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February 03, 2005

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Kidman on Top of Skin Award

February 03, 2005 04:35:25 GMT

Beautiful Australian actress Nicole Kidman has won the first Lifetime Achivement Award of the 8th Annual Skinnes Awards, the online event held by California dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese on his www.skinema.com website to reward the film stars who serve as role models to the fair-skinned and spotty. Reese, who hands out the awards yearly, has revealed Kidman as the longest time role model for the fair-skinned, who despite her pale and suffers apparent hand eczema could be one of the most attractive momen.
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Leo's a Lifetime Achievement Award

February 03, 2005 04:15:46 GMT

"Stunned" is what Leo feels when he gets his lifetime Platinum Award at the Santa Barbara, California's International Film Festival 20th anniversary held on Sunday, January 30, 2005.
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Victoria Beckham and her Third Birth

February 03, 2005 03:53:49 GMT

At the edge time of giving birth to her third child on February 25, Victoria and her husband, David Beckham have reportedly hired an entire floor of the Spanish capital's Clinica Ruber Internacional.
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Love's Financial Debt Runs Up

February 03, 2005 03:30:57 GMT

Courtney Love is now facing a serious problem for allegedly unpaid bills. She, among others, faces a Saturday deadline to pay off legal fees non-payment in one civil case. Moreover, WMC Mortgage Corp is now planning to confiscate Love's 13-acre property which she bought in 1997 for her late husband Kurt Cobain's family, for the $318,000 bills the company claims Love hasn't pay yet in over a year.For that reason, MTV.Com reported, the house will be put up at a public auction.
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Kelly's Sex Video

February 03, 2005 03:03:39 GMT

Illinois prosecutors come back into a deeper invesigation on R.Kelly charges over underage woman seduction. After a long period of delay, those expert prosecutors are now planning to bring into the court the original sex video showing the singer doing the bump n' grind with a minor, which probably used to send Kelly to prison.
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No Charges Against Paris Hilton

February 03, 2005 02:36:30 GMT

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office dropped the charges against Paris Hilton petty theft she did at Swing Newsstand in December, 2004. The lack of convincing and sufficient evidences to the charges has become the main reason for the D.A. to reject the case.