Sarah Brightman

  • Sarah Brightman
    • Famous as : Classical crossover singer
    • Birth Name : -
    • Birth Date : August 14, 1960
    • Birth Place : Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK
    • Spouse : Andrew Graham-Stewart (Tangerine Dreams manager, 1978 - September 1983), Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer, 22 March 1984 - June 1990)
    • Claim to Fame : Album "Time to Say Goodbye" (1997)

Sarah Brightman Biography

If there's ever a person born as entertainer, then it would be Sarah Brightman. Starting from the tender age of three, she has attracted attention with her bodily movement. The girl who was born to Grenville and Paula Brightman on August 14, 1960 spent her very young age dancing in local festivals in Berkhamsted, London and entering competitions that she frequently won. Soon enough, it was a clear future for the toddler Brightman who attended Royal Ballet Academy and got praised by her teacher. Beside attending Ballet lessons, Brightman was also a keen listener to music. There was a balance between pop and classical in her play list, which later on would become a distinctive trademark to determine her genre. She was also an active child in Berkhamsted's church choir that often chanted Gregorian songs but the attention for her solo voice was only audible several years later when a school performance opened up the 'hidden talent'. She sang a song from "Alice in Wonderland" and her mother who was in the audience describe the raising moment. "It was so beautiful, I felt sick," Paula said. "She hit such high notes that the audience was stunned. They completely fell for her. It was absolute magic, and obvious, from that moment on, that singing would be her calling."

True to what her mother was saying, Brightman was involved in more and more performing arts. She was cast in Piccadilly Theater's production of "Albert and I" and strutted along the catwalk to become a model. Her first public break came when Pan's People, a dance troupe, decided to let her join. The all-girl group were featured as the dancers on BBC's high-rated show, Top of the Pops. Showing a commitment in the showbiz, Brightman quit her school years and concentrated on her newly-built career. A choreographer named Arlene Phillips invited her to audition for Hot Gossip which is another dance troupe but with more raunchy movements that required sex appeal from its members. Despite critics, Hot Gossip became a popular culture that many would later imprint. They released a single called "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper" that peaked at #6 on U.K. Singles chart. In the meantime Brightman also recorded her solo demos and released several singles that led her being signed to Whisper Records. It was also during this time that she met music manager Andrew Graham Stewart who was seven years her senior. They were married while Brightman was only 18 but her career was not stalled by the bond.

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