6ix9ine's Baby Mama Doesn't Let Him Take Their Daughter Because of This Reason

Sara Molina fires back at the 'GOOBA' rapper after he says in a new interview that he deserves 'to have [their] daughter whenever [he wants] to have her.'

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine's baby mama has her particular reason why she doesn't let him take their daughter. After the "GOOBA" rapper said he wants to live with the toddler, Sara Monila believed he doesn't deserve the chance and revealed the reason why.

Sara offered his clapback via Instagram on Wednesday, August 4. " 'I want to be able to see my daughter... She should come live with me stay with me I could provide,' It's not about providing. You can't provide yourself safety at that moment you're walking around with 60 f**king bodyguards, alright. You're mocking people. Who are in jail because of you?" she explained. "You gave me no money, I can pay for security."

"My daughter is not even comfortable with you," the mother of one went on claiming. "She don't know who he is. She calls my dad 'dad,' and my dad has constantly like tell her 'grandpa, I'm grandpa.' He's just a face to her."

Sara also insisted that her baby daddy doesn't provide for their young daughter. "He spent more on his girlfriend in one year than what he has put away for my daughter," she said. "My daughter has less than $100,000 in the bank for her. College and everything."

This arrived after 6ix9ine told Wack 100 on Akademiks's new podcast "Off The Record" that he should be able to see his child on his terms. "If that family wants me to be a father, y'all gon' let that little girl be with her father," he pointed out. "That's my kid... She's five years old."

6ix9ine also shut down Sara's allegations that he doesn't financially support their child. While showing pictures of the kid, the MC suggested that he purchased several items for her. He also noted that he gave Sara's family $20,000 upon his prison release.

Noting that his mom sees his daughter weekly for supervised visits, the 25-year-old hip-hop star added, "My mom is 57-years-old and she gets chaperoned like she's a f**king child over there with the other side." He further argued, "My daughter is my creation. I created her. I deserve to have my daughter whenever I want to have her."

This was not the first time Sara publicly called out 6ix9ine. In February, she slammed him for making their daughter get insults and threats over his trolling behavior. "This b***t a** wig wearing boy would let ya get hyped up over him, disrespect anyone who would or has disrespected him but wouldn't defend or protect his kid from threats that grown men are making towards his innocent 5 yr old daughter," she raged on Instagram Story at that time.

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