King Von's Sister Kayla B and Yung Miami's BFF MoMo Trolled After Allegedly Fighting Over a Man

In viral videos, Kayla is seen pressing MoMo into cars at the parking lot and punching her multiple times before the tussle continues inside a car while several men try to separate them.

AceShowbiz - King Von's sister Kayla B is once again beefing with another woman. Kayla, who used to be at odds with Cuban Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat, was caught on camera getting into a physical altercation with Yung Miami's best friend Momo, who is now dating her ex Nas Moore.

On Thursday, February 25, videos went viral of the fight. In one of the videos, Kayla was seen pushing MoMo into cars and punching her multiple times. She was also pulling MoMo's hair and hurling insults at her as MoMo was heard repeatedly yelling, "Get this b***h off me!"

In another video, the fight continued inside a car as MoMo was being overpowered by Kayla. MoMo eventually was able to pin Kayla onto the backseat of the car before a man was seen pulling them apart.

Following the altercation, MoMo addressed the videos that have garnered reactions. "I don't give a f**k b***h I'm no sumo wrestler. I'm polished that b***h is dirty and ugly!" she said on Twitter about being overpowered by Kayla. She also accused the latter of "Assault and battery."

Meanwhile, Kayla explained what triggered the fight, "I was at my son's football practice being picked at. She wasn't supposed to be there, her son lives in Miami. I'm so ugly but you with a n***a that stalks me & obsessed with me Shut up big teeth !"

Because MoMo is dating Kayla's ex, many speculated that they were dating over a man. However, Kayla denied this as saying, "I did not fight over a n***a!!!!! Her and him been on FINSTA talking s**t bothering me for weeks! They both came 2 my child football practice tryna be funny I been left that n***a 4 months AGO!"

MoMo then appeared to respond to Kayla's claims in her Instagram Stories. "B***h I'm pretty and I get money! I never exchanged words or argued with this b***h so I ain't walkin round thinking nobody finna come fighting on me!" she wrote.

She went on telling Internet trolls to stop mocking her, "I don't give a f**k about nobody saying I lost no fight at this big age. Now for the millionth time. B***H LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!"

Her plea, however, did not stop social media users from commenting on the viral videos. "y'all got Kayla B out here like she Thanos… I don't like that at all," one person said of King Von's sister who seemed to pick a fight with MoMo first.

Another called out Kayla, "I don't know Kayla n for s**t other than fighting what else do she do ??? she needs to go end WW3 by herself." A third quipped, "Send kaylab to handle the Russians." Someone else wrote, "i'm annoyed they be letting kayla bully them."

Another person weighed in on MoMo who didn't try to fight back. "Girl instead of screaming 'get off of me' FIGHT TF BIKE! Wtf," the said person wrote. Another chimed in, "that's KaylaB (King Von's Sister) and Momo(YungMiami the rapper's bestfriend) IG Kayla was fighting Momo over the man that was tryna break up they fight cause they use to date and she wanted to fight Momo bc of it but clearly Momo didn't come to fight."

"Lmao I love momo I mad about this," someone said, while another dismissed the brawl as saying, "This is a fight to y'all?"

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