor Nicklas Soderblom, have called off their engagement.
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Jackson: "I do not have a child"

October 27, 2005 04:41:49 GMT

The star speaks up after days of silence. Pop singer Janet Jackson clearly said in a statement, released to the syndicated Access Hollywood TV show, "I do not have a child, and all allegations saying so are false."
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"Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" Ads Raised Controversy

October 27, 2005 04:13:54 GMT

50 Cent really is a controversial artist. The rapper creates sensation all the way he's walking his career. Not only in music industry, he also makes one in film. His upcoming movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" has sparked controversy among Los Angeles community leaders.
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Racism Row Happened to Gabrielle Union

October 27, 2005 03:39:54 GMT

Don't judge someone by his or her appearance. Living in a multicultural world we should have what is called as respect for others. Live in piece is a must for us to create a better world. Don't let the differences set aside one another, yet let those differences enrich our culture.
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Paris' Another Sex Scandal

October 27, 2005 03:20:57 GMT

The socialite can get out the way no more. The evidence has been revealed and it clearly shows Paris Hilton does know Tom Sizemore which as everybody knows is different with the statement she outed just days before.