Kandi Burruss and Tamika Scott Claim LaTocha Isn't Part of Xscape Shows Due to Her 'Solo Deal'
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Prior to this, LaTocha claims that the reason she isn't doing the tour with the group is 'the promoter the girls are on tour with threatened [her] husbands life.'

AceShowbiz - Things get even spicier amid Xscape drama. As fans continued debating about LaTocha Scott's absence in the group's shows, Kandi Burruss and Tamika Scott shared insights into LaTocha's status in the group, noting that her solo career has something to do with her absence.

In an Instagram comment, Kandi responded to a fan who shut down speculation that LaTocha chose her solo career over touring with Xscape. "she definitely has a solo deal. It will be on the tv show. It's already been filmed," Kandi explained.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star later stressed that LaTocha has the freedom to do stuff while still being in the group. "& you're right she definitely can still do stuff with us," she noted. "It's her choice when she's not part of the shows."

Tamika doubled down on Kandi's remarks in separate comments. Replying to a fan who asked, "ummmmm where is Tocha ughhhhhhh," Tamika said of her sister, "my talented sister stepped back months ago to work on her solo career. She's booked up until next year. Her manager said they will let us know when she will beavailable to do shows with us again. Thank you for supporting us as Xscape and individually."

She went on adding, "She didn't do the show with us in Baton Rouge in September which was a totally different promoter. Because she is working on her solo project." Through her statements, Tamika appeared to deny LaTocha's claim in which she said that the reason she isn't doing the tour was she's at odds with their promoter.

Prior to this, LaTocha addressed her absence from Xscape tour in her own statement. "The reason I'm not doing the tour is because the promoter the girls are on tour with threatened my husbands life," she explained. "The promoter was initially brought to the table by my husband for a few shows. Two of the ladies had COVID on the show dates, so my sister and I performed alone in ATL and the other show we had to pull out of."

"That's where the deal went left over a situation that could have been resolved!! The promoter then referenced getting my husband's 'head touched' and me being a widow. Would you have gone on tour with him???? If that was any of their husbands they definitely wouldn't have done the tour either, which I would have supported!!!! Like I told them and management, I'm available for ANY dates that doesn't include THAT particular promoter," she continued.

Concluding her message, LaTocha added, "I choose FAMILY and LOYALTY over Everything, but when my sister chose to disrespect OUR mother on a public platform, I literally couldn't stomach it, and we haven't spoken since. I am trusting that God will restore and bring my family back together. This just hurts."

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