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October 08, 2005

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Snipes Cleared of Paternity Suit

October 08, 2005 06:41:31 GMT

Recall your mind back to the year of 2002. At that time, a woman named Lanise Pettis filed a paternity lawsuit against actor Wesley Snipes, alleging he was the father of her 3-year-old son as a result of their having sex in a Chicago crack house. While Snipes refused to submit to a paternity test, an unnamed man willingly took a DNA test and was determined to be the father of the child.
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Is "Silent Birth" suitable for Katie?

October 08, 2005 06:27:20 GMT

People out there are discussing Katie Holmes pregnancy with fiance Tom Cruise. While they are busy with their own thought, fellow scientology couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston speak out what they have in mind.
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Midnight Drama Romance Cactus

October 08, 2005 06:09:23 GMT

Paramount Pictures adding more your reference of a good movie. It would be "Midnight Cactus," a drama romance film which story centers on a woman in a failing marriage in the U.K. who moves with her children to Arizona. She becomes involved with border politics and illegal immigration.
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Esquire Named Jessica Biel Sexiest Woman Alive

October 08, 2005 05:53:22 GMT

Among million of beautiful women in entertainment industry, Esquire magazine only chooses Jessica Biel to be named Sexiest Woman Alive, which last year went to Angelina Jolie. Esquire mentions Biel as "on everyone's radar screen, but who was also fresh."
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Stars Enjoying the Beautiful Ohio

October 08, 2005 05:08:57 GMT

"Beautiful Ohio." We're not talking about the Midwestern state, but it's about Chad Lowe's directorial debut, which he along with wife Hilary Swank and Mark Burton are producing. The film is a project based on Ethan Canin's adaptation of his short story titled "Batorsag & Szerelem," from his anthology "The Palace Thief." Former NBA All-Star Reggie Miller of Baby Boom Prods will serve as its executive producer.
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Boy Arrested on Drug Charge

October 08, 2005 04:54:45 GMT

Early Friday singer Boy George called 911 reporting his home had been burglarized around 3 a.m.. Soon thereafter, a police officer arrived at his Manhattan apartment and found a small amount of cocaine next to a computer. The police soon continuing to investigate.