See Photos Before Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie Involved in Scary Incident With Paparazzi
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The 'Suicide Squad' actresses' sighting arrives a few weeks after the 'Barbie' star visited the former Victoria's Secret model's home following the latter's concerning behavior.

AceShowbiz - New photos before Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie were involved in a scary incident with paparazzi have been released. In the pictures, the actresses were seen outside Patagonia Sur restaurant in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

On Thursday, October 6, Daily Mail released the images of the "Suicide Squad" stars. They were accompanied by Margot's husband, British film producer Tom Ackerley, and two other filmmakers, Josey McNamara, producer of Margot's films "Barbie" and a new "Ocean's Eleven", and Jac Hopkins.

The photos, taken by photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera, show the group leaving the restaurant around 3 A.M. on Sunday, October 2. Cara, in a green jacket, got into the waiting orange Renault Sandero first, while Tom held the door open. Margot, clad in a gray skirt suit and thick black pantyhose, got into the car after Cara.

Photographer Pedro claimed that Josey and Jac became angry with his presence and chased him away. Surveillance camera footage saw Pedro running with people in pursuit before falling near an oncoming car.

As the photographer was said to have ended up on the ground bleeding with a broken arm, the two Britons were reportedly arrested and taken to a police station for questioning while it's understood Margot and Cara fled the scene.

Pedro, who suffered several cuts and a broken arm after a fall, claimed he was able to protect his equipment and the prized shots he'd taken, but at a considerable cost. "My life was saved by a miracle, I don't know what would have happened if I fell head first to the ground, with the speed that those people chased after me," he said. "They never took my material from me... when I fell to the ground [the camera] was smashed but I was able to save the material."

Pedro further added that his arm was severely injured and it's unknown whether he will regain full use of the limb. "I have a cast on my right arm, my arm is very compromised and I don't know if I'm going to lose it," so he claimed.

A source told to TMZ, however, that Pedro was actually the aggressor and that he rushed the actresses as they were getting into an Uber. "As the ladies were entering the car, a pap rushed them… our sources say the encounter freaked out the driver, who took off with Cara in the car, and Margot halfway in and halfway out," the informant argued.

A police report seen by The Sun stated that Josey and Jac told officers that Pedro was "responsible for his own injuries" because the two actresses had not given consent to be pictured.

However, Pedro is planning to file a lawsuit, alleging that the injuries he sustained will prevent him from being able to work. "The most unfortunate thing [about the attack] is that it leaves me immobile, unable to work or move," he insisted. "I am no longer going to be able to do any work and I don't know if I am going to get my arm back the way it should be."

The incident involving Cara and Margot came after Margot, who has the same smiley face tattoo on her big toe as her friend, was photographed visiting the former Victoria's Secret model's home last month after the latter's disheveled public appearances. During her visit, "The Wolf of Wall Street" actress was seen wiping away her tears.

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