Bradley Cooper and Daughter Lea Attend 'IF' Premiere in Style

The 'Maestro' actor brings his young daughter to the movie premiere, showcasing not just the film's imaginative story but also his profound love for fatherhood.

AceShowbiz - Bradley Cooper, known for his versatile roles in Hollywood, recently took a night off to enjoy the joys of fatherhood at the premiere of the animated film "IF" in New York City. Accompanied by his seven-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, the duo made a captivating entrance, turning the event into a delightful family outing. The premiere, which took place at the SVA Theater, also saw Cooper reuniting with a star-studded cast, affirming the significant ties between personal and professional life in the world of cinema.

Donning a casual yet chic black ensemble, Cooper contrasted delightfully with Lea's vibrant pink and multicolored attire, underscoring the film's imaginative appeal. Lea's enthusiasm was palpable as she pointed out her father's character, Ice, on the movie posters, showcasing the bond and shared joy between the father and daughter over this creative endeavor. The film, directed by John Krasinski, brings to life the world of imaginary friends, offering a narrative that resonates across ages, something Cooper seems to deeply connect with as a parent.

The presence of Cooper's daughter at the premiere wasn't just about adding a touch of cuteness to the evening but reflected a deeper narrative about the actor's philosophy on parenting. Previously expressing on the "SmartLess" podcast how fatherhood has reshaped his world, Cooper's sentiments echo through his actions, illustrating that being a father to a wonderful human being colors every aspect of his life in "glorious colors."

What makes this outing even more special is the sense of continuity and tradition it represents. Not only did Lea attend this premiere, but she has also previously walked red carpets with her father, including for the premiere of "Maestro", where she made her acting debut. This recurring appearance highlights not just a tradition but a heartfelt effort by Cooper and his ex, Irina Shayk, to instill values of kindness and love in their daughter, a theme that resonates well with the imaginative world of "IF".

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