Rapper CHIKA Says She's 'Alive' and Wants to 'Be Left Alone' After Suggesting Suicide Attempt

The 'SONGS ABOUT YOU' femcee, who previously divulged that she failed to jump from the top of The Intercontinental in Los Angeles, claims she is now 'leaving the hospital.'

AceShowbiz - CHIKA has given fans an update on her current situation following a suicide scare. One day after declaring that would end her life soon, the "SONGS ABOUT YOU" raptress confirmed that she's "alive" and wants to "be left alone."

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning, March 27, the Grammy nominee wrote, "alive. wanna go home." She then added, "leaving the hospital. not that i should care about updating anyone besides family. i just wanna be left alone, if that's okay. i appreciate the prayers and stuff. thanks."

CHIKA shocked her online devotees on Saturday after revealing that she failed to jump from the top of The Intercontinental in Los Angeles. Making use of Instagram Story, she divulged, "i went to the top of the intercontinental, but could not jump. not because i don't want to, but because the metal stairs were scary. that's the thing about having a f**ked up brain. no matter how much pain you're in, there will always be something holding you back."

"It's draining & sad. it looks like crying wolf, but it's not. it's just difficult to find the right way. the quickest way. the painless way. i am tired of myself too," the female rapper further lamented. "I don't need anyone feeling bad or worried bc i failed the last time i tried. save your emotions for when I succeed."

After describing herself as a "cautionary tale of sorts [when no one listens]," the "U Should" femcee called her potential suicide as "eternal freedom." She continued, "I will find that freedom somehow roday. i am not sorry to let people down. i refuse to die carrying the burdens of people who could not share my own. i refuse to take this pressure to the grave. i refuse to continue to deceive myself into believing things are meant to get better."

CHIKA concluded her lengthy post by writing, "No more typing. i'm going to finish my drink and find a way that works. thanks for the ride, i hated it." In follow-up notes, the femcee informed that people can find her body in "st paul," before correcting, "madison." She added, "hope ur happy."

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