'Family Feud' Angers Fans as Jennifer Lopez Ranks Higher Than Beyonce in Top Female Singer Survey

In one episode, host Steve Harvey, the contestants and the audience are baffled to see the results of a survey for 'top female singers who can bring the house down when she performs live.'

AceShowbiz - "Family Feud" survey went viral as it left the Internet furious. In one of its episodes, host Steve Harvey, the contestants and the audience were baffled to see the results of a survey of top female singers.

"Name a female singer who can bring the house down when she performs live," Steve read the question to two contestants, Austin and Michelle. Austin hit the buzzer first and named Beyonce Knowles. "You better know it, greatest living performer today!" Steve gushed.

The board then revealed that Beyonce was at No. 4 with only 7 votes. Everyone was stunned with Steve saying, "Number 4, wow. This is going to be interesting." One of Michael's team members then guessed Diana Ross, but it only resulted in a strike. "She does, though," Steve added.

The next guess was Jennifer Lopez, who was revealed at No. 2 with 13 votes. Michael's teammate Lee then mentioned Mariah Carey. When it was revealed the pop diva didn't make it to the Top 7, Lee and his fellow teammates looked at each other in confusion. Other wrong guesses included Shakira and Ariana Grande.

Steve then revealed the other singers in the Top 7. Celine Dion was at No. 7, Reba McEntire (who was misspelled) was at No. 6, Cher was at No. 5, Carrie Underwood was at No. 3 and Lady GaGa was at No. 1. There was silence by the end with someone being heard saying, "Jesus," off-screen.

The clip quickly went viral on Twitter as the views reached over 2 millions. "J-Lo above Beyonce for live performances should get the show canceled lmao," one user said. Someone opined, "No Diana? NO ARETHA?! Beyonce at number 4???? But J-WHO?!?"

"After that the ENERGY LEFT the room. THE WHOLE AUDIENCE WAS DISAPPOINTED," another said. One person wrote, "The faces and collective gasp when Mariah got snubbed."

"This is insane on so many levels," one person said. "Lee was FLABBERGASTED! As was I!!! Who was number 1 if it wasn't Beyonce or Mariah!?!!!?" another added. One other wrote, "Why was Lady Gaga number one even the crowd was confused." Someone pointed out, "They couldn't even spell Reba's name right!"

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