Machine Gun Kelly Applauded After Fighting Back Stage Invader at Forbes Under 30 Summit
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When taking the stage for a talk at Forbes Under 30 Summit, the rocker is confronted by a stranger who rushes onto the platform and refuses to leave until security ushers him away.

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly was confronted by a stage invader during an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, October 10. The 33-year-old rapper took to the stage for a talk at the Forbes Under 30 Summit when a man rushed onto the platform and strode towards the star, who stopped talking, stood up and told the stranger to leave him alone.

In a video posted on Instagram, Kelly is seen telling the stage invader, "My man, get the f**k away from me ... Yo, what are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don't make me do this."

The star's microphone was then turned off as a security guard rushed onto the stage and picked the man up, hauling him off into the wings. Kelly then sat down and apologized to the audience for his reaction, saying, "I'm sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other guy. I left that guy in the past. I'm really sorry. I do apologise for my primal reaction."

"The Talk" host Kristin Stoller then told the star, "You handled that amazingly by the way," prompting a big cheer from the audience. Kelly was among stars including Kendall Jenner, Halsey and Latto (formerly Mulatto) who all made appearances at the 2021 conference while Kendall's rumoured boyfriend Bad Bunny also took part in one of the talks.

During Kelly's event, he went on to speak about his love of coffee after becoming a fan of the drink later in life as he attempted to move away from using drugs and booze and going on to launch his own company 27 Coffee Club in 2020. He explained, "It's more than coffee. As a musician and as an artist, I wanted to build a brand that is for creatives ... You need to have a foundation that is going to be indestructible no matter what. Anything that I build here has a support that isn't gonna break."

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