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Delhi Safari (2012)

Delhi Safari



Animation, Family

Release Date

December 07, 2012 (Limited)

MPAA Rating



92 min.

Production Budget

$15 millions


Applied Art Productions

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Cast and Crew


Nikhil Advani


Anupama Patil, Kishor Patil


Nikhil Advani, Girish Dhamija, Suresh Nair



The animals of a once protected reserve in India are being threatened by man's development and destruction of their forest. Sultan the leopard (Cary Elwes) fights a brave battle against the machines and saves his young cub Yuvi, but loses his life in the process.

That night, a group of frightened animals gather to discuss their fate. Yuvi urges them not to give up their homes, saying this is not what his dad would have wanted. The hot headed militant monkey, Bajrangi, wants to declare a full scale war, but Bagga the bear (Brad Garrett) has a more civilized suggestion. He believes that all problems could be sorted out through peaceful discussions. Saying the best way to get back to their homes is to have a dialog with the humans in parliament and win their hearts. But, they have a problem since animals can't speak to humans. Then Air India (Christopher Llyod), a pigeon with short term memory loss, remembers meeting a multi-lingual parrot who spoke the language of the humans.

With hope in their hearts, Yuvi, Begum-Yuvi's mom (Vanessa Williams), Bajrangi, and Bagga set off on a safari to Delhi. But first, they must convince Alex, an obstinate talking parrot to leave his life of luxury in a gilded cage and join them on their trek as their spokesman. An exciting adventure ensues with the motley crew meeting many interesting characters along the way including a pair of performing flamingoes (Jason Alexander and Jane Lynch).

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Bharela and Marela from Applied Art Productions' Delhi Safari (2012)
Alex the Parrot from Applied Art Productions' Delhi Safari (2012)

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“..the pic all too obviously recycles bits and pieces from "Madagascar," "The Lion King" and other made-in-America toons. Unfortunately, much gets lost in the translation..”
by Joe Leydon [Variety]
“..the film is without wit and, sadly, entirely forgettable..”
by Miriam Bale [NY Daily News]