Tyrese Gibson Clowned After Allegedly Using Kim Kardashian's Name for Clickbait

The 'Fast and Furious' actor takes to his Instagram account to share his story of contemplating suicide when he lived with the 'KUWTK' alum, only to be accused of clickbaiting.

AceShowbiz - Tyrese Gibson appeared to have something to say about Kim Kardashian amid her drama with Ray J about their sex tape. Tyrese made use of his Instagram account to share his message, only to be accused of clickbaiting.

In a video, the "F9" actor detailed his interaction with the SKIMS founder while driving his car. "Telling people for the first time about when I lived with Kim Kardashian and contemplated suicide...," so he wrote over the clip.

However, his message didn't seem to be focused on Kim directly. The "Morbius" star, instead, was talking about his divorce drama with his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson. He insisted that he didn't cheat on her, adding, "I never cheated on this woman. The only woman I kissed in five years of being with this woman was Naomie Harris' forehead in the movie 'Black and Blue'."

Tyrese also shut down baby rumors, noting, "There is no baby on the way. I never got another woman pregnant and say, 'Go have an abortion because I don't want my wife to find out about it.' " He stressed, "It did not happen."

Fans, meanwhile, were confused as to why Kim's name was mentioned when he was mainly talking about other things. Accusing him of clickbaiting, one person said, "He's trying to say Kim is that powerful we would only listen to him because he wrote her name on a post." Someone added, "Man Leave Kim out of this she got enough on her hands with Kanye and Ray J."

"Something in the hollywood air got these ppl going crazy," a user noted. One other wrote, "We need some new celebrities becuz the current ones are losing their damn minds." A person, meanwhile, put the blame on Kim's ex-husband Kanye West as saying, "Kanye opened the doors for men to disrespect his his kids mom…."

In addition to Ye, Kim is currently embroiled in a drama with ex Ray J. The "One Wish" singer insisted that she, Kim and her mom Kris Jenner planned the release of the sex tape. Kris, however, denied rumors of her involvement in the sex tape leak as she took a lie detector test on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Thursday, September 8.

In a recent Instagram rant, Ray J also dragged CBS for airing the segment. "THIS IS THE GUY THEY HAD GIVE KRIS JANKY THE LIE DETECTOR TEST - THE NETWORK SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND YOU SHOULD TOO @j_corden - ALL YALL GETTING SUED FOR PLAYING WITH THE TRUTH! - Click the link in my bio to see how fraud this guy is!! For real?? YOU ALL ARE IN TROUBLE!!" he fumed.

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