'Mic Jack' appears on Big Boi's third studio album, 'Boomiverse', which was released in June 2017 via Epic Records and also features guest appearances from the likes of Jeezy and Killer Mike among others.

AceShowbiz - Big Boi and Adam Levine decided to give "Mick Jack" a music video treatment after five years. The visuals arrived on Monday, November 28 and it finds the Maroon 5 frontman starring as a laundry man.

The clip opens with Big Boi asking for his white furry coat back. After leaving Adam's workplace, he dances with a number of women in what appears to be a rocket. As the clip transitions, the emcee floats into space while delivering his bars in an astronaut costume.

"N***as still ain't f**kin' with Hollywood Court/ 'Cause they f**kin' wit' ya boi like Hollywood dough/ Everything big, no comin' up short," Big Boi rhymes in his verse. "The game winning shot, your name sayin' not/ The same skinny thot you got, she be in and out/ She never spit it out either, we call her Poke-mouth/ Big mouth bad, start to smash that a**/ I build a bear before I build a b***h."

Adam then joins on the slick, disco-themed chorus, "You're hotter than July/ Super colder than December/ You got me dancin'." He continues, "The dance floor tells no lies/ Give them something to remember/ You got me dancin'."

"Mic Jack" appears on Big Boi's third studio album, "Boomiverse". Released in June 2017 via Epic Records, the project also features guest appearances from the likes of Jeezy (Young Jeezy), Killer Mike, Gucci Mane and Curren$y.

Big Boi's latest album is 2021's "The Big Sleepover", his collaboration with Sleepy Brown. On how they ended up working together, Big Boi explained in an interview with NPR, "We've been together since the very first Outkast song was released 28 years ago today, 'Player's Ball'. And he's been on tour with me for, like, the past six, seven years. And so we've been doing, you know, a gamut of just, you know, all of the hit records and songs that we've recorded."

"And just being on the tour bus, we were like, hey, man, let's just do - why don't we do some new songs, you know, some brand-new songs, just me and you, a whole album? And we were like, why didn't we think of that before? So we started - just started working on it, you know, while we were on the road," the one-half of Outkast added. "And when we would come home from the road, we'd go in the studio and just put these ideas down. And it was just like organic progression of just brotherhood and the friendship and just the love of music."

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