Brian Cox Admits His 'Succession' Role Makes Him 'Swear All the Time'
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The 76-year-old actor claims he was 'not a really a swearer' until he plays Logan Roy, a billionaire patriarch with potty mouth, on the critically-acclaimed HBO series.

AceShowbiz - Brian Cox says playing Logan Roy has made him swear more. The "Succession" star attributes playing the billionaire patriarch, who is known for his potty mouth, has made him "swear all the time."

The 76-year-old actor told Sky News, "I was not a really a swearer until I played this role, and now I swear all the time. It's catching, it's infectious."

Brian, whose character on the Jesse Armstrong-created HBO show loves to tell people to "f**k off," reflected that he doesn't really know how Logan Roy "really feels," which makes him fascinating to him. He said, "Logan is quite a fascinating character because he's so mysterious, we don't really know how he thinks. We know how he acts. We don't really know how he feels."

The "Nicholas and Alexandra" star gave an insight into the show's upcoming fourth season while taking a dig at his onscreen son Kieran Culkin, who plays Roman, the younger brother of Sarah Snook's Siobhan Roy and Jeremy Strong's Kendall Roy, who said the new episodes have "gone in a way" he didn't think they would.

Brian said, "Kieran doesn't really anticipate anything, he's not an anticipator one way or the other, so for him to say [the show's] going in a way he didn't anticipate, is strange to say the least."

"We're still sorting out what we do with the children and [wondering] are they going to behave themselves and are they going to learn anything?" he added of the upcoming season. "We're trying to secure the firm. And that's really what we're continuing to do. I don't know about anticipating anything, in the way it's all gone. I think it's going according to plan."

The network has revealed that the new season will begin exactly where the latest season, which was nominated for a record breaking 25 Emmys, left viewers as Logan attempts to sell Waystar Royco to Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgard.

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