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Ghostface Is Behind Emma Roberts in New Scream 4 Image

2011-01-25 09:01:27

Roberts plays Sidney Prescott's cousin, Jill, who together with her friend is haunted by the serial killer in her home.

Scream 4 International Trailer Is Scary

2011-01-17 02:01:25

People asking each other about their favorite scary movie and Woodsboro welcoming the anniversary of local murders are some things previewed in this video.

Lucy Hale Is Possible Victim on Scream 4 Opening Scene

2011-01-12 01:01:31

The 'Pretty Little Liars' babe sparks speculation that she is the first victim in the film as she compares her part to Drew Barrymore's cameo.

First Impressions From Scream 4 Test Screening Surface

2011-01-08 01:01:51

Major reactions hint that the fourth 'Scream' movie is better than the previous films with credits to the opening scene.

The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

2011-01-03 04:01:13

Terrence Malick's new coming-of-age drama 'The Tree of Life' and Zack Snyder's fantasy battle 'Sucker Punch' are some films which make the list of potential hits this year.

Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell Look Numb in New Scream 4 Photo

2010-11-25 09:11:43

The two actresses, who land cameo roles in the film, are seen sitting on a couch, presumably watching something on TV.

Video Premiere: OneRepublic's 'Good Life'

2010-11-15 09:11:11

Instead of wandering in the big city between skyscrapers, Ryan Tedder takes his bandmates to the dirt road of countryside.

Kanye West Was Coached for 'Today' Interview

2010-11-13 03:11:19

The rapper reportedly turned to the public relations firm Rubenstein Communications to coach him for the sit-down with Matt Lauer although the firm has previously asked him to cancel the chat.

Michael Jackson's New Song 'Keep Your Head Up' Leaks

2010-11-13 03:11:36

The late King of Pop rides solo in this slow, uplifting tune which is taken from his December 14 release.

New Images From 'Mars Needs Moms!' and Scream 4

2010-11-13 03:11:00

The picture from the animation features both the aliens and the humans, while one photo from the horror movie sees Sidney being chased by Ghostface.

Ghostface Locks His Victim in New Scream 4 Photo

2010-11-09 02:11:32

The serial killer is about to stab a woman who is believed to be Gale Weathers in the image from the upcoming thriller.

Official Teaser Trailer for Scream 4 Debuted

2010-10-21 09:10:39

After living years in relative silence, Sidney is once again threatened by Ghostface after returning to Woodsboro where she meets her cousin Jill.

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