JT Responds After Blog CEO Jason Lee Claims She and Cardi B 'Squashed' Their Drama

Previously, the founder of Instagram celebrity gossip account Hollywood Unlocked declared that the City Girls member and the 'I Like It' hitmaker are no longer feuding.

AceShowbiz - JT has responded after it's reported that she and Cardi B "squashed" their beef. The member of City Girls has spoken up after Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee (II) said that there's no bad blood between her and the "Bodak Yellow" raptress.

On Monday, October 3, Jason turned to Twitter to tell the world that JT and Cardi are no longer feuding. "Talked to BIG BARDI. It's squashed and they talked it out that's what I like to see," wrote Jason, who's a fan of Cardi. "I hate seeing all these female rappers fighting wit each other. Both have respect for each other. Hip hop bigger than this! Yassssssss [a series of man dancing emojis]." Later, he tweeted, "Talking to @thegirljt. We good. I'm going to bed."

Elsewhere, Jason wrote, "I can either use my platform to make the girls fight or fix it. Ima always try to bring people together. Cardi be minding her business and then the funny s**t be happening. I'm not gonna let a misunderstanding get outta hand. Hop Hop [sic] bigger than this petty s**t." JT then responded, "You can't use your platform to do anything after you posted every tweet this is what you come with?"

Reacting to JT's response, Jason, whose gossip account Hollywood Unlocked has 3.1 million followers, stated, "You don't know what we know and what we choose to post. But if that's the relationship you want with us cool." He sarcastically added, "Now when people DM us about you man and we don't post you should be grateful. You could look like a whole clown out here."

Shortly after, many social media users slammed Jason for "threatening" JT. Upon receiving the backlash, Jason wrote, "I guess I'm trending for helping to make peace between to amazing women. Oh well, y'all just mad cause you can't gaslight them into drama today. Hahahahahaga."

"Y'all can hate me all you want. But it's only one group that does. I got so much love all over the world I wish y'all could feel it lol," Jason added. He stated in a separate post, "Remember this baby, I'm in a click based business. So when you say my mentions are in shambles you tell me I'm lit! And when I'm lit I'm winning. And when I'm winning that means you bitches are my sons! Talk about turning your haters into footstools. Literally lmao."

Jason then highlighted, "The BARBZ are my biggest fan base. This why we should get along cause ultimately y'all love me more than anybody else lol." He continued, "I get so much attention from y'all it's crazy hahahaa."

Earlier on Monday, Cardi and JT threw insults over their talents after JT congratulated Cardi's collaborator GloRilla for their latest collab "Tomorrow 2", which debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Suddenly, Nicki Minaj joined the war. The "Super Bass" raptress, who's allegedly beefing with Cardi, changed her profile photo on Twitter to a picture of JT. Cardi seemingly responded to Nicki's social media gesture by changing her own to a photo of Remy Ma, who Nicki has had a longstanding feud with.

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