Kevin Gates Raises Eyebrows After Ending Beef With Charleston White With a Hug

In a new video, the 'Big Gangsta' hitmaker and the cultural critic are seen sharing an embrace with each other as they decide to squash their beef which started last year.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Gates and his foe Charleston White are no longer feuding. In a new video, the hip-hop star and the cultural critic were seen sharing an embrace with each other as they decided to squash their beef.

The video even showed the "Thinking with My D**k" hitmker gushing over Charleston. "We love you. We appreciate your honesty." Not stopping there, Kevin also posted pictures of them during their meeting.

"When you lead with Love the opportunities are endless - I love you all #imgrateful #alhamdulillah," so Kevin penned in the caption.

Internet users had mixed responses to the meeting. Some people were happy that they were good with one commenting, "Major !!!! Salute don't even understand big positivity." Another person wrote, "The bigger man always is blessed."

Someone was against Kevin meeting Charleston as saying, "I thought you was against snitches Gates lol." Similarly, another person wrote, "No Kevin! This is not a great man here. He want rappers in jail."

"Lmaoo hell nah he the wrong person hand to be shaking," one person added. Criticizing Kevin, a fan penned, "I was a real fan but you really lost your mind mann."

Kevin and Charleston's feud started last year. At the time, the latter said that Kevin had been acting "strange" since he was released from prison. In response to that, the musician said of Charleston that while he's a fan of his activism, he shared that criticizing others in order to lift himself up was bad business.

Meanwhile, Charleston was not happy with Kevin's statement. Speaking to Say Cheese TV, Charleston claimed that the "Metro" rapper/singer's response "made me feel like a horrible person."

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