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Fox Releases First Official Photos of X-Men: First Class

2011-01-20 10:01:38

Featuring the characters without X-Men costumes, the pictures give the first look at Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw and Nicholas Hoult's Hank McCoy before transforming into Beast.

First Image of X-Men: First Class Main Cast Emerges

2011-01-19 09:01:45

Not only featuring two key roles Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, but also it gives a look at Emma Frost, the Beast, Mystique and many others.

Details of X-Men: First Class Trailer Surface

2011-01-10 02:01:41

One scene in the trailer allegedly will show how James McAvoy's Xavier begins to go bald.

First Footage From 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Unveiled

2011-01-03 09:01:33

A very short promo video shows scenes featuring Chris Evans' Steve Rogers in one of Captain America costumes.

Must See Movie Adaptations in 2011

2011-01-01 09:01:00

Comics about beloved superhero Captain America as well as a story uniting cowboys and aliens are some works turned into big screen versions that their fans and moviegoers must have been expecting for.

New Spoilery Set Photos of X-Men: First Class Found

2010-12-10 02:12:12

The pictures taken from Jekyll Island, Georgia, where the movie is going to be filmed, capture the cockpit of X-Men jet.

Confirmed: No Wolverine in X-Men: First Class

2010-11-03 01:11:56

It was Bryan Singer himself who confirmed that there is no cameo from Hugh Jackman although rumor has it he was at the movie's set.

James McAvoy Involved in Freak Accident When Filming X-Men: First Class

2010-10-07 10:10:58

Although left shaken after the incident, James McAvoy was not seriously injured and filming for the upcoming movie resumed later the same day.

X-Men: First Class to Feature Emma Frost in Lingerie

2010-10-02 10:10:08

Meanwhile, another footage of the upcoming movie reportedly will recreate opening scene of Bryan Singer's 'X-Men'.

First Look at James McAvoy in 'First Class' and Tom Cruise in 'Mission: Impossible 4'

2010-09-30 02:09:35

McAvoy films his scene for the sci-fi under the rain in Oxford, England, while Cruise dons a Russian uniform when filming his part for the action movie in Prague, Czech Republic.

First Set Pics of X-Men: First Class Show January Jones as Emma Frost

2010-09-09 09:09:25

Portraying the alter ego of White Queen, the 'Mad Men' actress is seen donning an all white ensemble when filming the movie in England.

X-Men: First Class Has Started Production, Possible Logo Unveiled

2010-09-07 01:09:03

The sci-fi movie reportedly kicked off the principal photography in England late August and recently filmed scenes in Kingsway Tram Station in London.

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