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September 06, 2005

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Young Ulliel Hannibal

September 06, 2005 05:52:23 GMT

Experienced casts, skilful writer, and great narrator are all teamed up for the sake of "Young Hannibal," the prequel to the prequel of "The Silence Of The Lambs." Reportedly, the film will star Gaspard Ulliel as its titular star, co-starring Rhy Ifans and Gong Li.
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Get Rich & Bee

September 06, 2005 04:26:34 GMT

Hurricane Katrina creates various reactions among Americans. Some give a damn, several others busy with charity efforts, while many others give donation to the storm victims. Aside, the disaster has silenced Hollywood movie industry that seemingly there won't be new and more productions released.
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Yummy Mummy Winslet

September 06, 2005 04:00:46 GMT

Kate Winslet might have missed out on an Oscar this year, but she's been voted Britain's Top Yummy Mummy. The already mothering two children actress may feel proud with that poll result for she did almost nothing to lose her weight after her kids were born. She resisted the urge to crash diet after their births and opted instead to slowly regain her curvy figure.
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Armstrong & Crow; ENGAGED

September 06, 2005 03:44:21 GMT

In wake of destroying storm, happy news comes from seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. The cyclist is engaged to rock star girlfriend Sheryl Crow, whom he met at a charity event in October 2003 and began dating a short time later.
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Casino Royale On the Way

September 06, 2005 03:10:28 GMT

Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director, Paul Haggis, has been tapped to adapt Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale" for the big screen, which script is based on the 1953 novel. Haggis, who will pen the script for the film even before producers have announced who the next 007 is, will work together with Martin Campbell who is returning as the project's director.
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Friends Star to Slam Former Husband on TV

September 06, 2005 02:51:38 GMT

Following her public speak of her heartache for the first time to Vanity Fair, former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston reportedly will take a further step. In the near future, the Hollywood actress is set to spectacularly slam former husband Brad Pitt in a revealing television interview with Diane Sawyer.
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J.Lo Bought Baby Clothes

September 06, 2005 02:33:04 GMT

Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lopez has drawn people questioning on her pregnancy after she's been spotted buying baby clothes at Petit Tresor during a recent shopping trip in Los Angeles. "J.Lo came in to buy some little outfits. We all presumed it was for a niece or a family friend but she said, 'It's for me.' She then smiled and carried on looking around before buying some early-learning books," so said a source to British newspaper the News Of The World.
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Madagascar Scores Internationally

September 06, 2005 02:14:39 GMT

No longer included in the row of box office movies, "Madagascar" scores internationally, grossed $12.5 million from 47 territories. With six new openings, which brought the international total to $291.5 million, "Madagascar" even taking in $7.1 million in Italy, becoming the biggest CGI-animated opening ever in the country.
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The Transporter Transports to #1

September 06, 2005 01:50:39 GMT

Taking in $20.25 million in tickets over four days beginning Friday, "The Transporter 2" sets a new record in this weekend box office, debuting at #1. In time, the third week of Universal's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" slips to 2nd with $16.6 million after two weekends on top. The well-reviewed "The Constant Gardener," to follow, opens at #3 with $10.8 million.