Jason Derulo Shows Love to Jena Frumes at Miami Swim Week After Cheating Claims
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The 'Wiggle' hitmaker is spotted sitting on the front row with his one-year-old son, whom he shares with his ex, as he watches her strutting down the catwalk in bikinis.

AceShowbiz - Jason Derulo is showing some love to Jena Frumes. The "Wiggle" hitmaker was spotted supporting his ex-girlfriend on the runway after she claimed that he "constantly" cheated on her.

On Saturday, July 16, the 32-year-old singer was spotted sitting front row as he watched and cheered on his former lover, who showcased swimsuits during Miami Swim Week. He had their one-year-old son, who was also in attendance to support his mother, propped up on his lap.

Jason was seen wearing a sleeveless, checkered black-and-yellow flannel shirt. He also added a pair of black, ripped jeans and opted for comfort by slipping on a pair of Philip Plein high-top sneakers.

As for Jena, she turned heads in a few different bikinis during the runway show, wearing the luxury swimwear brand, Luli Fama. She flaunted a pink bikini, showing off her toned abs, along with a white two-piece swimsuit.

Earlier this month, Jena insinuated that the "Jalebi Baby" singer cheated on her during their relationship. "You are beautiful, you are worth it and YOU are irreplaceable. Don't forget that," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her wearing a bikini.

While many people complimented her look, one person in particular asked, "Worth it in what way?" The troll added, "You're not married, which means your child is a bastard and you're playing the w***e role. Y'all got morals mixed up."

Catching wind of the comment, Jena fired back, "I wouldn't call myself a w***e." She added, "Its unfortunate situation didn't work out because we once did aspire to be married but maybe it's best to be single than to be in a relationship & constantly be disrespected & cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay quiet so people like you approve?"

On Instagram Story, Jena, who broke up with Jason last September after nearly two years of dating, argued, "Women really don't deserve to be treated and judged the way they are. No one aspires to be a single mom." She further explained, "It's the biggest heartbreak and failure for me personally knowing I'm alone in this...But if your non-negotiables are being tested you'll never find peace in that relationship."

"If a man wants a different girl every week over his family I'll never accept that...we will never be able to make it work 'happily,' was straight up told that I should 'turn the other cheek.' I'll never be OK with sharing a lover that I love with all my heart!!!" the influencer continued. "If the streets come first I can't change that so stop blaming the women like we chose the single mother life."

"That s**t is hella annoying. You don't know what women go through to try & 'make it work.' It was never about money or dating someone famous...I was in love & we planned a baby & life together!" she stressed. "It didn't work out and life must go on. Leave me alone."

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