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April 05, 2005

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98 Degrees Singer Runs for Cincinnati Mayor

April 05, 2005 05:02:43 GMT

98 Degrees singer Justin Jeffre is focusing himself to be Cincinnati's next mayor, succeeding its latest one Mayor Charlie Luken, the incumbent Democrat, who said he won't seek re-election. Serious and intend to win the election, Jeffre said he wants to bring people from all over the city together through Cincinnati's arts and entertainment venues and build a strong downtown.
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Alba Meets New Beau

April 05, 2005 04:46:18 GMT

The "Sin City" actress Jessica Alba seems to have recovered from her brokenheart of her failed engagement to ex-fiance Mark Weatherly, as she reportedly dating assistant director, Tim Story, during the filming for her upcoming superhero adventure "Fantastic Four" in Hungary. The in love couple were recently spotted dining in a New York restaurant when Alba was driven upset by two women giving praise look to her boyfriend that she then asked the manager to re-seat them at a table away from prying eyes. Anyway, gossip website PageSix.com. mentioned that Alba is eager to keep her new man to herself.
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Law & Miller Marriage is on Hold

April 05, 2005 04:30:25 GMT

Jude Law's wedding to actress Sienna Miller is on hold because the actress is having doubts about the strength of their relationship as their hectic schedules keep them constantly apart. Actually Law has eager to set a date for the nuptials, but the screen beauty delaying it and preferring to mingle with "Motorcycle Diaries" heart-throb Gael Garcia Bernal instead.
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Abdul's Other Car Troubles

April 05, 2005 04:07:28 GMT

Paula Abdul's car troubles continued when her limousine involved in another accident happened on her way to comedian Jay Leno's chat show studio in Los Angeles on Friday April 1, 2005. Shocked by the accident she told Leno it was ironic to find herself in it, fortunately she was with her friend Brian, who at the time the crash happened, did a backward somersault and landed gracefully.
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Madonna's Role Cut Off from Husband's Latest Movie

April 05, 2005 03:48:12 GMT

Many speculations arise on why Madonna's role has been cut off of husband Guy Ritchie's latest movie "Revolver." The blonde superstar reportedly flew to England's Isle of Man last November to film her appearance in the gangster movie, yet failed to make the final edit.
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Avril Lavigne Will Come to Home Continent Tour

April 05, 2005 03:31:35 GMT

After touring in a number of countries throughout the world, young and success singer Avril Lavigne will next live her home continent of North America as one of her world tour destinatinations. She's scheduled to perform there in July this year.
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Usher Dominates Kid's Choice Awards

April 05, 2005 03:16:55 GMT

R&B singer Usher dominated Kid's Choice Awards held on Saturday April 2, 2005, hosted by Ben Stiller, as he got two awards all at once. He was named Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song for "Burn" at the ceremony taken place in UCLA's Pauley Pavilion.
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Eminem to Head Live Tour on July

April 05, 2005 02:59:44 GMT

This summer will be the third time for Anger Management to held a tour, which will firstly be marked by Eminem who has embarked upon since the November 2004 release of "Encore." The tour planned to start on July 7th this year will also feature rapper 50 Cent, who due to a filming schedule conflict will not make the first two dates of the tour that will be replaced by Ludacris.