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March 14, 2005

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Michael Bergin Sent to Jail Over DUI

March 14, 2005 03:16:09 GMT

Former Baywatch player Michael Bergin was charged of a felony drink driving, causing rollerblader Jenny Armstrong bones broke after he drove into her at a busy West Hollywood cross-section on the 5th anniversary of his ex-girlfriend Carolyn Bessette's death.

Bergin was claimed not guilty over the charge, but was sent to jail for 30 days by a Los Angeles judge, who claimed his action could have killed somebody. Commenting of what has just happend to him, Bergin told reporters that it's just an unfortunate situation and thank God it's over.
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Jane Fonda to do Hip Replacement

March 14, 2005 02:48:19 GMT

Actress Jane Fonda is waiting to undergo a hip-replacement operation, which will likely be done once she finishes the publicity of her upcoming autobiography and the comedy Monster-in-Law. Though she hasn't yet mention the exact date when she'll have the operation, it is predicted that it will be in May or June this year.

The star's publicist Pat Kingsley, in addition, confirms that Fonda also had just experienced outpatient arthroscopic surgery on her left knee last Thursday and she'll be recovering at home for the next few weeks before making the PR rounds.
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Diaz was Hospitalized

March 14, 2005 02:34:05 GMT

Charlie's Angels beauty Cameron Diaz was hospitalized after falling off a chest of drawers in her Hollywood hills home. She was trying to get something above her wardrobe when she suddenly lost her ballance and fell down bleeding on her bedroom floor, Britain's The Sun newspaper reported.

Shortly after, her boyfriend Justin Timberlake rushed her to the hospital, where Diaz was treated for a back strain and received 19 stitches to her head.
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Rod Stewart to Get Married ???

March 14, 2005 02:25:46 GMT

Rock star Rod Stewart has proposed his 33-year-old girlfriend Penny Lancaster at the French landmark on Wednesday March 9, 2005. Record label BMG said the more than five years couple have planned to marry within this year. This report is strengthen by Lancaster's agent, Nicholas Young, who said they would soon get married in Scotland once Stewart's divorce from model Rachel Hunter is finalized.