6ix9ine's Baby Mama and Their Daughter Rushed to ER Following Car Crash

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper claims he is not aware of the car accident because he has not been on good terms with his baby mama Sara Monila.

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine's baby mama and their daughter reportedly were involved in a car crash in New York City. Following the incident, which took place on Easter, April 17, Sara Monila and Saraiyah were rushed to the ER.

TMZ reported on Friday, May 6 that Sara and her daughter were in an Uber minivan on a highway when a tan car rear-ended them. It was unveiled that Sara's sister was also in the vehicle. Photos obtained by the outlet showed both cars had significant damage in the wake of the accident.

The trio were later taken to the hospital in an ambulance. A source claimed that the Saraiyah "was scared and crying after the ordeal." The 6-year-old girl reportedly had serious pain in her arm.

Sara, meanwhile, suffered from whiplash and a concussion. The 26-year-old mom, whho has been battling multiple sclerosis prior to the incident, allegedly is still in a lot of pain. Her sister also got whiplash.

6ix9ine told TMZ that he didn't know about the car crash considering that he hasn't been on good terms with Sara. The "GOOBA" rapper claimed he will reach out to Saraiyah’s grandmother to "clear things up."

In August 2021, Sara admitted that she didn't let 6ix9ine take their daughter to live with him. In an Instagram video, she argued, " 'I want to be able to see my daughter... She should come live with me stay with me I could provide,' It's not about providing. You can't provide yourself safety at that moment you're walking around with 60 f**king bodyguards, alright."

"You're mocking people. Who are in jail because of you... You gave me no money, I can pay for security," she continued fuming. "My daughter is not even comfortable with you... She don't know who he is. She calls my dad 'dad,' and my dad has constantly like tell her 'grandpa, I'm grandpa.' He's just a face to her."

Sara also insisted that her baby daddy doesn't provide for their young daughter. "He spent more on his girlfriend in one year than what he has put away for my daughter," she said. "My daughter has less than $100,000 in the bank for her. College and everything."

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