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February 01, 2005

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Reeves Honored Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

February 01, 2005 04:28:28 GMT

Keanu Reeves admitted to be very proud as he, with stars from the past and present, was honoured with the star Monday for his career that includes such films as, Speed, Point Break, Something's Gotta Give, A Walk in the Clouds, Little Buddha, and My Own Private Idaho.
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Lleyton Hewitt Proposes Rebecca Cartwright

February 01, 2005 04:15:12 GMT

Loss to Marat Safin in the Australian Open final doesn't prevent Hewitt desire to propose her actress girlfriend, Rebecca Cartwright. For shortly after his defeat in that event, Hewitt gave an engagement ring to Cartwright. His loss in battle won't prevent Hewitt to win in romance.
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Nicole Dump Bing to Date a Movie Boss???

February 01, 2005 03:57:10 GMT

After her ex-husband disapproval of her romance with Steve Bing, Kidman has spotted to go on a candle light meal with movie boss, Scott Stuber, at Los Angeles's Amici restaurant.
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Bloom and Bosworth Romance Comes to an End

February 01, 2005 03:37:46 GMT

The tight filming schedules, both Bloom and Bosworth have, has caused them spend too much time apart that then resulted in their three year romance end.
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Snoop Dogg Faces Rape Allegations

February 01, 2005 03:03:33 GMT

After being sued for alleged extortion in December, 2004, Kylie Bell, a make-up artist who won a 2002 Emmy for her work on Six Feet Under, has filed her own claim accused Dogg back for the sexual assault he did to her after a taping of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live in January 2003.
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Lara Flynn Boyle Stripp Flight

February 01, 2005 02:41:09 GMT

The beautiful Men in Black II actress, Lara Flynn Boyle, has been accused of stripping nude and trying to seduce one male passenger during British Airways ten-hour first class flight from Los Angeles to the capital's Heathrow Airport.
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Aniston Finds her New Lover

February 01, 2005 02:18:29 GMT

Working on their latest movie, Derailed, located in Chicago and London, Aniston has been issued to date her French co-star Vincent Cassel and that they keep their relationship continuing as they do the Derailed film post production in Los Angeles.