Donald Trump Jr. Gets Roasted for Trolling Ellen DeGeneres With Eminem Comparison

Commenting on the daytime talk show host's photo from the Super Bowl LVI, the son of Donald Trump dubs her 'Eminem getting ready to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.'

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump Jr. attempted to troll Ellen DeGeneres, but it has backfired. The political activist was mocked by social media users after comparing the daytime talk show host to rapper Eminem.

On Sunday, February 13, the eldest child of former president Donald Trump picked on DeGeneres for an unknown reason. He commented on the comedian's photo which was taken at the Super Bowl LVI.

In the image, the 64-year-old appeared to be barefaced as she took her selfie in the audience seat with the field and the crowd at SoFi stadium as her background. "Here we GO #SuperBowl," she captioned it.

Trump Jr. re-posted the photo, but not in the best interests of DeGeneres. He likened the former "Ellen" star to the Detroit emcee, writing in the caption, "Eminem getting ready to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show," adding the hashtags #HalfTimeShow and #SuperBowl.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. mocked Ellen DeGeneres.

Many, however, did not find Trump Jr.'s joke funny. "Nope. They do not look alike. Certainly not now. Maybe 20 years ago...sort of. That is just stupid," one person responded to the businessman tweet.

"What are you? Five??" another mocked him. A third echoed the sentiment, commenting, "Just so unnecessarily mean and not funny. Desperate." Another called out Trump Jr. and his family, "to all the people who had this be our first family. Pathetic people and a stain in history!"

"Comedy? Don't quit your day job. Oh right you don't have one," a fifth critic mocked him. Someone else remarked, "Ellen and Eminem two people no matter what they do will be better than you. They made their own $, did you?"

DeGeneres has not responded to Trump Jr.'s tweet that mocked him. Clad in a green button-up shirt, she was joined her wife Portia de Rossi at the Big Game, which also saw the likes of Rebel Wilson, LeBron James, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and many others among in attendance.

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