Wendy Williams Looks Disoriented While Stepping Out for Cigarettes and Liquor Amid Health Concerns
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The former 'The Wendy Williams Show' host leaves her fans concerned again after her latest sighting at a local smoke shop and a liquor store, in which she buys a bottle of Ketel One vodka.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams made another jaw-dropping outing. The ailing "The Wendy Williams Show" former host was spotted looking disoriented while stepping out to buy cigarettes and liquor.

The embattled media mogul was photographed leaving her penthouse apartment in New York City all by herself at around 8 P.M. on Tuesday night, August 23. She was seen jumping in a cab to make a trip to a local smoke shop and a liquor store.

In photos released by The Sun on Thursday, Wendy clearly appeared disheveled and frighteningly thin as she donned a crop top, a pair of denim mini shorts, sneakers and a face of heavy makeup.

While running her errands, Wendy appeared to have made her cab driver go into the store and purchase a bottle of Ketel One vodka while she waited in the vehicle. During her outing, a photographer asked her when her new show was coming on, to which the host dejectedly responded, "I'm not 'The Wendy Williams Show' anymore."

More recently, it's reported that Wendy's mental health is "far worse than people realize." A source told Daily Mail on August 15, "Wendy's life and her situation are far worse than people realize. She has been plagued with serious health challenges."

Wendy's manager William Selby doubled down on the reports as saying, "Look at everything Wendy has lost. She's lost her mother, she's lost her show, she's gone through a divorce, she's lost her son to college. She has lymphedema, thyroid issues, she's 58 years old." William added, "We're used to seeing Wendy prepped and on camera but what you're seeing now is Wendy raw. She's going to have bad days."

A separate source close to Wendy spilled that many of the gossip queen's troubles are "a direct result of untreated alcohol addiction." It's also said that Wendy's addiction "worsened during her stint in rehab for cocaine addiction in 2019 during her separation and divorce" from her second husband, Kevin Hunter.

Wendy has been sparking concerns and bizarre behavior, including an odd marriage claim, since her eponymous show "The Wendy Williams Show" was canceled and replaced with Sherri Shepherd's show "Sherri".

On August 11, Wendy was captured walking around the lobby of her apartment barefoot in a white Versace bathrobe. Her feet appeared dirty as she made her way across the floor. At one point, she looked surprised or caught off guard, standing with her mouth agape and her eyes opened wide.

It's also said that Wendy's mood swings like a pendulum between morning and night amid her health issues. "The Wendy you get in the morning is friendly, alert and coherent. The Wendy in the afternoon is not as nice of a person," an insider explained. The source added that Wendy "is quick with you and will hang up on you if she doesn't like the way the conversation is going."

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