Brooklyn Beckham Roasted for Using Whole Bottle of Avocado Oil in New Cooking Video

Showing the way he fries chicken, the 'Cookin' With Brooklyn' star says he likes using the expensive oil for cooking since it has 'high smoke point and neutral flavor.'

AceShowbiz - Brooklyn Beckham has been roasted for using a whole bottle of avocado oil for cooking. Sharing a video of him frying chicken, the son of David Beckham and and Victoria Beckham (previously Victoria Adams) left many social media users surprised with the way he prepared his meals.

On Tuesday, June 13, the 24-year-old star of "Cookin' With Brooklyn" let out a video from his kitchen session. However, from the Instagram clip, many observed that he used an excessive amount of avocado oil to fry chicken, prompting many to take a jab at him.

In the comments section of the post, one user pointed out, "That's a LOT of oil." Another noted, "That's at least $25 worth of avocado oil," while a third complained, "There are people dying in the world from starvation - you used enough oil and milk for about 20 people. But you wouldnt understand that."

A fourth commenter was even more blunt by calling Brooklyn a wanna-be chef. "The amount of that expensive oil you used was so ridiculous!!! Stop acting like a wanna be chef," the user raged. "Go to culinary school and actually get a degree like all normal people have to do!!!"

Amid the backlash, Brooklyn still received positive responses. One in particular stated, "Love using avocado oil to fry with. Avocado oil fry's stuff so evenly and tastes wonderful! Keep doing your thing Brooklyn! Maybe one day you'll have your own restaurant." Similarly, another complimented, "Absolutely love what you cook. It's beautiful. I am an executive chef traveled the world. It's still enjoyment from other people cooking. Thank you."

In the Instagram clip itself, Brookyln could also be seen mixing ingredients to make a sauce. The husband of Nicola Peltz did not forget to show off how crunchy his fried chicken was after frying. Near the end of the video, he even sampled the fried chicken he made himself along with the sauce.

Accompanying the clip, Brooklyn shared the ingredients he used. In the caption of his post, he wrote, "Fried chicken with @chosenfoods . 100% Pure Avocado Oil and their Classic Avocado Oil Mayo are the best. I love Chosen Foods for frying because of its high smoke point and neutral flavor. #chosenpartner."

Around a month prior, Brooklyn shared on Instagram his love for cooking. In his May 5 video, he gushed, "I love cooking because it's one of the few things that takes my mind off anything that's happening. One of the many things I like about chefs is they are so artistic."

"They are so hard working, and it's always every day, every minute of every hour trying to master their craft," he added. "Me and my wife, we are obsessed, our favourite food is Japanese, they way the Japanese treat food, they are so careful and so precise."

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