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James Morrison

James Morrison


Famous as :

Pop/rock/soul singer

Birth Name :

James Morrison Catchpole

Birth Date :

July 10, 1984

Birth Place :

Rugby, Warwickshire, England

Claim to fame :

Debut album "Undiscovered" (2006)

Latest News

Video Premiere: James Morrison's 'Up' Ft. Jessie J

October 17, 2011 04:50:58 GMT

has debuted a music video for his latest single "Up", sharing screen with his featured guest . The two open a door to the rooftop and have a sort of conversation under the warm sun. They call for each other to stop doing "parade of excuses."

James Morrison and Jessie J's 'Up' Video Gets Official Teaser

October 13, 2011 08:51:50 GMT

and bring their studio hook-up to the screen by appearing together in a music video for their joint track "Up". An official trailer for the clip teases the compelling love story that the two British artists sing in the track.

Video Premiere: James Morrison's 'I Won't Let You Go'

August 05, 2011 07:14:14 GMT

has just released a music video to support his new single "I Won't Let You Go". In the clip, the British singer/songwriter wakes up to an empty bed, while somewhere in the city, his loved one is lying alone in the middle of the street. When he runs into her, he quickly offers his comfort and lies beside her.

James Morrison Grieving Father's Death

September 06, 2010 03:29:56 GMT

Singer has been left devastated following the death of his father. The "You Give Me Something" hitmaker's dad Paul Catchpole, 60, was discovered slumped in a street near his home in Warwickshire, England but he passed away before paramedics could get him to a hospital.

Video: James Morrison Sings 'Man in the Mirror' on Michael Jackson Tribute

June 26, 2010 07:21:23 GMT

Early in the morning on June 25, strapped his guitar and performed in an intimate set for one-year death anniversary of . He showcased an acoustic rendition of the late King of Pop's hit single "Man in the Mirror".

Ozzy Osbourne Debuts 'Let Me Hear You Scream' Music Video

June 23, 2010 04:28:19 GMT

screams out loud in a newly-premiered music video for his new single "Let Me Hear You Scream". The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund, the same man who works on 's "Telephone" mini movie.

Megan Fox Wants to Be Apache Lesbian Superhero

June 23, 2010 04:26:01 GMT

After portraying a prostitute in "", is tempted to take a more controversial role. Met at the premiere of her latest movie, the 24-year-old actress revealed that she would love to play Sarah Rainmaker who is described as a lesbian in the comic series.

Rep Confirms Jennifer Garner 'Absolutely NOT Pregnant'

June 23, 2010 04:17:14 GMT

and her husband are currently not expecting their third child. A rep for the 38-year-old beauty has cleared out the swirling pregnancy rumors, telling People "Jennifer is absolutely not pregnant."

Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson and More Booked for Michael Jackson Tribute

June 23, 2010 04:04:18 GMT

In order to mark the one-year anniversary of 's death, and are going to perform in honor of the late King of Pop. They are set to take the stage on CBS for a special program dubbed "The King of Pop: One Year Later".

Video Premiere: Simon Cowell's 'Everybody Hurts' Feat. Miley Cyrus

February 08, 2010 04:08:44 GMT

A video filmed to serve as a promotional effort for Simon Cowell's charity single "Everybody Hurts" has been released. It features scenes of Haitian people crying for help post the earthquake which are mashed up with footage of the stars, including and , recording the song in the studio.

'Boston Legal' Star Justin Mentell Died in Car Crash

February 03, 2010 02:26:34 GMT

Justin Mentell who brought the character Garrett Wells to life on "" has died at the age of 27. His car reportedly careened off the rural Wisconsin highway and went down the slope before crashing into two trees. It was suspected that Mentell was not wearing the seatbelt at the time of incident, leading him being thrown off the Jeep.

Simon Cowell's 'Everybody Hurts' Feat. Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus Comes Out

February 03, 2010 02:24:57 GMT

An all-star charity single titled "Everybody Hurts" which lines up and on the hook has hit the web. A remix of 's song of the same name, it's opened with verses from and followed by .

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James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-08 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-01 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-02 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-03 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-04 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-05 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-06 James Morrison Performs at The 10 Giorni Suonati Festival - james-morrison-10-giorni-suonati-festival-07 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-01 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-02 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-03 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-04 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-05 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-06 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-07 James Morrison Performing Live at The O2 Academy - james-morrison-performing-live-at-the-o2-academy-08 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-25 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-26 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-27 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-28 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-29 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-30 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-05 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-24 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-23 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-22 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-10 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-09 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-08 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-07 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-06 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-04 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-03 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-02 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-01 James Morrison Performing Live - james-morrison-performing-live-11