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What Cha Starin At? : Project Pat

What Cha Starin At?
Artist : Project Pat
Genre : Rap
Label : Hypnotize Minds
Release Year : 2007


1Project Pat Intro
2What Cha Starin' At? [Exclusive]
3DJ Paul Speaks
4Don't Save Her /Side 2 Side [instrumental]
5Side 2 Side /Bye 2 Da Bad Guy [version]
6Show Ya Golds /Don't Stand So Close 2 Me /DJ Paul [instrumental]
7Like Money [Exclusive]
8Project Pat Checks In/Raised in the Projects /Scared/Kick in th [Vocals]
9We Ready for Whatever [Exclusive]
10Project Pat Lettin' Niggaz Know/North, Pt. 2 /We Gonna Ride
11Project Pat Freestyle
12We Gonna Rumble /C Ya Azz N Da Lot /Project Pat R [instrumental]
13Talkin' Smart to a Pimp [Exclusive]
14Project Pat Spits Game/I Ain't Goin' Back to Jail [#]
15Sugar Daddy [Exclusive]
16Googly Moogly /Chickenheads [instrumental]
17Project Pat Shouts out Da Haters/Cuz I'm a Player [Remix]
18I Choose You /Pat Reppin' Hypnotize Minds [Original Version]
19Doe Boy Fresh
20Testin' My Gangsta [Remix]
21Juicy Outro.........