'No One Will Save You' Director Says Sequel Will Leave Him 'So Stressed Out'
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Filmmaker Brian Duffield is not ruling out a follow-up story but it will really be a challenge since the original horror movie wasn't intended to have a sequel.

AceShowbiz - Kaitlyn Dever's horror sci-fi flick "No One Will Save You" was deliberately made not to have a sequel, but the director won't rule it out. Director Brian Duffield has stated that if enough people want a follow-up he will consider it, however, he admits it would be a hard task to make a franchise out of the story.

"I am not the biggest sequel guy. I joked with [star] Kaitlyn [Dever], maybe it's every seven years, we'll do our Before Sunset and we'll save you. I could do a sequel. I have no plans to do a sequel," he told Slash Film.

"If enough people watched it on Hulu and everyone's begging for it, we'll talk. There's not a franchise super plan in my head yet. It would take a lot of work then I'd be so stressed out that I have to come up with something."

Horror legend Stephen King is among the fans of the Hulu flick. He wrote on X, "NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU, Brilliant, daring, involving, scary. You have to go back over 60 years, to a TWILIGHT ZONE episode called 'The Invaders,' to find anything remotely like it. Truly unique. (sic)"

26-year-old actress Kaitlyn Dever plays Brynn Adams - a young woman who lives in near isolation, having been ostracized from her hometown following an incident from when she was a child. Though she is filled with grief and guilt about the past, she tries to live as cheerful a life as possible... but that constructed peace all gets destroyed when extraterrestrial visitors invade her house."

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