Katie Price's Gravely-Ill Mom Almost Died When Just Stop Oil Protesters Blocked Her Ambulance
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The British glamour model opens up on her mom's scary journey to hospital, claiming her severely-ill mother nearly died because of environmental activists.

AceShowbiz - Katie Price's mum almost lost her life on the way to hospital when Just Stop Oil blocked the motorway. The 45-year-old glamour model revealed that her mum Amy - who had suffered from chronic lung condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - had just weeks left to live until she found a donor for a lung but her dash to hospital was almost scuppered by the environmental activist group, who had staged a protest on the M25.

"Mum had two weeks left to live at the time. She found a donor. She was waiting five years for a lung. It was the day all the oil protesters were on the M25 and you have three hours to get to hospital otherwise you can't have the donor [organ]. So they had to get an ambulance. When they were on the motorway, they didn't realise!" she said on the "Private Parts" podcast.

However, Katie went on to add that a heroic ambulance driver went on to save the day by cutting through to make sure she got to the hospital on time. She said, "They had to go up the hard shoulder, and get an ambulance to get through it, because if you're not there you lose it [the lung]."

Amy previously hailed the medical staff who carried out her operation as "amazing" and also paid tribute to the regular faces she saw on every hospital appointment because they meant Katie could feel "less worried" about her when she was unable to be by her side.

She told The Sun, "The doctors and surgeons who did my transplant are amazing but it is the friendly faces you see at every appointment that mean the world. Katie couldn't be here 24/7, so knowing I had a family here made everyone less worried about me."

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