Steve Buscemi's Alleged Attacker Identified After Footage Was Released
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The New York Police Department has launched a manhunt for a person of interest in the random act of violence that left the 'Boardwalk Empire' actor with black eye and swollen face.

AceShowbiz - Police are closing in on capturing the culprit who punched Steve Buscemi in the face. The New York Police Department has identified the suspect wanted for the random attack involving the actor in New York City last week.

According to reports, the suspect has been identified as 50-year-old Clifton Williams. Police are currently hunting the man, who was seen talking to himself while walking north on Third Avenue in footage showing moments before the incident.

"The guy just came up to him and punched him on the side of the head for no reason," said a worker at a nearby building who saw the whole thing play out on surveillance footage. "[Steve] didn't see anything. He went straight to the ground and the guy kept going."

"[Steve] got right back up with an expression like, 'What just happened?' and looked toward the guy who'd hit him," the worker continued. "The guy shouted something back at him and kept going." Noting that the Kips Bay neighborhood is not safe with "full of people like this," the worker added, "Everybody has to look over their shoulder now. And no one with the power to do anything wants to stop what's going on."

Steve was strolling through Kips Bay, a neighborhood on the east side of Manhattan, on Wednesday, May 8 when the suspect struck him in a broad-daylight attack. It happened at around 11:48 A.M. in front of 369 Third Ave.

The actor was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, but his publicist has since assured that he is fine. "Steve Buscemi was assaulted in Mid-Town Manhattan, another victim of a random act of violence in the city," the publicist said in a statement to The New York Post on Sunday. "He is ok and appreciates everyone's well wishes, though incredibly sad for everyone that this has happened to while also walking the streets of New York."

The 66-year-old was spotted for the first time since the unprovoked attack over the weekend. He sported a black eye and a swollen cheek while filming a commercial in SoHo, days after the incident.

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