Mo'Nique Warns D.L. Hughley's Fans: 'He'll Recklessly Attack You Too'

Not being done trashing the former correspondent for 'The Jay Leno Show', the Oscar-winning actress accuses him of being 'cruel for no reason' while pointing out his old joke about Rutgers women's basketball team members.

AceShowbiz - Mo'Nique isn't done slamming D.L. Hughley. More than two weeks since she started calling out the comedian over a contract dispute, the actress is now accusing the one of the "Big Four" comedians in The Original Kings of Comedy of randomly attacking black women.

Mo'Nique made the claim on her social media post she shared on Monday, June 6. Through her Instagram account, she highlighted D.L.'s offensive comments about Rutgers women's basketball team members.

"Tell me what part of what he said was funny?" the Academy Award winner captioned the video, referring to D.L.'s joke in the clip. She then alleged, "This is classic DL Hughley, cruel for no reason."

Mo'Nique went on warning D.L.'s supporters that he may one day turn his back on them. "The only thing that I ask some black women is how do you protect a black man who not only won't protect you, but he'll recklessly attack you too! I LOVE US 4REAL," she further claimed.

The said clip is a cut of D.L.'s appearance in a 2007 episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". In it, he didn't agree with radio personality Don Imus who called Rutgers women's basketball team members "nappy-headed h**s," but said, "There were some nappy headed women on that team."

The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant added that they were "some of the ugliest women I've ever seen in my whole life," prompting the host Jay Leno to jokingly call it a day on that episode.

The feud between Mo'Nique and D.L. started after she took aim at D.L. onstage at the Comedy Explosion in late May, claiming that she, instead of D.L., was booked as a headliner for the show in Detroit. After the two shared receipts of their respective contracts, Mo'Nique brought up his daughter, who was allegedly violated by his own friend. She blasted him for believing his friend more than he believed his own daughter.

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