Alec Baldwin Told 9-Year-Old Daughter About 'Rust' Shooting and It Didn't Go Well

According to Hilaria Baldwin, she and husband Alec decided to tell two of their oldest children about the accidental killing because they believed the kids were old enough.

AceShowbiz - Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's oldest daughter didn't want to know the details of the actor's shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. As the couple felt Carmen Baldwin, nine, and her brother Rafael, seven, were old enough to know what happened, they told the kids about the killing.

"There is no way that you can explain this because it is awful. It's awful! I thought I was going to do this without Alec and he said, 'No, I can't be a coward. I have to be there,' " Hilaria said in an interview with Extra.

"And then when I tell them... Carmen started saying to me, 'Why are you telling me this?'... she said, 'I want to un-know this.' She used the word 'un-know' and Alec said, 'I want to un-know it, too.' I think everyone wants to un-know it... because it's real."

Halyna, 42, was fatally shot on the ranch set of "Rust" in New Mexico on October 21 last year after a prop gun loaded with live ammunition was accidentally discharged in the hands of 64-year-old Alec.

Mum-of-seven Hilaria - who also shares children Leonardo, six, Romeo, four, Eduardo, two, Lucia, 21 months, and Ilaria, two months, with Alec - added to Extra, "We can go forward and talk about gun safety on sets, and try to figure out how this crazy thing happened, and we can go forward and honour Halyna."

"We can remember her, continuing her legacy for her, for her family and we can take care of everybody who's still here who is extraordinarily damaged by this awful tragedy. That's all that we can do, but we can't un-know it."

Hilaria also said she and her husband Alec Baldwin are "not okay" following the "Rust" killing. She said, "We can't be okay. No one is okay. It was and is a tragedy that nobody could ever have imagined."

Alec was involved in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Halyna's family, which included her husband, Matthew, before both parties settled in October.

In November, Alec sued "Rust" crew members and the armorer for negligence and for supplying a prop gun loaded with ammunition. The lawsuit said, "This tragedy happened because live bullets were delivered to the set and loaded into the gun."

"Though by no means comparable, Baldwin must live with the immense grief, and the resulting emotional, physical, and financial toll, caused by the fact that Cross-Defendants' negligent conduct, assurances, and supervision put a loaded weapon in his hand. And led him, Hutchins, and everyone else on set to believe that his directed use of the weapon was safe."

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